People who like to eat enter - Need help picking out a fridge

Discussion in 'General' started by OGs750, May 16, 2018.

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    I am prone to that, if I don't readily see it, it's not there, but you don't want it front and center. Somewhat solved it by putting them, and lunch meats and cheeses, in clear trays. So I just yank the whole thing out when I want/am looking for something.
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    For me all condiments are in the door, assorted cooking sauce leftovers (things like herbed butter, some wing sauce, garlic butter) go in similar sized rubbermaid containers on the very top shelf behind the milk and other tall items so they're always visible. Only stuff in the back in small containers is stuff like backup butter and sour cream or the wifes buhzillion jellies/jams which I ignore altogether.
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    Yeah, condiments are in the door, I meant things like sour cream, the 1/2 can of chipotle in adobo, the cottage cheese container with two tablespoons in it, the small container of cucumbers that the wife was going to use for salads, 1/2 used jar of spaghetti sauce, shit like that.
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    Yeah, those aren't allowed to be down where I can't see them. They're either in full size leftover containers or up on the very top shelf. Only exception is the sour cream because she uses it and I don't - but even then it stays at the front of that shelf along with cottage cheese and yogurts (all hers :D) I may occasionally stash ricotta or feta in containers behind it but those are used quickly enough.
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    I teach HVA full-time at a local community college. A number of my graduates work for appliance companies. They tell me that LG is a great brand, not only for lack of problems on new equipment, but also because LG looks out for their customers (end users and distributors) more so than other brands they sell and service.

    The common thread from all of my graduates is that, no matter what brand you buy, buy the factory extended warranty. Try to stay away from in-house or off-brand warranties. The price of a smoked control board from a glitch in your electrical feed is more than any extended warranty cost.
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  7. Beat me to it. :D
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    I've found a lot of other reviewers saying the same thing about LG products. I'm wary of review sites and never really trust that they're aren't paid for reviews in some way so it's good to hear it from someone on a more reputable site like this one :D.

    I like the LG washers/dryers, but haven't really found a fridge they make that I like. I've heard that they make Frigidaire though and some of their stuff isn't so bad.

    What's the good place to shop for these things? I like hands on, but the local big box stores (Lowes, HD, Sears) have limited selections.
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    We don't have an LG refrigerator, but I have had LG TVs, phones, Washers, Dryers, smart watches, monitors...all have been trouble free.
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    I had an "issue" with an LG washer and it was easy to setup an appointment, and they sent the parts they thought that might be needed based on the issue next day air to the house. This way the technician had the parts in hand if need be. The technician showed up on time, was an employee of actual LG, not subcontracted. He ran his diagnostic tests, and it was basically just a clogged bleach tray. He took all the parts back, since none was needed, and Some hot water in the tray and he was out in 20 minutes. I was impressed.

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    How does this rebate from Lowe's read to you? How many items do I need to buy?

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    Another vote for French door. They are so much more usable.

    My favorite feature is the being able to fill up a cup of water without standing there. You can adjust the amount and hit “disperse” and it fills up your cup for you.
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    3 or 2 items ? It's really not clear lol.
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    We ordered a GE Cafe french door counter depth, freezer on bottom. Ice and water in door. When they delivered it, they sent regular depth. Told us to use it until counter depth came in. When counter depth got delivered, transfered all of the food over and ended up with space left over. Strange. Anyway, biggest thing we noticed was the icemaker capacity was significantly less with counter depth.
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    Looks like three to me. Washer, choice, styler. I don't see the confusion to be honest.
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    anything over 35.8" I think the cut off is, is super expensive. I have enough space to fit a giant fridge, BUT not at like 4x the cost for 10". $2K fridge starts looking cheap at almost 36"
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    Nope Electrolux
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    Maybe they make the Kenmore stuff then?
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    Kind of.
    Refrigerators: Here’s where it gets tricky. Most top-freezer Kenmore fridges are made by Electrolux, and are similar to Frigidaire models. Most side-by-side and some inexpensive French door models are made by Whirlpool, while nearly all high-end French door and some side-by-side models are made by LG.

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