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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by Bosarge22, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Wow just wanted to say thank you. I just started listening to your podcasts (I'm on 22 or so) and they have helped me tremendously. I'm in my first year of racing (after many doing track days) and they have helped me figure out what I am doing well and what I need to work on. I've learned a ton on corner entry and how to apply the brakes already. I'm looking forward to trying out these new techniques on the track. Thanks again!
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    Great! You still have 35 or so to go....:) Plenty more coming in the off season.

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    Man this is great that you’re on here...I listened to your podcast all year at work and after work just learning much as I can to work on everything once I got to ride...the thing that helped me most was learning how to identify corners with the entry, exit or balance corner strategy by taking that approach to every corner I was able to learn how to ride corners a lot more comfortably thanks to you...Can’t wait till there’s what you do man

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    Working on podcast topics today. (Not that I don't have a gazillion already) Let's hear some ideas!

    Note - restructure is forthcoming, along with more interviews....

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    Would be a little more involved but i would love to see some videos of the topics you discuss including track diagrams, onboard video excerpts, etc. I know for myself the addition of the visual aids would help a ton in understanding and digesting the topic at hand. Probably asking for too much for content that's provided pro bono (i donated!).
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    First off thank you for all the podcasts so far, they've really helped my riding.

    I wanted to suggest podcasts that are a breakdown of the MotoAmerica tracks. Discussing all the individual turns of a track and mentioning some of the basics (ex: turn x is an entry corner), and also maybe throwing in things that aren't obvious on a track map (ex: there is a bump on the exit of turn x).

    I think it would help people to know the basics of these tracks and also be fun to hear the perspective you've gained from working with the pros.
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    Would be interesting to hear more about your students. Are they racers mostly? Guys with good paying jobs out looking for some thrills? Kids?
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    I spent a ton of time building a pretty good library to introduce an online training program. Once I built a decent inventory of content, I had a few people take a look at what it would take to much of all of it to life with detailed videos, more visual aids, homework, etc into an interactive platform. Bottom line, the cost was so high, it would take forever to recoup the investment. There just isn't a large number of people willing to pay for it......

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    I like this idea! Added to the list.

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    I'm setting up some interviews for the of season which will include "normal' guys that train with us. Should be fun. For sure there are defined demographics that we're seeing.

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    kens latest podcast is great, i have a ttr125 and klw140 with enough room in my yard to work on riding. A little bit about me, i did 4 track days and then quit and went back to racing cars, was i a little nervous yes, felt over my head no but for some reason i gave it up, oh and i started at 44 with a little dirt bike and harley experience. So what did i do, sold my race car and committed now to learn this skill, while is may be a little bit more dangerous than racing cars i plan on putting myself in the best safety equipment on a SV and taking my time. Watching Kens IG account, the Rick acct, inspires me. Listening to kens podcast and taking notes is getting me ready for the season while i train on my bicycle as well. So a few questions :
    1. besides mtn biking and road biking do motorcycle racers use weights? Im guessing like being in a car you dont want to be to bulky but what areas should i strengthen and how.
    2. riding dirt bikes, do you use the dirt bike positioning or ride it like a street bike and the minis i see?
    3. do you feel data is essential in learning from the beginning or is it best to work on technique.

    Ken i have donated to your podcast before and plan to again, i wish i lived on the west coast but i may just have to venture out there one day for a lesson.

    Thank you again for taking the time to do your podcast and help people realize their dreams and reach their goals.
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    Responses in the below reply!

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  17. Prospect

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    Ken, love your podcasts, have been listening to them for some time now. Truly treasures of knowledge.

    I tend to pick the podcast based on what topic I want to engage in off the top of my head so I'm not sure if you covered this or not, but someone mentioned this topic: how to handle entering corners too hot. I would like to add to that: is 'slow in fast out' really a golden rule that should never be violated: So are hard late brakers doing it wrong?
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    Podcast #62 is up -

    Listen in to Podcast #62 as Ken talks about what it takes behind the scenes to enable improvement. Listeners can support the podcasts by clicking on the link:

    Podcast Notes:

    This podcast opens up what goes on behind the scenes of what the best riders in the world do, to enable improvement.

    -Setting long term goals
    -Embracing proper methodology
    -What makes up an athlete
    -Evaluating the 3 aspects of an athlete and how that fits in your world
    -Separating training and practice
    -Evaluating your time and money budgets
    -Evaluating your motorcycle and equipment needs
    -Establishing short term goals that align with your long term goals.
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    I for sure talk about it re "slow in and fast out' but it could easily be a topic all its own. I'll add it to the list.

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