Plasti Dip anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by dickie doo, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. dickie doo

    dickie doo Well-Known Member

  2. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    why, not very durable
  3. panthercity

    panthercity Thread Killa

    Plasti Dipping wheels is all the rage for off-road n the F150Forum. Keeps wheels clean and peels right off when you want.
  4. Lizard 1

    Lizard 1 Well-Known Member

    Buddy has had it on his chrome Tundra bumpers and looks really good. Not a gloss finish so, not sure how that would look on a bike. But, have seen where guys are painting their cars with this stuff!!!

    Peel and remove cleanly when bored and want a change. His front bumper has held up well with road debris. Hasn't chipped and looks better than paint as I can only imagine the process to prep a chrome bumper for paint.
  5. lqdgrphcs

    lqdgrphcs Active Member

    So the purpose is a cheap way to change the color and offer some protection but not have it be permanent?!

    Sounds interesting....depending on price.

    UPDATE.....did a search and this stuff looks pretty cool. I could see using it to change the color of your plastics and still be able to take it back to original.
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  6. tiggen

    tiggen Gringo AF

    Did the giant slab of chrome, aka the grill, on my truck. It's held up fairly well since July. Couple small chips, would have to be up close to see them. Easy to work with. <Like>
  7. rk97

    rk97 Well-Known Member

    There was a thread about this on another forum if you're interested. One guy has his VFR looking pretty awesome with sprayed on plasti-dip.

    I am also considering this for a set of chrome jeep rims that are getting pitted pretty badly, and would probably look better flat-black...
  8. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    That poor poor CTS!
  9. shakazulu12

    shakazulu12 Well-Known Member

    Never heard of this before, but I'm very tempted to mess around with a rashed set of plastics and my work truck with it!
  10. tittys04

    tittys04 Well-Known Member

    I wonder what type of sprayer you'd need, and how big the nozzle has to be. sounds interesting, but I'm not sold yet.
  11. Tiffanator

    Tiffanator Z1000 Chicky

    According to the plasti-dip website they sell you a specially designed Wagner sprayer to shoot the dip with. It takes something like 4-5 light coats to get decent coverage. It looked pretty good when done right, but I have seen several videos of people who did it and got an inconsistent looking finish.
  12. cha0s#242

    cha0s#242 Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand

    Doing my car wheels this winter. They have a little curb rash so it's going to be an improvement. If they ever chip again, all I need to do is re-spray. Pretty easy to do and very cheap too. I bought a 4 pack of spray cans from, after research, they are the cheapest.

    You can even buy it by the gallon.
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  13. Derick

    Derick Well-Known Member

    I ordered some. To be delivered tomorrow. I'll put up a review after the holiday
  14. ThrottleJock

    ThrottleJock Has been/Never was

    You can apparently plasti-dip then paint over the plasti-dip. All the rage for changing color of rims with the ricer crowd. =
  15. colin96

    colin96 Well-Known Member

    Keep pulling back on the camera, it's starts looking way better........
  16. colin96

    colin96 Well-Known Member

    I have used it on body pieces on my truck, mostly plastic that was matte already. It's so easy with no prep needed, other than clean.
  17. blkduc

    blkduc no time for jibba jabba

    I've used it for many things, works great. Go to the link mentioned and you can get kits for your car. There is also a forum there with tons of pics of entire cars done.

    I did my wheels a year ago and have taken it off road through mud and some rough trails, holds up great! You can buy black, red, and I think white in some stores like home depot, or order from that link to get whatever color you want to mix yourself and spray through an automotive paint sprayer. You can also get the cheaper preval aerosol sprayers to put your custom color in.

    The advantages are: no sanding to prep...just clean the surface, if you don't like it...just peel it off
  18. jp636

    jp636 Yellow Turd

    I've gotta paint some fairings over the winter. How would this work?
  19. dr.z

    dr.z Well-Known Member

    Has anyone used this stuff on their race bikes wheels? Are the tire guys going to murder it with all of the tire changes?
  20. RightSideUp

    RightSideUp Well-Known Member

    Plasti dip is awesome stuff.. On some things.. I would never do bike wheels with it though. When it starts to peel off which it will from tire changes or just because it peels like a film.. think latex glove it could wreck all sorts of havoc on your brakes and flinging off the wheel etc.

    Good example is when my buddy did his truck wheels the first time he got a tear and there was this long strip of plasti dip dragging about 5 ft down the road.

    Its also not very chemical resistant even a prep cleaner dissolves the stuff.

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