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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by H8R, Nov 1, 2011.

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    Depends whether you are in the camp that believes the climate change occurring is a simple historical situation or if man is affecting it. I think there is some combination, but think overall the amount that man is affecting it is nowhere near what had been put up in the media.

    Just because one personal originally against it "changed their mind" isn't changing mine. Do I believe we should cut back? Yes, but for reasons beyond the Climategate shit. More for common sense.
  4. RoadRacerX

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    I personally think that consumer waste and the shit people send to landfills are bigger concerns than man made emissions. People are pigs.
  5. sheepofblue

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    Nope the argument is over and we need to dismantle the EPA. A majority of scientists agree on this

    (see both sides can make mindless claims then tell the other side to shut up)
  6. pefrey

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    The first graph shows 200 years, the second, 10 years. Why don't they just show the 210 years in 1 graph? I know, because it won't support the assertion that it has stalled.

    Statistics and graphs can show anything you want them to show. How convenient.
  7. sheepofblue

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    And 200 years is a pittance in global time.

    The warmists always fail on basic logic. Explain the ice age? Explain the dark ages? Why was Hannibal able to cross the alps with elephants? Grapes were grown by the Romans in England shouldn't it have been to cold? History is full of increases and decreases in temperature some cold some warm.

    The fact is that predictions already made by the psychos trying to panic the lemmings have ALL proved incorrect. Now the warmer crowd has learned and started pushing predictions out to 50 years so they can fleece the gullible for decades with no accountability. Add in the name change to climate 'change' :crackup: for a chaotic system where change is the norm and they should have zero credibility.
  8. codzilla

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    You get the rest of the world (more than the EU) to stop burning their trash and riding 2T scooters everywhere and meet the reporting standards of the US then we’ll talk. Personally I’m not changing my life one bit until China, India and the other major polluters of the world step up to our (USA) level of reporting and mitigation standards. And trying to guilt the US consumer into believing they are the cause of pollution overseas is getting old. Talk to the governments of those countries about it not me when I’m walking into Wallyworld.
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    Anyone know when we started recording temps? I wonder how far back the data goes? I don't give a shit what they think the cores of acient ice tells them because that's just guessing. They use to think Carbon dating was accurate.
  10. H8R

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    I love you deniers...The koch brothers pay a big chunk of the research, and they are well known to be against "global warming". They pay a guy who didn't think the science was accurate, and low and behold it turns out the original science and data was correct.
  11. Mongo

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    What science? That the globe has been warming since the last ice age except when it's been in little ice ages and cooled?
  12. H8R

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    Ya, except for all the people who said it wasn't. Then they said the data was flawed, or outright manipulated. Of course the Earth is getting warmer...and please note the report didn't study for anthropogenic climate was just simply put that the Earth is getting warmer, and that is now kind of hard to deny for the deniers.
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    Obviously not.
  14. pickled egg

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    Cite. :Poke:
  15. panthercity

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    Posts 2, 3, 5, 7 at the least. :Poke:
  16. pickled egg

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    Have they been peer-reviewed by alumni of a prominent university? :Poke:
  17. panthercity

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    They have been peer-reviewed by the members of a prominent BBS.
  18. pickled egg

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    I'm going to need to see some CV's on that, please...
  19. Dave K

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    Global warming/ climate change/ global cooling = lies!
  20. H8R

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    Thanks Dave...I knew I could count on you. :D

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