My cousin that is over in Irag sent me this letter from one of his crew

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Beck Pratt, Jul 29, 2003.

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    Now THIS is just too funny. Clinton's a cokehead and you're pointing fingers at Bush. Billy kept his medical records sealed, if you'll recall, and he's the first American President to do so. But then again, he had to since otherwise folks would find out about his nasal reconstruction surgery to repair damage from all the coke he did.

    After all, the FBI taped his brother saying "Get some for my brother, he's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner." And I won't even go into the whole "I didn't inhale" bullshit.

    Furthermore, Clinton was impeached for lying under oath. I know that's hard for a simpleton like you to grasp, but he's not above the law, regardless of the topic of questioning. And on top of that, getting a blowjob from an intern would land ANY corporate CEO on the unemployment line and possibly in jail. Slick Willie is no different in that regard since sexual harassment laws apply to government workplaces as well as private ones. The issue wasn't what he was doing on the third floor of the White House (the Presidential residence); it was what he was doing in the Oval Office (the workplace) to subordinate employees. Let alone the fact that she's his daughter's age.
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    yep Ken Starr's kangaroo court was certainly a court of law....

    exactly how long did this go much money was spent.
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    yet they still try.

    funny really.
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    I gotta go with T_A on this one (at least a little). After the millions that was spent on digging dirt on Clinton, the most concrete thing they could come up with was lying under oath about a blow-job. Come on... The Republicans looked like a bunch of jack-asses falling over each other trying to make Clinton look bad. Reminds me a lot of what the Democrats are doing now to Bush, this is why I hate our two party system. One party's candidate becomes prez and all the other party can do is try to discredit him... Let's work on running the country, the economy, the budget, programs that are needed and work, but nooooo.

    What Clinton did was wrong, no doubt about it. Should he have been punted from office? Probably. If Bush "lied" about WMD, he should be as well, but I'm willing to wait awhile to give the military a chance to finish their job before we even go there. That f#cking stupid to start already... Oh yeah, an election is coming... Funny thing is that Clinton was doing a plenty good job getting into trouble all on his own that if the Republicans had just left well enough alone... Oh well, hindsight is 20/20... My favorite was well Larry Flynt offered $xmil for dirt on any of the Republicans head-hunters that were trying to go after Clinton, and that one Senator (can't recall his name) climbed off the stage almost immediatly, something about glass houses and throwing stones...

    I was home it the Pittsburgh area this weekend, and in the Sunday funnies there was a comic (Non-Sequitor?) that killed me. It started by talking about in ancient times how the two best "poop" gatherers would run around gathering as much poop as possible, and then they would all go to Stonage and see who had the highest pile of poop. The guy with the highest pile was then made the leader of the people. Think about it, it is sadly a good analogy of politics...
  5. I HAVE read the Patriot Act. Have you? Seems like a lot of people who claim horrors in the Patriot Act have never read it. A few months ago, Emathy posted a list of the horrors of the Patriot Act, and was rather embarrassed, I think, when it turned out he'd never read it and the list was false. He got the list from a website quoting Nat Hentoff, who made it all up just to scare the Lefties.

    Something tells me you're in the same boat.

    So, Scaramouche, please tell us exactly what in the Patriot Act speaks of McCarthyism. Be specific. Try to write in English.
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    this will be good.
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    You've really read the entire Patriot Act???

    Personally I haven't read it. I'm interested but it's 342 freakin' pages long and from what I saw even the full text cites modifications to numerous existing laws and statutes that are only referenced.

    It'd probably take me a full day just to go through it, taking notes.

    Even then I doubt my interpretation or analysis would be any better than what a first year law student could come up with.

    Except maybe on this BBS :D
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    the stuff about the Saudi's...was leaked to the LA times. the story didn't run cause the report is classified. there aren't any simple answers with the Saudi's. we are so dependant on them. I'm not expecting an all out invation of Saudi Arabia but wish we could hold the government accountable for financing the Al-Quaeda. Ironic twist too this, We are opening a visa office in Saudi Arabia by the end of this month.

    Slow and Dislexic is back....:D your going to make me read it again. I 'll get the quotes later... something about work is calling!!
  9. Really.
  10. I never was gone. I just didn't feel like wasting my valuable time on YOU. Depending on just how reprehensible your expected DETAILED reply is, I'll probably return to feeling that way.

    Before you do like Emathy and get a bunch of "quotes" from your usual pinko sources, which will be a waste of not only my time but of yours as well, let me reiterate: I want YOU to read the Patriot Act, and I want YOU to cite specific portions of it that YOU feel create a McCarthyistic environment for American citizens. I do not want to read someone else's regurgitated opinion or interpretation.

    You are required to cite Section numbers. You also cannot masquerade previous laws referenced by the Patriot Act as something that was newly created by the Patriot Act.

    Note that I am just as capable of surfing the Net, so if you do try to pass off someone else's opinion as yours I will know.

    If this seems like too much work, then simply admit that like Emathy, you have no idea what you're talking about. He was never man enough to admit he was caught - will you be?
  11. Team Atomic

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    aren't we all excited about the length of your penis??

    check this from CBS news....

    I just don't like people invaiding our privacy. This act gives the FBI powers to look at our medical records, reading materials and organizations we are affiliated with.

    Right or Wrong its your opinion.
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    wow. you've impressed everyone with that one.
  13. 1. I knew you were lying about having read the Act. Thanks for proving me right.

    2. I knew you weren't capable of substantiating your bullshit opinions. You proved me right.

    3. I knew you'd just find someone else's opinion to try to cover your ass. You proved me right.

    Have a nice day, Worthless. You go right back into my "too stupid to be interesting" category. Hope you enjoyed your 30 seconds in the sunlight! :p
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  15. Robert

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    That's a bit harsh. Anyone can claim they've read it and understand it. Including you.

    I'm honest enough to admit I've done neither.

    And I'll suggest that reading it and being able to accurately interpret the effect on privacy and civil liberties are two very different things. phhhhbllt! :D
  16. Team Atomic

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    they are small personal freedoms ...I agree....

    It’s kind of like Brad getting pulled over at sobriety check point and failing to blow below .08. Mongo handing over the WERA member lists. I would be added to the most wanted list because of my posts in here and my affiliation to the People Republic of Chicago.

    that’s your opinion slow and does it benefit your country?? I agree its original intent is to track terrorists....but abuses of this will attack our own personal freedoms.
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    So, to paraphrase, you haven't seen the classified pages either and therefore are full of shit and have NO idea whatsoever what they actually contain.
  18. Team Atomic

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    Patriot Act.

    Read the stuff under Title II - Enhanced Surveilence Proceedures

    outlines the stuff the FBI can go after. email, voice mail, internet traffic, documents etc.... read pages 12 thru 40

    ACLU objects to the following sections.
    The sec is 215. Which was stricken and the sections 501 thru 503.

    Access to Records and other Items Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveilance Act

    the offending language is page 37 and 38. any tangible things (including books, records, papers, documents and other items)

    the section needs to be clarification since they are some documents which are protected by the constitution.

    I get a cookie SUUUCCCKKAAA!!!:clap:
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  19. Team Atomic

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    maybe bullshit....but we don't know how deep it is....or is fact??
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    Uh, they've NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED so you have NO IDEA what those pages say. For all we know, it was a 25 page photo spread of the Bush twins posing naked and Clinton smoking doobies with Snoop Doggy Dog in the Oval Office.

    Given that, ANY opinion you hold on the contents of those pages is one that you've simply pulled out of your ass and nothing more.

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