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Discussion in 'Tech' started by BigHeadzDC, Aug 24, 2009.

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    ^^ can you explain why you do the opposite? back when i ran pilot powers a couple years ago (first started track riding), i remember the michelin guy telling me 35 cold for cold days and 37 cold for hot days; citing the reasons I just did for lower pressures for colder temps and higher pressures for hotter temps. at willow springs, where I mainly run, the 211 rears are run at 26 cold, 29 off the warmers, unlike at other tracks where you're looking at more like 21 cold, 24 off the warmers. the reason being is that the constant high speed and heat of the desert tear the tire at normal pressures, but by raising the pressure you keep the tire cooler and it doesn't tear as much but still has excellent grip.
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    There is a point where lowering the PSI will counter act what you want which is the increase in friction causing more heat to be put into the carcuss. That point is where you now have enough of a contact patch that the cold from the pavement will drawn the heat out of the carcuss not allowing the tire to warm up.

    Conversely if you add PSI there is less of a contact patch so the tire can retain its heat as it isn't being drawn into the cold pavement.

    How many PSI's is this? I don't know...just talking about at some point this will happen.
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    ^^ interesting. sighs.... i guess its another one of those cases where things become infinitely complicated.
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    hey melk-man, u know goobr over here in lakeland?

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    I know.. but don't know.. may people:cool:

    Call Walt Shaefer asap.. he can give you the info your looking for, and would be a credible source that you would believe. I know where your thinking is, but as Mr. Sunshine pointed out it don't work that way sometimes. If your local MICHELIN trackside vendor (Tommy Mason, Hersh?? ) says do "this" .. then do it.
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    I know Goobr from the ZRXOA board. I guess he is on the R1 forum as well. I have never actually met him, though. Tell him KneeScraper says hi.:D
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    ok, i will be going over to watch the GP race sunday. i used to be on the zrxoa board also.( sold the rex:( ). melk-man u gotta lot of good advice! goodr said u were the man at JGP.

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    Thank you. Im taking that as a compliment.:) In most cases i will post what i KNOW from verified source or extensvie personal experience. NOT what i read from some obscure discussion forum where someone that bought a bike last week said "X". If i don't know but think i might, i will not be ashamed to say "I think but am not for sure so someone else tell me otherwise..".
    I may very will know the infamous "goodr" but not by that username. Im sure i have met him at some point. Please tell him to shoot me an email or pm.
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    I know that old timer! :beer:

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