I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. RonR

    RonR Well-Known Member

    So that rides against your skin?
    And is the gun between body and belt?
    Kinda sounds like the same question twice but it’s not. Was hoping to see the rig on you without being covered by the shirt. Not trying to invade your personal space lol
  2. Holster is on the inside of the belt.

    Holster/gun is between the belt and my skin. So the belt actually pulls the holster against me, making it more secure.

    (the holster is soft padding, it isn’t uncomfortable at all)
  3. sbk1198

    sbk1198 Well-Known Member

    Hmm that does look much more comfortable than what I have. Might have to look into a similar setup. I do like Kydex holsters though. I have an Aliengear one which is great if I’m wearing jeans or cargo pants because it pretty much needs a belt to work. I would like something that I can use even with shorts or sweat pants.
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  4. Haha, this is about the best I can do. :D


    From my skin going outwards, it goes Boxers -> Holster -> Belt -> Shorts.

    So while holster is on the very inside, most of it is against my boxers. It’s only the top “wing” part that actually touches my skin. And like I said, it’s soft padding so I don’t notice it.
  5. Oh, and again it’s worth mentioning that is the Canik, with the extended (15rnd) magazine.

    If I ran the smaller magazine, or a smaller gun (Hellcat, G43, etc) it is even less noticeable.
  6. Steak Travis

    Steak Travis Well-Known Member

    Grind hard Ammo is going to have a 115gr 9mm drop today at 4pm est
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  7. RonR

    RonR Well-Known Member

    I’m really looking for more comfortable options
    Yours is definitely worth a try
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  8. The holster is really cheap. I think it’s like $15-$20. Gimmie a minute and I’ll find the link.
  9. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Ummm...where did the scar on your back go to...Cyborg !!
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  10. Haha. Look in the very middle, at the bottom. That’s about 70% of it visible there. The rest of it goes down in my shorts.

    The rebuild was in the L1-L4 section, which is down at the very bottom, just above my ass.

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  11. Shit it’s already sold out.
  12. Steak Travis

    Steak Travis Well-Known Member

    luckily it's not 4pm est yet.

    I've shot their 308 before. It's good stuff and would except the 9mm to be just as good.
  13. Ah shit. I didn’t pay attention to the 4pm part.

    I’ll check back. :beer:
  14. noles19

    noles19 Well-Known Member

    probably hasn't been released yet
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  15. Steak Travis

    Steak Travis Well-Known Member

  16. Damnit this is bullshit! I keep hitting refresh and and it’s another 1hr15min. :mad:

    You should have posted it at 3:59 to avoid all this stress.
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  17. sbk1198

    sbk1198 Well-Known Member

    I hope Broome’s ADD kicks in soon and by 4:00 he’s too busy buying other guns that he completely forgets about this to give the rest of us a chance at some 9mm lol
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  18. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    68 cents a round for that? Hell no.
  19. dobr24

    dobr24 Well-Known Member

    Yea .68 ea. is a little pricey for that. Especially range ammo. You can reload your own for .15-20 ea.

    Jeez they want .62 a round for re-manufactured! Get out are they owned by Cheaper than Dirt?
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  20. :crackup:

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