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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by blkduc, Jan 19, 2019.

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    Gotta get that campaign money spent at home and not the swing states.
  4. Kurlon

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    Not unconstitutional, states are allowed to apportion their EC votes how they choose. Some do it by district, etc. On the flip side those chosen to be in the EC technically can ignore whatever the state suggestion is and vote however they want... :D
  5. 2blueYam

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    Right, so if this passes the candidates will spend their time and money in heavily populated areas and ignore the rural and fly-over states.

    One good thing could come out of this. We might finally have a chance to get rid of the damn ethanol subsidies and mandates.
  6. ahrma_581

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    Wrong. Ethanol is on Congress.

    No good thing come of it. It will be the destruction of the federal republic. How about direct election en masse of all congressmen by all the states, so that NY and CA can make that decision as well?

    This is basically an attempt to 'fix' the historical error of 2016 when Her Cankles was shot down, without having to go through that messy and time consuming 'amend the Constitution' business.
  7. Motofun352

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    All this would do is cause presidential candidates to completely ignore Colorado. Why bother when all they have to do is win the country's popular vote to gather Co's vote as well. Sure Co's few votes would count to the overall popular vote but compared to Ca and NY why bother? The voters in Colorado must really like giving away their francise.....
  8. blkduc

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  9. Hawk518

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    The Electoral College is key to the survival of the Republic.
    This must be protected, just as much as the 1st or 2nd.
    Mob rule will kill any protection afforded to the individual.
    We don't want another democratic success in this world.

    I am not a supporter of term limits.
    I believe that individuals should be responsible for their representatives.
    However, a compromise to term limits would be electing representatives by total state count.
    Get rid of gerrymandering.
  10. TSWebster

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  11. Hawk518

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    The I am escaping "home" only to vote for same policy where I am now welcome, kills me.
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    So let's see, the latest is Warren wants SS benefits for illegals. Bob O'Rourke eats dirt and brings some home for his family to eat. Bob also tried to get his wife to eat a turd. Spartacus is considering having his wedding in the WH. These are great, my expectations are high and it's still early so I know they will do better.

    I found an excellent summary of the 2020 Dems. Friends, this here is all you need to know.

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  13. blkduc

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    Thought exercise! The above video is basically a campaign for some of the big names running and it's so accurate it's hilarious. But what if...

    I've heard a few talking heads pondering what might happen if a dem tries to run on actual real policies. It got me to thinking, what would they run on? I mean if a dem tried to represent the moderates/taxpayers who have the majority of voting power, what would they campaign on? You might think the old, "all you had to do was not be crazy" might be a viable recipe for winning but...I'm not so sure. I think they might have gone past the point of no return.

    Think about it, if a dem went to the middle instead of ding dong radical town it's too late...Trump is already there. You can't promise to fix an economy that is already as good as it gets. You can't promise to end wars, fix trade, secure borders, protect 1A and 2A, lower taxes. Trump is already there. The one issue they might have is health insurance because it's still F'd up. So the talking heads are wrong, you can't be a dem and go to the middle it's too late. The only things left are full blown socialist fantasies. The dems have shoved a knife in the back of the middle class so deep it ain't coming back out. They are losing union votes, black votes, gay votes, hell the walkaway movement is huge now. If the country was still as bad as Obama made it, maybe, but Trump has whooped so much ass there isn't anything big to fix.

    So what do you guys think? If a dem wanted to try to run to the center, how would they even do it? (I suspect Gabbard and Klobuchar will be attempting this and will get KO'd early)
  14. Spang308

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    Nailed it.
  15. TXFZ1

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    Trump has taken the moderate platform away from the Dems so they just move more to the liberal left. They will continue with the Trump bad, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, cheeto man crap and the problem is he will punch back as if they just didn't give him any ammo. If Trump would shut up, only tweet his gloats, he would probably win by a landslide. Maybe even bigger than Reagan's second term.

    The Dems should of worked with him as a bipartisan team and ran on his same platform claiming they could do it better.
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  16. Spang308

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    Now C'mon...I feel Trump is going to win in an epic landslide, but Reagan won 49 of 50 states in 84. No way Trump pulls that off. He loses California, NY, MD and almost certainly Illinois.
    And I only say MD because the population around D.C. that is loaded with government workers and Baltimore city. He likely wins most other counties.
    Still, he ain't winning 49 states.
  17. TXFZ1

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    Hey, don't be dissing my dreams. Anyway, what are the chances he STFU? Again, who is running against him. Bernie/Biden are old white men and that does not fit the new fresh face of the Dems. Beto, no he is too stupid. Warren, Booker, nope. Harris maybe but she will not win.
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  18. BHP41

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    I’ve been on the lake since Friday morning and the Mueller thing had my attention today so I just saw this. Bwhahahahahahaha. Classic. If I could give that 2 likes I would. Hahaha. :crackup:
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    Booker is a joke. He just wants to be a movie star like his girlfriend(x2ITB). Biden is f’ed due to Ukraine. Beto..well. He may get the nod but he’ll get destroyed in debates. Hell, he wouldn’t even debate Cruz. Plus, it may be that the only debates are on Fox. Lol Warren, lmfao. That horse rode off before she got on. Harris, she won’t win outside of Ca & NY. She’ll get a slaughtered in the mid west. That leaves Bernie. God please let it be Bernie. Lol
  20. Spang308

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    I'm not sure we've seen the candidate yet. I'm guessing Biden won't run. His kids are compromised by business ties to China and Russia that he greased the path to. I doubt he'll risk screwing up their gravy train and he knows damn well Trump will go right there and punch him over it. The gloves are off.
    Plus he's got the old white guy thing hanging around his neck and he's creepy and not left enough to boot.
    I think he's smart enough to know. He has a lot to lose and a really slim shot at being president. Unless the economy tanks, you're right. Trump is a lock.
    Who else steps up? Don't know, but they comfortably have six months to declare. It's going to be interesting because they are convinced they need to be gun grabbing, baby killing socialists to win the primary, but that is suicidal in a general election and an impossible pivot to make. If Howard Schultz dropped his indy campaign and ran as a slightly left of moderate Democrat, he could be trouble. Tulsi Gabbard speaks well, is attractive and comes off as less left than she really is. Trump could struggle against her. Guess we'll know soon enough.

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