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    Was making a bubble bath for my twins (just turned 6) the other week, when one was using the other bathroom. He ran in and hopped on my lap, snuggled, than said.. "oh, I forgot to wipe"! Yeah... yes he did... :(
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    :crackup:I say that as a father to a 3 and 7 yo who has been there.
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    Hahaha, my kids had "Naked butt dance!" when they got out of the tub.
  4. Ok, this one is just too funny not to share.

    I use YouTube over the Roku to play music and videos I want to expose the girls to. I let them choose songs they’ve heard on the radio that they like as well, so long as the content is appropriate.

    This morning Cora asked for “Smooth Criminal”, so I asked if she wanted the MJ version or Alien Ant Farm. She chose MJ, so I cued up the 9:26 video for them.

    Scene comes on where the dancers do the lean-ahead trick, Cora freaks out and asks how they can do that, while simultaneously falling on her face trying to do it herself. So I explain the heel locks they used, and she asks how they know where to stand. Explain about the practice and choreography and point out how every dancer is moving in unison.

    Hazel pipes in “They’re all doing the same thing, except the white guy!”

    MJ is wearing a white suit, and I pissed myself laughing. :crackup:

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