Jessi Combs gone?

Discussion in 'General' started by Steeltoe, Aug 28, 2019.

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    It was a simple observation/statement, as more info becomes available. Did you see me say anywhere: “She should’ve had a rollcage!”, “She would’ve survived if....”, or any other such thing? Nope. I made a simple statement, based on pics, info, and knowing what sanctioning bodies require. It wasn’t meant to be critical, read into, or any other such nonsense.
  2. Mongo

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    Your words - "I’m curious as to why they didn’t fortify the car with a proper roll cage?" I can't see any way to take that as anything other than you think a proper roll cage could have saved her and her not having one contributed to her death.
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    Had no idea she was involved in breaking speed records! Rest in peace young lady.
  4. ducnut

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    It wasn’t meant to be read into. The pictures they posted of her sitting in the cockpit looked like a standard issue fighter cockpit (of which I’m no expert) and knowing what sanctioning bodies require, caused me to wonder aloud. That is all. I didn’t blame, imply, think it would’ve saved her, or anything else.

    Is this going to be drug out another 50 pages, in typical Beeb fashion?
  5. In Your Corner

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    Even if the vehicle remained intact there
    were other forces at work which would
    probably have proved fatal.
    Dale was moving a helluva lot slower.
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    Your words were "proper roll cage." That on it's face says you think it was in improper roll cage installed.

    One way to stop the 50 pages of savagery would be to state that you made a mistake using those words.

    This is terrible, I was a fan of hers. God Speed Racer.
  7. ducnut

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    There wasn’t one. Period.

    No need to admit a mistake, when one wasn’t made. People read into things to stir shit, just like you jumping on the bandwagon, now.
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    That's about to start....
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    Jeez us, people. The girl isn't even buried yet and you are arguing stoopid shit about how she died.

    Sending a human body hurtling along at high speeds sometimes results in death. Everyone here oughta know that.

    RIP racer.
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  11. Britt

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    I'd wager a monocoque frame and the canopy were more protective than most any steel roll cage, for the application,
    An F104 is hardly a Cessna..

    The Dance was Real.. and She Danced like not many will.
  12. britx303

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    Nearly 4X the speed that most any of us will ever see or even begin to fathom...........RIP Beautiful Racer.:(
  13. SpeedyTide

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    Not very well informed in this type of land speed record stuff, or the incident, but was the jetcar equipped with parachutes?
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    Just read she was attempting 600+mph, her last/current record was 483. Can anyone confirm this is correct?
  15. ducnut

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    The 483 wasn’t an official record, but, an achieved top speed (1-way). Her current record is 398 (2-way average) to achieve the record for “Fastest Woman on Four Wheels”. She was looking to set a new outright record (2-way average) beyond 512, which would give her the record of “Fastest Woman on Earth”.
  16. Mongo

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    Interesting, I was going to drop it but now you have multiple people telling you how they took your words and you insist they're all wrong? Your post was negative towards her equipment. That is a simple fact.
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  19. Her quotes sum that up quite nicely as well. She went in knowing damn well and the risks and obviously was ok with it. That dance must be a feeling that’s almost euphoric. I have no idea about the actual facts of the crash so cannot even have a theory on it and am glad I don’t. I met her a couple times off roading. She knew her shit about how to wheel off road. I have pics somewhere she sent me that she took when wheeling in NC. How I met her the first time was she came up and introduced herself, asked if she could have my email adreas so she could send me some cool shots she got of me. I asked her how if her PayPal was her email address, she said yes but I’ll reject any payment from you. Payment is you out here enjoying yourself in the outdoors. The world needs more people like her.
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    Rest In Peace

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