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Discussion in 'General' started by Scotty87, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Scotty87

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    I insure my 17 Ram (daily driver), my 01 HD, 98 Bandit, my boat, and now a 1990 Jeep in addition to my house and an umbrella policy. Nothing has accident coverage (comp?) except the Ram and the Bandit. None of the other 'toys' do. All with the same provider, which is a regional outfit and not one of the 'majors'. I'm for the most part very happy with the service and coverage levels. I'm 43 and haven't had a ticket or an at fault claim in over 20 years (knocks on wood) and I've been a client for around that same amount of time, so I pay what I think are good rates.

    The Jeep is this winter's long term project, but it does run and drive so when I got it I put coverage on it so I could cruise around in it before it gets too cold. When I placed the call for this, I asked the agent to remove all but theft and fire from the Bandit. She basically told me I couldn't and my only option was to cancel it outright, and also they would not insure it again next year if I did this. I found this insane, and when I inquired she pretty much said "you can't just remove coverage during the winter and then put it back on again. If we allowed that everyone would do it". I told her I was considering selling it in the Spring, and would not be riding it any longer. Didn't matter, she just repeated herself. It caught me off guard somewhat, so I didn't protest because she said since I was adding another vehicle I'd get some sort of an additional multi vehicle discount and it would only be like another $20 a month. My actual agent was out of the office as well, and I have a good relationship with her so I figured a follow up call later in the week would get me some more details. A few days ago I got an email stating that they also forgot to add uninsured property damage coverage that I carry on all my other vehicles, so they would be adding that too. Today I got the policy declaration and it's actually costing me $38 a month. Not a huge deal, but basically double what I was told over the phone. I'm calling my actual agent on Monday and requesting an in person meeting to discuss my total insurance needs.

    I have several questions/issues:

    Is what she told me about the Bandit common and accurate? It seems like bullshit that I can't change coverage levels to suit my needs. It's kind of a weird situation, as the bike is a compete custom with a couple hand made parts that cannot be replaced without significant expense, if even possible, most notably the frame and swingarm. It has a less than one year old expensive paint job on it also, blah blah. Point is, even though it's a 98 Bandit there's significant money in it. It got me to thinking that if I keep it, I suppose I should shop another provider that offers 'agreed value' coverage, if that's even a thing for motorcycles?

    Should I think of moving the 'toy' vehicles to a different provider that specializes in this sort of coverage? I typically buy/sell at least one if not two toy/project vehicles a year. Is my situation that out of the normal? What questions or requests should I bring up when I get a meeting with my agent? What other options do I have?
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  2. zamboiv

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    What state?
  3. Scotty87

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    Wisconsin, but very near the IL border so we're considered a Chicago suburb for insurance purposes, if that matters.
  4. nd4spd

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    I’m in SC and was told similar recently by one of the big ones.
  5. Scotty87

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    WTF. I built an old hot rod truck a few years ago and called about insuring that through Hagerty, since my provider wouldn't value a '79 C10 at anything over 2 grand. Hagerty was reasonable and it was cheap since I agreed not to drive it more than 2000 miles a year. They also agreed to value it at 10K with just a 'build sheet' of sorts and pictures. I ended up using my provider instead as that qualified me for 'multi vehicle' since they don't count motorcycles, and the cost was negligible. I rolled the dice on the coverage level since I knew I was gonna sell it when I was done building it and only drove it a handful of times before I did so. Maybe I should just call them regarding the Bandit, but I'm a simple fuck and like having everything in one house.
  6. lee955i

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    Look at it this way, there is liability coverage, which is usually a state minimum, Comp, which includes fire, theft, etc, and Collision, which, well, is kind of self explanatory. No-one will write a policy for just comp. You can get liability only, liability and comp, or all 3...but you'll get nothing unless liability is included
  7. Scotty87

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    Hmm. I thought that was possibility if I agreed not to drive it and stated it was 'inoperable' or something. I suppose that does sort of make sense from their end.
  8. lee955i

    lee955i The Traveling Gnome

    The funny thing is, in NY, we had what was called "Sunny Day" policies at a discounted year round rate, which allowed you to ride/drive during warm winter weather, to stop people completely dropping all coverage for winter. Not sure if still available though ad I haven't lived there in a long time.
  9. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    Still the same in NY, I've ridden in February when we got some unusually nice weather.
  10. Montoya

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    Not sure if things have changed, but my old agent used to write comp only policies for my bikes.
  11. ClemsonsR6

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    Talk to your actual agent, not the yahoo who answers the phone.

