Pit Bull Trailer Restraint

Discussion in 'General' started by Cuddles de Sade, Sep 15, 2007.

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  2. G 97

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    My buddy made me two of these, been using them for 2 years with no issues. Also Safety First Racing uses a rod through axel type for hauling 10 GSXR600 - no issues.


    I can't beleive that this is going to put anymore force on the swingarm pivot then when riding the bike.

    Of course Pro-8 is pretty slow so transporting like this may induce more force on his bike. ;) :D
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  4. thepro8

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    Yup, I completely agree that their stands are top of the line. I own both a rear stand and a new front stand. I wouldn't buy anything else. That's why I am not even questioning the trailer restraint system quality.
  5. CALR1

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    that would be kinda like saying pitbull copied *redesigned* someone else who had this done a long time ago;

    I have this one... and love it!!! more than a few 10+ hour trips and no problems at all.

    which one is better? meh.
  6. thepro8

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  7. Chip

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    The Pit Bull stand is nothing like the one shown in the pictures and functions completely different...
  8. jkhonea

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    I've gotta agree with Chip. The similarities end at the rod through the axle. That's as far as it goes. Everything else changes entirely.
  9. Harp

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    I have the STS, but I gotta say that the Pit-Bull looks like it would be easier to operate. I'll probably pick one up for next year.
  10. omnivore

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    Definitely on my winter shopping list, while the CDN dollar is on par with the US dollar.
  11. Handicapped Racer

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    funny all of this discussion about the new stands, little do you all know Charlie has had a rear stand restraint system all year long. Only avail to M4, i saw it when i took may's and barneys bike to indy, and have been bugging him for one ever since. So ask Ju if his bike are bending or breaking :beer:

    BTW Charlie shipped me mine 3 days ago:) haven't installed it yet but will post pic if you want.
  12. Cuddles de Sade

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    will you have it at Summit, T?
  13. thepro8

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    So I guess I'm gonna try to buy the first one available for the 600rr :)
  14. Handicapped Racer

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  15. Handicapped Racer

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    I was wondering when someone would bring up that lil tid bit of info?
  16. Chip

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    Actually....there was a previous version that's about three years old....but yes, this version has been in the testing phase for almost a year that I know about.

    Charlie and Co. doesn't just make this stuff up and send it out there.....everything is tested to death!
  17. Mongo

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    Okay, I want to know one thing and one thing only now that we have all of the engineers in here - will it work if the bike has been run on a treadmill the size of a runway?
  18. Yes, they took a small part of a design and improved it dramatically. Correct me if im wrong, but that is pretty much the American way. I have two pit bull front stands and one rear stand, and I will be adding one of these to my collection. When I help someone who doesnt have a pit bull put there bike on a stand, I can immediatly see the superiority of the pit bull product.
  19. frackadelic

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    Of course it will work, but the bike can't take off if it's locked in. :rolleyes:
  20. cb500

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    one question

    :( they won't work on my sv650:(
    maybe someone can design one that goes though the front
    of the swingarm though the frame.

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