I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. I was lucky because I stocked up long before the Floyd and Covid bullshit.

    Now I just have to sorta “maintain” or “slow the bleeding” until things (hopefully) get back to normal.
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    An old but good article from Kel-tec


    However, “Kel-Tec does not, and will not borrow money to expand the factory. In other words, we only pay cash. If interest in our firearms suddenly dropped, or a law was passed and our firearms are now illegal, what then?” The company doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of a bank loan, whether that means financial problems or actually losing operational control. I’m sure all of us have feelings on both sides of this decision, with one hand saying “just do it, the market wants your products!” and the other saying, “fiscally conservative, thinking long-term, hedging your risks…okay, I get that and respect it.” Or maybe that’s just me feeling that either choice is understandable, or a little of both. Maybe even a minority equity investment would be a viable third option.
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    Exactly. I'm struggling to think of another industry that could get turned on its head as easily as firearms in regards to a single piece of legislation.
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  4. This is the holster.


    Nothing to it. Basic and cheap, but it works and is comfortable. Like I said, if you run an optic you’ll just have to trim it to fit.

    Don’t pay attention to the description. With those holsters, you basically have to order one bigger than what you think.

    I first ordered the small one, which says “Medium, for compact handguns, 3”-4” barrels”.

    The Canik TP9-Elite SC, which is a subcompact and has a 3.3” barrel (IIRC), won’t fit at all.

    The Hellcat, a damn micro compact with only with a 3” barrel, just barely fits in that one.

    The one I linked says it is a “Large”, but I don’t see any full size gun actually fitting in it. I use it for the small Canik.

    I actually sent them an email about it, and the description being misleading. I sent pictures of the gun not fitting, even though it was smaller than what it was designed for. They were really cool and offered to take it back and refund/exchange. But I didn’t do it. It’s too inexpensive to worry about, and I had already ordered the Large one. I just thought the description on their website needed to be changed to keep others from getting something that doesn’t work.
  5. The oilfield.

    I’ve personally seen it happen overnight...literally.
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    You're talking to the guy who bought out a gas station full of water bottles when there was no shortage of water anywhere, with no storms on the forecast either. All I know is when shit hits the fan (whether it'd be zombies or some invasion), I'm driving over to his house with all my guns! LOL
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    IMO they're right. There is a lot of demand lately for guns and ammo that normally would sit on the shelves for months cuz they're not that sought after. But now everything is selling, cuz all the new gun owners just want "some gun"...any gun will do. So even the shitty stuff is out of stock or way more expensive. A year ago I was only familiar with maybe like 10 or so ammo brands. Now every mom and pops remanufacturing shop is making and selling ammo online that you've never heard of.
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    Really? I figured oil would be high on the list but still expected it to have a lower potential impact just considering I've never seen legislation that threatened to outright ban their product lol. Although another couple decades I wouldn't be surprised if that became a potential reality depending on who owns who in the gubberment. Lot of people out there who hate oil.
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    So I took the Kimber 1911 from Broome to the range for the first time after I cleaned it and lubed it, just to be sure it's in good shape. Loved the feel of it and accuracy of it.....when it decides to shoot lol

    Fired about 60 rounds through it. Lost count of the number of jams but it was somewhere in the 12-15 range for sure. Some more minor than others, where all I had to do was give the side a bit of a push to go in battery and it was good to go. Others required clearing of the chamber and starting over. And weirdly enough, I had 2 that simply did not fire even though the gun was in battery, bullet chambered, etc. I have no idea what would cause that.

    Time to work on it and figure out how to fix it, but so far it's the least reliable gun I've ever shot, even less reliable than the shitty GSG-522 I bought last year which jammed about once every 5-10 rounds. But semi-auto .22lr guns are kinda known to do that.
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  10. Yeah but see, that was different. :D

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  11. It’s because the oilfield (price of oil) is based on projections. The amount of oil currently on hand is almost irrelevant.

    There can be a news story about some Middle East country threatening to deny usage of some Straight....and boom, oil price will shoot up drastically overnight.

    But more to the point, the Macondo incident (Horizon). The person in charge immediately banned all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. One signature on one piece of paper put tens of thousands of people out of work, and made gas prices double.
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  12. That’s still a helluva lot better than it did with me.
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    Or, one signature can cancel a pipeline, and put thousands out of work overnight.
  14. Yep, exactly.
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    Ive been shooting pretty steady for a few elections. Each election seems to get a little worse but this was a triple whammy. Election, covid and riots. No way do I see this lasting the entire term only because it’s never lasted that long. We had Obama 8 years and plenty of those years guns and ammo were abundant and priced good. This too shall pass.
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  16. RonR

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    So since you’ve already did the work what size for the p365
  17. redtailracing

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    I think I may have worded my previous post a bit wrong. My intent was to say I don’t think ammo manufacturers will ever catch up to the demand we are seeing now. That’s not to say demand itself will never drop back to reasonable, sustainable levels. I absolutely agree that things will level off eventually due to demand returning to normal levels. This is of course assuming there isn’t some sort of far reaching gun legislation passed but in that case, this whole conversation becomes a bit null.
  18. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    Fair enough. Hadn’t thought of that. So I guess in a way someone did sign a piece of paper banning the company’s product (in a roundabout sort of way).
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    I’d start with checking extractor tension.
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    Failure to feed, failure to extract, stove pipe, primer strikes on the non firing rounds, factory or reload? If reloads are they in SAAMI spec or are they specific to a particular gun? Flat nose, hollow point, semi wad cutter, round nose? Any issues getting it in battery with snap caps?

    My STI had FTF issues that ended up needing a factory rework of the feed ramp. After they tuned it (8 weeks) it worked flawlessly. In the interim I bought a Glock 34 and it was dead nuts reliable.

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