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Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Feb 28, 2022.

  1. Jedb

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    Can anyone list what seats are still officially open?
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    We could. But then why do something that takes the time that it took post your post when you could do it?

    Too lazy?? Figures. Get your pussy hat and join @dsapsis.
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  5. HPPT

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    Ooh, poor little guy. You still that upset? You're going to need to get a lot more creative than that. :D
  6. HPPT

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    He not only failed to get the factory engineers to help any riders not named Marc Márquez perform at the level that they are capable of and help the team, but he wasn't capable of protecting the only winning asset he had given the technical choices that they have been making. Getting on pit wall topush Marquez to keep charging after clawing his way back from 19th to 3rd instead of directing him to take the points wasn't bad enough. He wasn't smart enough to veto the hasty return after that nasty injury. It's all working great for Honda.
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    Not buying that bit about 'Pushing Marquez' from pitwall in Jerez and causing the crash.

    Pit clowns waving their arms and screaming don't count for shit, I doubt MM93 even noticed Puig the way he was riding that particular Sunday.

    Riders ride and that crash was Marquez's 100%.

    Puig does come off like a dick but this is pulling at straws....
  8. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    It's not so much the pushing as it is the not holding him back.

    "P3 OK" is the sort of thing you see on a pit board late in the season when guys are fighting for a championship. The particular circumstances of that race would've made it a good time to communicate something like that, even early in the season. That could've been enough to make Marquez think.
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    Jesus dude. Go for a walk or something........
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    Are you okay dude? Maybe I don’t pay attention, but I haven’t seen this level of vitriol from you before. Though it is funny as shit. :flag:

    Papa Hotrod is a pretty fun nickname, I would embrace it.

    Honda letting Marquez race 4 days after breaking his arm was about the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen, given they just signed him to 4 years and dude had 3-5 more titles in him even after the initial broken arm. I’ll be somewhat surprised now if he ever gets another.

    I’m not convinced that Puig could’ve really stopped him though. Seemed to be the tail wagging the dog over there.

    I always figured Puig had photos of HRC execs in dishonorable positions. Now that I see that he managed the Repsol relationship, it all makes sense. I’m wondering how much control Puig even has over the technical direction of the bike. Seems like the Japanese probably just tell Puig-San to keep the Repsol and Spanish sponsor money coming and they control everything else.
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  11. HPPT

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    Man, he'd need to come up with something smarter than that to bother me. I think I'm safe. :D
  12. HPPT

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    That bike is not going anywhere if they don't start it. :D
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  15. Dave K

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    I figured he wasn’t coming back after the break.

    but Crutchlow? If they’re bringing him in it would make sense to have him at the British gp.

    When does wsbk end? Maybe throw Toprak on at some point.

    or Gagne.
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    Sure. That’s why your sensitive ass(well upper body) gave me a vacation. It didn’t bother you, HotRod. Just go ahead and change your screen name.
  17. BHP41

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    He’s going to be slow, unfortunately. The grid is so close now that these one off rides just don’t work anymore. When there’s 2 secs from 1st to 20th. There’s no room for a guy that does at best , 8-10 rides(not races) testing a year. He’s fast but those last .5-.7 is lost when not on the bike full time.

    Hope I’m wrong though because his interviews are second to only Miller and we know who Jack got that from.
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  19. HPPT

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    Damn, you are even dumber than the things you write if you didn't figure out what got you banned. Like I said, you're going to need to be a hell of a lot more creative to bother me. Right now, you're not even operating at the third-grade level you were talking about the other day. Kind of ironic, really. Come on, try again. Come up with something smart or original.
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    Dammit what I miss??

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