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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by David-imoddavid, Nov 18, 2011.

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    the positive responses in the other thread have deeply touched me and have left me speechless - literally.

    i have taken a first step on some sort of emotional rollercoaster now. sounds are coming from deep inside - just groans / moans. i'm dizzy some time and want a drink but i know better.

    deep breath - Perhaps i'm gonna walk through some sort of inner healing with my God.
    I am scared but have peace at the same time
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    Do you know what he's talking about? :Poke:
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    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Oh my... :Pop:
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    If not too late, can you please delete your so called..."post".
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    It isn't Pouch...
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    Wow. Maybe, but I would at least check out his other threads first.
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    Hey David! This is Jeff.... Kim & I (when we were dating) met you at JGP one time a while back...we were on my 3-wheeler (Big Red).

    I've seen the other thread where you posted. Man....I would've never know otherwise! I believe you are very strong person for even being able to talk about it! After all this going down at PSU.... it seems to have really woken peeps up, and people are just sicken by it. NO ONE can fully know what you all have been, and still are, going through, but those that have been through it.

    Keep strong my friend, and I'm available if you, or anyone, just needs to talk.

    BTW.... I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother.
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    Damn. I just saw the 'other' thread.

    Edit - I apologize for pulling the trigger and suggesting it was Rich.
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  13. David-imoddavid

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    Ya'll please bare with me - my thoughts are kind of jumbled up
    Prior to my brothers death I sort of adjusted to finishing out life without going public about being molested. After I saw my brother die from colon cancer because he could not / would not submit to either a prostate exam or colonoscopy my view changed. He was not the brightest candle in the box and probably never connected his aggressive behaviour, drinking etc with being raped.

    My sister knew about his aversion to rectal exams and I learned about his being molested in 2004. But we never compared notes until he was on his death bed. About 7 days after we figured things out he died. The man that raped him probably shortened his life by at least 7 years. He was 67 when he died.

    My phobia with dentists was the direct result of being molested in a different way. It won't kill me and I did find a way to get dental care after nearly losing the ability to chew.

    The number of molested children is great. Some stats say 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 girls will be molested by age 18. Roughly 1 in 5 to 1 in 7 boys also. Google "molested children stats" and have a look around.
    Less than 10% of these crimes are reported. I didn't tell because I knew either my dad or brother would have killed the predator and then I'd have lost them to jail

    I have asked a lot of "GOD why" questions and haven't gotten much of an answer except that if by sharing this now, just 1 other person gets some help to recover earlier than my 48 years - then going public now is worth the wait.

    To the molested adults reading this,
    the pain, shame, guilt, anger and so on aren't gonna stop until you get help. My 48 years and my brothers death speak to that. Darren has offered his ear as do I.
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    I cannot fathom what you and others endure. Even more baffling is the mindset of someone that preys on children. We are a dysfunctional bunch, but there are some great people here in spite of that fact. I pray the courage that you have found to speak out is rewarded by at least a little insight and comfort from this band of misfits.
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    Wow! Going public about what happened to you is a major step in the right direction. It sounds like you are well on your way to finding some much needed inner peace. Stay strong through this emotional rollecoaster, and only take steps forward. You will emerge from this a much stronger person.:up:
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    David = Courage.
  17. David-imoddavid

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    At my age this isn't so much about me. Let's please look for other victims.

    I encourage those who have children to learn how to approach this subject correctly - in a non threatening way - then talk to your kids. Let my damaged years and my brothers death show what can happen.

    I have talked with 4 others who admitted being molested. All female co-workers. All had drinking problems and slept around. Depression is also common. I've also had problems with that off and on.

    Children cannot consent to sex

    sorry about the jumbled toughts
  18. David-imoddavid

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    I had knots in my belly when I started posting about this. This is the toughest group of athletes I know of. Comments like "No injuries, just broken bones." Being set on fire like Villa and coming back 6 weeks later to win a championship. Ya'll are tough and I have a deep respect for you.
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    Back at ya. Very courageous thing you're doing. :up:
  20. David-imoddavid

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    no problem

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