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Discussion in 'General' started by Rob P, Nov 25, 2016.

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    I agree with this. I have a 26" FS, a 29" Al HT, a 29" FS and a 29" Carbon HT. The alum HT is a good bike. I do about 10-12 miles of trails with it and my back starts to hurt. On the carbon, I can do 20 or so before feeling the same. The carbon gives and acts as suspension. The 29" FS, I can ride all day, but I think the carbon HT is faster, and I rarely get peddle strikes from HT.
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    Some very decent advice in this thread. Especially from WSMC42 (Hey Karl!)

    I'll try to add a little... I have 3 bikes, an aluminum Stumpjumper (27lbs) that is decked out with the best of everything, a carbon Turner Czar(25lbs) which is also decked out and a Carbon hardtail(~20lbs) that is, wait for it, decked out with the best of everything. All are 29'ers. My riding ranges from 10 mile blasts in the foothills to really long epics in the high country... 40-80+ miles and up to 10,000' of climbing. To this day, easily my favorite bike of the three is the Stumpjumper. Is it the fastest? No. Is it the lightest? No. Is it the most fun? HELL YES. My Turner is my Racebike. It's pretty stinking fast. My Intense Hardtail is 20lbs and is CRAZY FAST uphill but it beats the shit out of me. Each has a job to do and they do it well. When I'm chasing the fast guys I'm on the Turner. When I want to just go for a fun ride, I'm on the Stumpjumper. My Hardtail? Mainly it collects dust.

    My advice? Especially to a casual rider? Get a one bike, do it all kinda rig. To me, that's something like a Specialized Stumpjumper. When I bought mine it was a damn good bike, over 3 years the only thing that remains from the original is the frame just because I can't leave well enough alone and it's a really, really good do it all rig.

    As far as wheel size, it's personal preference and won't make or break a bike especially for a casual rider. For components, you'll want to follow WSMC42's advice. Most modern mountain bikes are using 1x11 drivetrains and there's a reason for it, they just plain WORK. Nothing at all wrong with Aluminum frames. If you want to spend a little money, get carbon wheels, that's where you'll appreciate the weight difference.

    And, as has been suggested, is THE place to look for used bikes...

    Good luck.
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    I've had a few recommendations for the stumpjumper. My Roadie is a specialized and I love the thing. I'm also not against buying a good base and upgrading. What would you consider the minimum component level to have. I'm just not up on what is what on current bikes and couldn't tell you what is a good part vs a cheap placeholder.
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    I know it's hip to hate Specialized because they're such a dominant force in the industry but whether we like it or not, they make damn fine bikes. I love my Stumpy.

    If I were in your shoes I'd be looking at full suspension with a 1x11 X01 drivetrain and make sure you get decent brakes. I prefer Shimano, the XT's are awesome. You check those two boxes and you're going to eliminate a lot of potential upgrade "wants". There are cheaper 1x11 drivetrains available now but I don't have any experience with them so I can't suggest them but plenty seem to like them. Imho another "must" is a dropper post... I'm pathetic downhill without the seat out of the way...

    Check out the the Pinkbike buy/sell area and be patient and you'll find yourself a deal. One of my riding buddies scored a smoking deal on a really nice Giant there.
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    What about fork and shock?
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    Thats the thing when you go "new" FS.. An entry level FS is gonna have chitty suspension components. Its gonna be heavy too (30+ lbs). And not the best brakes. So if you go FS, either be ready to spend more and/or look for a good used bike. As stated in this thread, theres a lot of dreamers, that end up not riding.

    Also, used to be XT was the first "good" level from S. Now the SLX is better then the old XTR (I have both, and agree). Same for their brakes. SLX is considered some of the best out there regardless of price point.

    I've worked as a mech at a Specialized dealer, and concur. The Stumpjumper is a great do-all bike. One could do a lot worse. We rented them as well.
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    He's going to end up with a nomad CC

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    I had to google that aaaaand, no.

    Actually in my research I have seen a couple good recommendations for the specialized SJ FSR and the Giant trance 2 advanced which are similar price points
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    Upgrading to a 1x setup and also going with a shorter crank (170mm) to try and help that. Struck a few rocks/roots pretty good before. Likely I could ride better too, but I'm in the right height range to try it.

    FWIW, HT shouldn't pose knee issues over a FS. For back or any other issues, I think a proper fitting is worthwhile. Helps that sort of stuff, if you have a good bike shop nearby.
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    I really like the Rockshox Pike Fork, I upgraded both my FS bikes to it from their Fox forks. I really felt a big difference upgrading my Stumpy with it. It's stiffer and is just confidence inspiring. I didn't realize how much my older/smaller diameter fox shocks were flexing until I got the Pikes. I haven't sampled enough shocks to give a good honest opinion. My Stumpjumper came stock with a 'Brain' shock and it was a disaster. It needed service way too often so I ditched it in favor of a standard Fox CTD shock off a Stumpy EVO (used off Pinkbike!) and have been very, very pleased with it. The combination of the Pike and the EVO shock have worked very, very well in my opinion.
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    If that were the case, people would really, really hate Giant. Specialized brought on the hate by patenting prior art, much like Smart Parts in the paintball world.
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    Smart Parts.. haha Long gone now. I was on one of their pro factory teams. Knew Billy, Adam, and Karen going way back into the 80s.
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    I got a Specialized Stumpjumper from a while back and ride it everywhere.

    It's hard to give very specific info without a price point in mind. Mountain bikes can vary in cost as much as motorcycles. The stumpjumper is my favorite platform for "do everything"

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    If you say so. I honestly don't know the details of why Specialized is hated and don't really care. I just like to ride my bike(s). I do know there are plenty of folks who won't buy anything by the 'Big S'. That's fine, and it's their right. Regardless of whether or not I agree with their business tactics(I don't know a thing about them...) I simply stated that they make a damn fine product.
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    I was really surprised when I went into one of my LBSs and the sales guy immediately started bad mouthing Specialized. His rationale for hating them is because "they are sold at REI". I thought it was dumb especially considering I own a Specialized and have been very happy with it. I guess if I was an avid enthusiast I might have been aware of the hate, but I certainly didn't present myself as such in the LBS. If you have a real criticism of the product (i.e. their frames crack or their components suck) that's fine, but just because they are able to produce a good product at a competitive price point and have a huge distribution network isn't really a valid argument.
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    You said it was hip to hate them because they were a dominant force. That's you bringing up the hate aspect. Sounds like you cared enough to make a point of it. I simply pointed out that wasn't the basis for the disdain.

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    Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to correct me.
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    We're in the same boat. I agree 100%.

    I don't know the details of what Specialized did to piss people off and don't care enough to do the homework. One of our riding group who is an amazingly skilled and fit rider likes to give me a hard time because even on my Turner I have Specialized Roval carbon wheels(which are very good for the $$) and have at times run Specialized tires. I just take the abuse because it's all in good fun and just keep riding...

    When I was having trouble with the Brain Shock on my Stumpy my local dealer took very good care of it for me so I have no problem with the brand.
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    This is a pretty sweet bike. There is an aluminum version for $1,000 less.

    A local shop put together a Giant Trance FS 29... got it to 28lbs with pedals and a dropper. Turn key it was a ~$5500 bike.
    Still some weight left on the table... now you can get carbon rims that will save another lb or 2.

    My next bike will be a full carbon frame.

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