Lightened GSXR Rear Rotors for sale - $65 shipped in lower 48

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by jcivince, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. gixxer357

    gixxer357 Well-Known Member

    PM me info for an original for an 06 gsxr 750
  2. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    gixxer357 - info PM'ed - let me know!
  3. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    Latest PM's responded to. Thanks for the interest! Any questions, just let me know and I'll answer to the best of my ability....
  4. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    FedEx tracking numbers sent - thanks Jimmy & Fredy!
  5. Fredy

    Fredy I need to loose weight!!


    Received my rotor yesterday. You do very nice work :up::bow:

    Thanks again!

  6. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    Fredy - Glad to hear it got there and that you're pleased. I've got more ready again if any of you're friends on GSXR's would like one!
    Thanks - Vince
  7. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the typo - should have been "your" ....
  8. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    Have some more arrowhead design and original design "in stock" again if anyone is looking to purchase!
  9. Spanky R1

    Spanky R1 Average Guy

    Looking for the standard design 06 Gix 6. Sending PM
  10. adsuzukiboy34

    adsuzukiboy34 New Member

    rotor for 750 SRAD, I know that the bolt pattern is identical for a lot of later years... Wanted. Shipping to Australia, Qld 4218.
    Thx, Adam.
  11. ofcounsel

    ofcounsel Above the Law

    Do you make these for 1st Gen SV's?
  12. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    adsuzukiboy34 - shooting you a pm.

    ofcounsel - Sorry, don't have for 1st Gen SV's - different bolt pattern.
  13. X-plane

    X-plane Member


    I received the rotor and am very happy with the quality of work! Prompt shipment and well packaged, will do my best to send more business your way. Thanks,

  14. nobill1398

    nobill1398 K7 GSX-R1000

    How can I order & pay for the $65 rotor?
  15. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    nobill1398 - Just responded to you PM. I'm out until the 21st but will be able to ship as soon as I get back. Sorry for the delay - hope it isn't a deal breaker!
  16. stiguy1

    stiguy1 Active Member

    2006 GSXR 1000 Lightened Rotor

    Sent you a pm, extremely interested. At 1 point I had your paypal info. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.
  17. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    stiguy1 = Original Design is $70 shipped and picture is on page 7 of the thread.
    Arrowhead Design is $90 shipped and picture is on page 9 of the thread. Shot back PM to you as well. Out of town until 21st so can't ship right away - sorry!
  18. Ed24601

    Ed24601 New Member

    I need one of these also, either style. PM'd u.
  19. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    Ed24601 = Responded to your PM. Any additional questions, just let me know.
  20. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    Back in town again - ready to go again!

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