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Discussion in 'General' started by lookmtb, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. JBarx

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    I have heard corroboration on most of those, the rest I haven't heard of.

    I left out a big one - Pit Bull. Hot damn do they have their shit together. But let's be real, they are the rare exception in the moto world. There are a lot of hacks and sleazes out there.
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  2. Circacee

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    I heard the same especially with the MA guys ordering for the season. Mithos is located in my city, about 10 miles from my home. I plan to get fitted for a suit in September, hoping to have it before the start of next season. I crash tested my Alpinestars, shit didnt hold up as well as I thought it would.
  3. Sweatypants

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    Yea there are. Its really gross. Makes me tired just thinking about how much follow-up I have to do... like I'm a damn PM on a project just to buy some stuff.

    Another really good one though is Joey at Ohlins USA, forgot that. Dude is the best.
  4. Greenhound386

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    Exceptions to everything. I contacted Pit Bull to order a product, and after a rude response, I didn't become a customer. I might be the only one to ever have a bad experience with them, because I don't ever hear complaints from others. Maybe I caught them on a bad day, but that first impression turned me off from them for good.
  5. JBarx

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    That's fascinating, I've never heard that before. But I suppose every organization has "off" moments for whatever reason, so it's bound to happen once in a while.
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  6. Mongo

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    Yeah, even Evelyne is short with people on occasion but it's truly rare.
  7. blue03R6

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    doesn't anyone use suits from Vanson? I don't get the whole I gotta overpay for a suit made in pakistan craze....heroic etc. I'd rather deal with a company that's been making suits longer than the kids in pakistan has been alive. plus they're right here in the USA so a turn around should be a lot sooner. and the prices seem better.
    hell even dealing with syed since he is in the usa too.
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  8. TurboBlew

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    20 yrs ago...sure... but Alpinestars has been doing it longer & so has Dianese as well as RS Taichi. Those are 3 Id be buying ahead of Vanson or Syed. Biggest issue? Weight then the airbag thing. And yes... Ive been or still am a customer of ALL the brands listed.
    I dont want a suit thats going to last 20yrs and weigh 40lbs.
  9. MotoGP69

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    Unfortunately a new Vanson suit looks 20 years old.
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  10. Spooner

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    Not to mention these new generation suits are way more flexible and comfortable. I couldn't believe the difference from my older taichi and my astars race replica. You don't quite realize how much harder you're working to move around on the bike in the old school, single lower back stretch panel suits until you get into this new stuff with stretch panels all over the place. No real break in either.
  11. Marcos415

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    Anybody here own a Misano 2 suit? I'm just curious of what the air bag actually protects. The YouTube videos show that it's only for the neck and shoulders. I'd prefer in integrated bag over a separate vest but from what I have seen the alpinestars covers sooooo much more areas of the body and the Mugello suit is out of my price range.
  12. blue03R6

    blue03R6 Well-Known Member

    looks fine to me

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  13. Triple R

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    May I ask how much the Vircos cost you? Looking for a different option from Mithos (looks cheap).
  14. bradd15

    bradd15 Well-Known Member

    The total suit is $3799. Full air suit and you can customize pretty much everything on Vircos website. It took a little less than a month to have mine shipped to me after the measurements were completed. It has memory foam in the shoulder areas and is by far the best fitting suit I have ever had.

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  15. Shocker

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    So is that $3800 with the airbag vest included? I'm assuming its an Alpinestars vest and it s fully removable so you can send it off to Alpinestars for recharging?
  16. R/T Performance

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    No body is perfect when i bought the wife a z125 it pitt bull took 4 month to get pins for the trs and they disregarded my measurements bought a 125 dirt bike axle and made them wrong.
    They did meet me on the way to barber and measured the bike and sent me a new pair of pins that are correct. (not bashing there products are top notch but not always the easiest to deal with)

    Thanks OP mine wife has to have highly modified off rack or custom. i appreciate you sharing your experience.
  17. bradd15

    bradd15 Well-Known Member

    Yes $3800 with Alpinestars airbag system fully removable. Has the charging indicator on the left sleeve.
  18. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Astars came out with a GP Tech v3 and the new Racing Absolute this month. The Absolute is basically the new Race Replica. Both are crazy nice.

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