Ohvale’s now available in the USA

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by gpstar748, Sep 1, 2018.

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    The standard forks are a damping rod with no adjustment unless you upgrade to the adjustable preload fork caps ($199). The rear shock is fully adjustable (no linkage). However Andreani Group/Ohlins makes a cartridge kit and shock for the Ohvale which work very well. Honestly most people cannot outride the stock suspension though...

    I don’t have chassis numbers. MotoSpec measured all our models at PittRace two weekends ago so we will have more of that information available for those that need to know that sort of thing...
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    I was thinking more about adjusting the suspension for rider weight and technique, like on the NSR50, especially for a lighter kid riding at a high level. We never saw anyone who knew what they were doing outride the stock NSR50 suspension, part of why we liked that bike so much as a training tool.

    I guess the question is, are these serious roadracing bikes, or just fun for hooning about?
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    If you're getting more technical about adjusting the suspension you'd probably want to upgrade to the Ohlins. These are serious roadracing bikes...not toys really. Plenty of people buy them for just riding at their local kart track for fun but more so they're used for youth racing and experienced racers to train with...
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    I am planning on getting a couple of these in the spring. a 110 auto for my kiddos and wifey to play on and maybe the 190 for myself. we race grom's locally but I feel like I'm trying hard to turn a moped into a race bike with the grom instead of having a race bike to start with. for another 3k on top of the bikes original price in parts I will be close to the 190 price tag already.
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    Just saw something on FB about the 2020 190 getting a 5spd box and 12” wheels. Any more info about this? Will the 160 get the 5spd? Do they come with 12” wheels or are they just now ‘available’ from Ohvale?

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    Are the dimensions for the 190 and 160 the same?

    Posted this earlier in the wrong thread.
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    I've been told the only difference is the engine mounting locations and the engines/gearboxes. Otherwise all the dimensions of the models are the same.
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    It's the exact same chassis as the Aprilia RS50 that we got from 1999-2005.

    I swap 30hp CR125 motors into them... I think it's way better than a diesel!

    I think for tight kart tracks the ohvale is a lot better. my RS50/125 "RMV125" wheelbase seems a little long for it, but of course I just need to be a better rider and throw the bike down harder..


    So if you're really interested in something like that, buy an RS50, and lets throw a proper motor in it and build an 'RMV125' !

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