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Discussion in 'General' started by Rob P, Nov 25, 2016.

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    Why its a hell of a deal on a F/S bike, semi fat tire for the guys that dont get out much. We all know road race guys can use more grip in the dirt. Hell of a group set for the money. Most places you can get one for around $3200.
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    Just going by the first post he doesn't want or need a $3k bike. Unless there's one used for a third of that.
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  3. motomadman217

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    Could had swore he said 5k was too much, i must had read the post wrong. Your not going to buy much of a FS bike for less than that.
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    Mtb'ing aint cheap. Especially if you want decent equipment. Deals CAN be had though. One of my riding buddies bought a bike off earlier this year. One year old Giant. Carbon. XTR everything. ENVE Carbon Wheels. Fox Electronic Suspension (switches between trail and climb at the push of a button). Bike is reeeeeeally NICE, light, fast and everything works well. He gave about $3,000 for it. Hell, the ENVE wheels are nearly that much!!!!! He's ridden it all year and just plain loves the thing. Patience and some shopping and the deals are out there...
  5. Rob P

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    $3k seems about that magic number where decent bikes live. I am not opposed to spending that. The $7k price tag that one shop pointed me to was tough to swallow.
  6. Black89

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  7. motomadman217

    motomadman217 Well-Known Member

    You can get a brand name f/s bike for less like around 1800 plus, but essentially you are buying a killer frame, a ok shock, a ok fork and bottom of the barrel group set. To get something decent that is going to treat you right for more than a few years you are in the 3k range. If you want cheaper and want F/S try a rigid fat bike they have a lot of cushion in the tires at the right psi and can be had a lot cheaper for same group set. I have both but honestly i only really ride the fat bike in the winter. If i could only have one bike i could see myself going with either though. You can get a trek 9.6 carbon Farley fatty for around $2700. Everyone is different find a shop that carries multiple brands and ride some. Once you do the choice will be clear, if you buy something you are uncomfortable on you will not ride it. If you buy something with some cushion and that fits right it will be fun to get a workout in and you will ride it. Its a investment in yourself don't go cheap unless you have too. Either way unless you are planning on racing get a plus tire sized bike, way easier to ride and a ton more fun. Trek has a fat tire bike that is full suspension for around $3400 too.
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    I get that suspension changes the game, but mountain biking was a thing before suspension...

    For my money, hard tail plus bike with a decent fork setup is all anyone can really claim to "need."

    If you want more, great, but I can't stomach that for something that I'm not pedaling daily.
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    New 3k will be tough to beat. That's why I suggested slightly used. 1.5k all day long. IMO of course.

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    Raced/ridden the best 26s since 02 until my last catastrophic crash in late 012. After recovering from that crash, I focused on getting back into mtb racing and only had so much to spend. Wanted a new 29r platform for racing..but also general riding, capable epic chit like Pisgah, etc.

    That meant--Decent light fork. Decent hydro brakes (that weren't Avids). Great light wt frame. Light wt race specific wheels, plus day-to-day BS wheels. Will save on mid range package (first "new" mtb I've ever bought. Almost always built a frame up). Went with a then yr-end left-over(was $3300. now $1700) new Focus (Germany) carbon HT using their best race frame, but with the middle-lower drivetain package (XT/SLX), decent Magura hydros, Reba Race fork. Swapped out the cockpit and installed a dropper post. Bought a new set of Stans ZTR Crest wheels ($560). Presto. 22lbs (w the dropper and 4ti Eggs) and a respectable do-all ride.

    What she needs most, I guess.. is a proper 1x11. This will do for now tho.

    The rear chain stays, are thin(from the side view above) but very wide. So they flex horizontally. That and the 29 wheels make for a much better ride then a typical 26-27" HT.

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    AFAIK primarily goes back to when Specialized bought the patent for Horst link, which they had no claim to other than buying it, they then forced many others to pay up or not use it in the US where it could be enforced. e.g. Turner, Scott, Cube and others (from memory) had to change their linkages to faux bar to be sold in US, or pay Spec for the privilege. The patent expired a few yrs back and now everyone uses it, like they did before the Specialized fcked everyone. Also should mention Sinyard is a well documented @sshole e.g. attempted to sue a vet shop owner for using Roubaix in his shop name. It's a fcking city Specialized, not a model, Jesus. IMO the hate is real and won't soon be forgotten.
  12. Quig

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    Ah, that does make sense. That sounds like a pretty ridiculous corporate bs move... Thanks.
  13. Tiller15

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    Trek Fuel EX 8 or 27.5 plus, depending on what wheel size you're looking for. Right around the $3k mark retail priced. Phenomenal bikes.
  14. sharky nrk

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    Wow.......I would like to take a spin on something like that. Looks like an awesome ride.
  15. hank748

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    YT is a German builder who sells direct - the price point given the components and frames is impressive.

    Also, they had an amazing Black Friday sale and probably will have more sales after Christmas.
  16. RndHoleSqPeg

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    I have a sweet Ibis Ripley LS for sale if you want a capable 29er trail bike that feels like its cheating when you are climbing. 26 lbs with schwables and 27lb with Minions.

    Love the bike, but I need something for hitting bike parks more, and I can't justify another bike.
  17. Riders Discount

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    Have a brand new in the box KTM Kapoho 27.5+ (17" frame) that I will sell at dealer cost plus shipping if anyone is in the market. (MSRP $5995.00)

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    What would you pay for a 2009 Cannondale Rize 3? 26" wheels. I'm guessing it is all the original group set, etc, but would have to look into it a bit more. Is this something worth buying for the right price? What would be a good price?
  19. caboose

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    $1000 at the most I think.
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