    I recently bought a daily driver and called my insurance company to lower coverage on my other car that the new daily replaced.

    Girl I spoke to on the phone said you're covered for two weeks if you think you'll sell your other car in that time frame. I said, doubtful, so just go ahead and add the Lexus to my policy and drop the other vehicles coverage to minimum needed since it's in the garage. She said ok, I'll check back with you in two weeks since you're covered and see if by chance you've sold the VW.

    Long story short, I'm speaking to my agent about my rental property like three weeks later and by chance mentioned the Lexus. She goes...."What Lexus?" I said, the Lexus I bought like a month ago. Her response....."I don't have any record of a Lexus." I said, "Well Misty, I spoke to your office like three or four weeks ago to add this and lower the coverage on the VW and was told I had two weeks to drive it and I was covered. The girl even called me at like 12 days to check in and I again told her to just add this to my policy."

    Her response was...."OMG Tyler, you're driving and have been for a month with Zero insurance." and talk directly to your agent.
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  12. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    I can change my geico coverage through the app. Back and forth. Same with limits.

    i just added full coverage to the monster policy a while back since I am riding it more than anticipated.
    At the same time I dropped full coverage on the wife’s car, which they kept on there by accident after I changed some coverage limits on my Ram.

    all pretty straightforward.

  13. Scotty87

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    good fucking grief. That’s crazy. Looking forward to actually sitting down with my agent and seeing what’s what.
  14. Scotty87

    Scotty87 Lacks accountability

    I guess the thing that is bothering me the most was the statement that if I cancelled coverage outright in the Bandit, they would not insure it again if I called to request it in the spring, or any other later time. Has anyone ever ran into a corporate policy that’s similar?
  15. pscook

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    In Washington State we can drop liability insurance if you aren't driving it. We bought a Miata in the summer and when we insured it our agent mentioned removing liability when we park it. Well, I've been driving the Miata for everything and had the moto hauler van put on blocks (figuratively) since July, Even got them to retro to the purchase date of the Miata. The van has fire and theft and nothing else, and only requires one business day notice to reactivate liability. I just wish that I could get "non-op" regarding tabs, because why should I pay for road use if it isn't using the roads?
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  16. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    Get quotes elsewhere for the whole deal, tell them what your needs are. Then go back to the OG and offer them to match it. If they don’t , drop them
  17. Woofentino Pugr

    Woofentino Pugr Phoenix 4/03 to 5/30/12

    Just find another company or agent. I got tired of American Family's fucking games years ago. Tells me one thing then does another.
  18. Big T

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    Back when I lived in Wisco, Dairyland had policies that had "lay up" coverage that would switch to comp for the winter when the bike was tucked away

    Here in OR, my friend the Collector has full coverage on the 2 bikes he rides full time and comp only on his other 40 bikes. If he wants to ride one of the 40 to an event, or whatever, he just calls his agent and adds collision for 10 days on that bike. State Farm
  19. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    When I was in NY, I did exactly that. Dropped the coverage, and reupped in the Spring, and the DMV allows motorcycles to have no coverage and still keep the plate for exactly these circumstances. I don't have any streetable bikes in NJ, so I don't know the rules this far South.
  20. That might be their company policy, but it is bullshit. They obviously do it to make more money.

    I know with State Farm, I can change my policy as I see fit, at any time. My agent even suggested that I turn off over the winter, or even off/on when I go to work and come home.

    I didn’t do it, because it is a hassle and I’m scared I’ll forget it when I get home. But I have changed the policies at various times, for various reasons. They’ve never had a problem with it.

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