Oh Greta, you're a mess.

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    While I will generally agree there are a significant number of goofy made up disorders these days and plenty more real disorders that are way over diagnosed, I personally have not seen autism fall into either category. And having dealt with some autistic kids in my life, I can promise you they most definitely have their own struggles, particularly in regards to social interaction. My mother, who has a degree in psychology and has spent her entire career working with kids of all ages, would agree with this statement. I truly believe this girl is not capable of grasping the impact and reception of her behavior. And isn't that what everyone's so wound up about? It's not that she believes differently than us. It's that she had the audacity to stand up in front of a bunch of world leaders and speak to them as if they were inferior about what we consider to be incorrect beliefs. If I thought she was truly capable of understanding the impact of her behavior, then I'd be one of the first in line to say sit down and shut the fuck up. 17 is plenty old enough to be told that (although still a kid regardless of what any of you think). But I honestly don't think she grasps it. And the mudslinging adults getting all butthurt over the words of an autistic child are frankly even more sad than she is.
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    By her age, she is capable of understanding her condition and how it works.
    Treatment for Asperger kids includes teaching them how to fill in the holes.
    She can understand that she doesn't have natural empathy and she can work
    on that. She won't feel empathy but she will learn to recognize cues and she
    can modify her behavior in response to those cues. These kids are very smart.

    The problem is that I don't think she's been given the therapy that she needs.
    And while these kids don't have the natural ability to read emotions in others
    they feel very strong emotions themselves and have trouble controlling them.
    They anger easily and they often don't hold back expressing it.

    And it is very difficult to disabuse them of their beliefs. You want to make sure
    they learn things correctly the first time.
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    Absolutely spot on
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    Those clowns have been predicting the end is nigh for a long time.
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    Quick! Get Bruce Dickinson on the phone! It’s less than two minutes to midnight!
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    Can't... Busy running to the hills.
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    I thought it already ended years ago.
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    If we are lucky, maybe it will be doomsday for them.
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    Did he have his boots on?
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    My only gripe with autism is that like almost every mental 'disorder' it is over diagnosed. For decades there has been a ton of marginal people that lived fine lives. Now we drug them up with all the side effects and tell them they are sick. If they were left alone they could function and adapt without the nonsense. This is not unique to autism and I blame it on the government when they mandated psychiatric care had to be covered by insurance. So of course a zillion new things popped up and a HUGE portion of the society is deemed abnormal. Quackery at its finest.
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    If the interwebz are to be believed, then she just turned 17. The number I had always heard previously was 16 so that sounds about right. I don't think anyone was under the impression she was like 10-11.

    Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 10.05.54 AM.png
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    How DARE you?

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    Huge difference to me between actual autism and the buhzillions of people "on the spectrum" If being different socially is what denotes on the spectrum then the vast majority of people are there. Mom worked in mental health too and I'm old enough to remember a lot of popular mental health issues that were all the rage at different time. Used to be ADD that of course morphed into ADHD - both of which meant drugging kids who were just being kids, nowadays it's being on the spectrum.

    There is nothing that indicates this kid has any social issues past her upbringing. She is absolutely not autistic.
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    Having 32 years of experience with an Aspy I can state that you're just wrong here.
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    I stayed at a holiday inn express last night and I learned a Doctor isn’t supposed to diagnose a patient without ever physically touching them. How do you guys do it so well? ;)
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    I have made my living in that world for many years including starting two successful behavioral companies and one fact I know to be true is that everybody is an expert......everybody. :rolleyes:
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    Not I. I wouldn’t even try to diagnose someone with something. I chased my own diagnosis for 15 years. Thank god I finally found a doc who figured it out. Ironically, I think he may be wrong. His diagnosis is correct in that I would take the exact same meds but I think my problem revolves around my environment growing up. So instead of a pituitary tumor, I believe I have a calcification.
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    Well I’m gonna get some quick lessons in high functioning autism vs. anxiety and panic disorders vs. behavioral maladjustment vs. whatever other diagnoses the psychs come up with.

    Add one more shitstorm to the shitstorm of my life right now.

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