Kayo or a Grom?

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by baconologist, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. SpeedWerks Racing

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    Blair from SV Racing Parts, the exclusive Importer and Distributor in the USA says; All KAYO MiniGP imported into the USA, Canada and throughout South America are 125 models based on the Yamaha ttr125 engine. The 125 spec classes are where the bike is focused in our markets and we are working with clubs all over the USA and Canada as well as South America to develop race series for 125 to grow MiniGP Racing with a consistent class structure throughout North and South America.

    As well the parts for the 125 engine are immediately available in Canada and the USA and South America and stocked in our SV Racing Parts warehouse in WA State.

    There are no dealers in the Eastern Canada Region, Blair can ship the bikes directly anywhere in Canada as well as the USA. Contact him directly at b.layton@svracingparts.com
  2. Kurlon

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    Steve, have you compared the Kayo's cam to a TT-R's? I'm wondering if a Kayo carb and cam would have any benefit waking up a stock TT-R...
  3. backcountryme

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    One of the local fast kids here in Calgary did something to the engine in his Kayo a few weeks ago and needed a new engine. I want to say it was south of $500 to replace the whole engine, and he got it the next day. I was VERY impressed with that. They seem to be really good bikes. If I was in the market for another small bike, I would make the Kayo a serious contender for my dollars.
  4. SpeedWerks Racing

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    Just adjusted valves and didn't give it much thought,,I'll ck next time.
    I know these carbs, start, run and idle,,unlike the TTR's.
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    Do you know blair personally? I'd love to help get a few kayos at Cmp and vir, if he has any interest.
  6. SpeedWerks Racing

    SpeedWerks Racing Well-Known Member

    Call/email him, he's cool, just Canadian and overly polite.
    We've got em down at Herrins but I'm sure CMP/VIR is viable.

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