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    Podcast #70 is up. Yes, it's been awhile but, I've been a tad busy!

    Listen in to Podcast #70 as Ken updates you on what's new and finishes up with Part 2 of his series on Routines and Report Cards. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link:

    Podcast Notes -

    - General Podcast update and what's in store for 2020
    - Review of Podcast #69
    - Why we need report cards for our riding.
    - What are some of the report cards Ken uses for his training.
    - How you can identify the report cards needed for your training.
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    Podcast #71 is up!

    Listen in to Podcast #71 as Ken goes through all the sayings we have heard for years - "Point and Shoot" "Slow in, Fast Out" and, is Smooth, actually Fast?" Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link:

    Podcast Notes -

    What is meant by:

    - Point and Shoot
    - Slow in, Fast out
    - Smooth is Fast

    - What really does each of these statements mean and what are the report cards for each one?
    - How can you apply this to your own riding?
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    as always a great podcast.
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    Podcast #73 is up!

    Listen in to Podcast #73 where Ken talks about what it's like to work within a race team and what he learned. A rare insight into what the best of the best are doing to work together in order to get the rider around the race track as fast as possible, as safely as possible.

    Podcast Notes:
    - Do the Pros have secrets? What about silver bullets? Is it just natural talent?
    - What mattered most, under pressure?
    - How the team interacts together and communicates to the rider.
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    Listen in to Podcast #74 as Ken talks about how he and his team completed 16,900 laps without a single crash. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link:

    Podcast Notes -
    - 16,900 laps not going slow
    - How deliberate focused riding, equals success
    - Why focusing on the process matters
    - Having the outcome you want, by building your process
    - Examples of what a proper process looks like
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    Great platform that everyone should check out. I was lucky to have my Barber video from GNF reviewed for free but I would have paid for that session in a heartbeat. Ken was able to point out mistakes that I was wasn't fully able to see in my videos in the past when I reviewed them by myself and helped point me in a solid direction to improve my skills to be a safer and faster rider.
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    That was a solid video! Some easy steps to drop some time and be safer doing it.

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    Ask Ken Hill.......
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    I just watched it, I thought it was good! He echoed my thoughts that it helps with braking. While some of what he said was pretty subjective, I still believe at the limit, it can help in the braking zone.

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    Ken says it's kosher, so it's good.
    Just a reminder, though. This section is strictly for useful information to be shared with new racers.
    The Moderators have a special place in internet Hell for anyone who tries to jerk around the n00bs.
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    Great information here especially for a newbie like myself. I found myself lost in these podcast taking notes like a mad scientist, so much to lean i mean learn. ;)
    Thank you for doing this!
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  17. khill

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    Podcast #75 is up! A little different format - it was recorded for YouTube and this is the audio portion. This is part 1 of a fun series of answering listener questions -

    Listen in to Podcast #75 where Ken answers questions submitted by podcast listeners. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link:

    NOTE - This is the audio version of the YouTube broadcast fo this podcast.

    Part 1 questions include:

    1) What kind of plan should a new or experienced rider have when going to the track?
    2)Should intermediate riders upgrade to slicks?
    3)What is the consensus for a physical training program for motorcycles?
    4)What things can we do for our riding while sheltered in place?
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    Podcast #76 is up - more questions answered!

    Tune in to Podcast #76 as Ken answers your questions Part 2! More great questions (see the podcast notes below) and of course you can support Ken and the podcast by subscribing as well as donating here;

    Podcast Notes:

    This podcast was also recorded for YouTube and you can also watch it on the KHCoaching youtube channel.

    More great questions that include:

    1) Do I need to use the Rear Brake? Can I be awesome without it?
    2) Ken Hill’s favorite bike is… ?
    3) What makes for a great Rider / Mechanic relationship?
    4) Without data logging / telemetry how can I identify my biggest weaknesses?
    5) Would moving to a smaller displacement bike accelerate the improvement my riding precision?
    6) Ken Hill’s favorite tracks in North America are…?
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    NOT a podcast....but a couple of links to some quick videos I did talking about what Exit direction looks like and what an Exit Apex looks like. (Yes they are YT links!!!!)

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