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Discussion in 'General' started by Mongo, May 13, 2009.

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    smurph is no longer.... Animal kingdom show ...
    pretty good song on last episode
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    It's a repost.
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  6. Aww damn that’s funny. :crackup:
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    I watched that race from Wheelers corner at the top of the Dundrod circuit. The crowd was pulling for Johnston but totally respected the way Peter Hickman dominated the weekend. I have some great video of the racing from just a couple of feet away from the riders. After the race, I went up the NI coastal road on a new Triumph triple R model with Ohlin's, Brembos and sticky Pirelli Corsa Rosso tires, great roads. Had beers at Joeys bar. Spectacular trip.
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    Well dangit where's the THREAd MAN!? That sounds like a dream vacation!
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    I could go on and on about the week I spent at the Ulster GP and then riding around Northern Ireland. But just a few comments to avoid being boring. First, it is a very easy and cheap(compared to the TT) race to attend. Not huge crowds so Belfast has lots of hotels at normal rates, rental cars cheap all on short notice. Fans are all super knowledgeable and most have been to the IOM, Northwest 200 and Ulster, most prefer Ulster to IOM mentioning the $850 ferry cost and crazy hotel/camping cost at IOM, and the mass start for Ulster vs the time trial of the TT. Over the 5 days I got to most but not all of the corners on the almost 8 mile Dundrod circuit, most had nothing between spectator and bikes. Northern Ireland is motorcycle crazy, with motorcycle racer Joey Dunlop and soccer star George Best being the countries top sports heros. Car drivers seem very considerate of bikers on the road. And some of the roads are simple sportbike heaven, grippy, well maintained pavement, twisty roads especially just off the northern coastal. But Irish road racing is in trouble at the moment as about a dozen of the top Irish and English racers have been killed in the last three seasons. Bikes are faster than ever and increased media have gotten BSB riders like Peter Hickman invading with thier flat out, no room for error pace forcing others into the "danger zone" I am not sure how much longer it can last, better hurry if you want to see it.
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  12. That bird must’ve went to a prominent university.
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    Last year was rough. I remember when the scene, particularly the NW200, was in danger of disappearing due to lack of funds. Everyone especially M Dunlop was angry about it. I'd hate for them to do to the Ulster what happened to the NW200 with chicanes but at least they are still racing for now. Even Oliver's Mount was dark but it's back this year! Meanwhile in the pussy ass USA even Pike's Peak is no more as far as bikes are concerned. No question where the real Nanny State is!
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    oldie but a classic.

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    7 year old walkin da dog no house muddafucka... :crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup:
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    This dude needs ratted out. I understand the frustration, but damn, dude!

    Relevant clip starts at 7:10

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    I'll pass this along. Odds are good driver has already been reported. There's been a major push from safety on lane change incidents for the last month or so.
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