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Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Sep 12, 2022.

  1. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    He said he rolled off the throttle and that's what caused the incident with Quattro
  2. pickled egg

    pickled egg Works with puppies, too

    I thought the electronics did all the rolling off on these new-fangled motorsickles. MM was just along for the ride.
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  3. BigBird

    BigBird blah

  4. prm

    prm Well-Known Member

    From an outsider, Honda seems to be challenged with electronics.

    Well that, and front ends that seem prone to tuck.
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  5. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy Is it Winter yet?

    Your hypocrisy is I didn’t call for anyone to be injured, just a basic firing. I’m told to chill. Yet you laugh at dudes being injured. That’s being a hypocrite. I don’t care what they were injured for. It’s the fact you laughed at it while telling me to chill. If I called for someone to beat their asses you would have also told me to chill just like you did for me calling for them to be fired yet you laugh at that happening.
  6. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking The Iron Price

  7. motion


    If you watch Marquez's body language and facial expressions after he pulls into his box during the race, its evident that the dude is a straight up psychopath. He just took out the championship leader, and a fellow Honda rider who will now miss his first home GP in 3 or 4 years. You don't see any remorse or humility in his body language. All you see is damage limitation and self privilege.
  8. brex

    brex Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a woman going through a divorce.
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  9. gixxerboy55

    gixxerboy55 Well-Known Member

    I agree with Motion,I have seen MM in person at Laguna, doing some reckless stuff, I am not surprised at his current situation.
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  10. Prospect

    Prospect Hayai

    That's what happens when the Dorna-sanctioned MotoGP battering ram returns to racing. I'm surprised he didn't join the race quickly and in the path of a couple of racers to take them out as well. Maybe he thinks it's destruction derby?
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  11. crashman

    crashman Grumpy old man

    I must be a bad person too because I found it quite funny that they went looking for trouble and ended up finding more trouble than they could handle. Despite it being a kinder, gentler time a good ass beating is sometimes what a person needs to understand the error of their ways.
  12. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy Is it Winter yet?

    I don’t care that they did. I just laugh that I’m told to chill when I called for their firing, but them getting their ass beat is humorous to the person who told me to chill. And said person can’t even understand why that makes them a hypocrite lol.
  13. dieterly

    dieterly Well-Known Member

    Wrong, Fabio took himself out…
  14. stk0308

    stk0308 Well-Known Member

    By expecting a multi time world champion talent to be able to maintain his line and speed. Yeah, what was he thinking?!? /sarcasm
  15. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy


    I don’t even have a Rossi Joke. Just your statement. It’s hilariously delusional.
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  16. prm

    prm Well-Known Member

    Marc lost the rear for a split second and the Fabio hits him from behind. How on earth is Marc to blame for that? Every bike (rider) out there is relying on electronics to keep it hooked up on acceleration out of every corner.
  17. tzrider

    tzrider CZrider

    MM is evidently the Debil.

    We just didn't get the memo....
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  18. Dave Wolfe

    Dave Wolfe banned club

    MM is Cole Forbes!
  19. Wheel Bearing

    Wheel Bearing Professional low sider

    MM is the Danny Kim of MotoGP
  20. tzrider

    tzrider CZrider

    Evidently Ben fully agrees with you...

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