I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Magnetospeeds attach to the barrel, affecting POI. You can buy/build a cantilever mount so it isn't attached to the barrel, but by that time(if you buy it), you're going to be approaching the price of a Lab Radar.
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    Yeah but I won’t be shooting with it on at 1000 yards so I don’t care about POI when it’s on. I just care about muzzle velocity data. Once I get the load that’s best and most consistent for my rifle, I’ll re-zero without the magneto on it of course.
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  3. FYI 2awarehouse.com has ammo in stock and they ship fast. I ordered some this morning, and it has already shipped.
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    Just checked and they want $1.05/round for Winchester M193. I didn't even look any further past that. Fuck that shit. They can go EAD.
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    Lots of 22lr and 9mm showing up today for decent deals
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    Could use a few k of 22...link ??
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    There was another of 1600 rounds but it's sold out
  9. The 9mm FMJ I ordered was 200 rounds for like $130 or some shit. I didn’t do the math, but it’s less than $1 per round. That’s about as good as we will get these days.
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  11. Off topic: it’s funny as hell to watch the wife do lat pull-downs.

    When she gets done with the last rep, she is too little to let go. She has to keep holding on, then stand up, and step up/stand on the seat to return the bar up into its resting spot. Then repeat it backwards to start again. :crackup:

    I could let her stay seated and pull it down/return it for her, but that wouldn’t be anywhere near as entertaining. :D
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  14. For sure. I’ve already texted Brandon (my gun shop dude) the link and told him to get me one.
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    Depending on the street price that may be my ccw
  16. Im carrying the Canik TP9-Elite SC at the moment (literally).

    I kinda have my own rig up for CC.

    Like I’ve said before, I use the Aliengear stand-alone belt (think weightlifting belt; it doesn’t require any belt loops, so I can use it with shorts or whatever).

    But instead of using the Aliengear holster, I use a holster I got from Primary Arms.

    The AG belt has 2 points of contact, and the holster designed for it used both of them (imagine an IBW holster with 2 loops, that attached in 2 places).

    But I use a regular, smaller, single point IBW holster, and just utilize one of the loops (I just had to make a cutout on the holster to accommodate the optics).

    That setup is much smaller and prints a lot less. Which allows me to carry a larger gun (Canik or HK VP9-SK, instead of the Hellcat) while wearing shorts and a T-shirt, without worrying about printing too bad.
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    I need to find a setup like that for my elite :)Poke:) but my ccl hasn't come back yet
  18. The only possible downside is that it isn’t Kydex (if your someone that “must” have Kydex).

    But it’s pretty solid/secure. It takes just enough effort to draw it, without having to worry about it moving around or coming out.

    But it’s a shit-ton more comfortable than that Uber wide Kydex one that is designed for this belt.

    Walking around isn’t an issue; the issue is in the car. The SVR came with those damn seats where you sit “in” them instead of “on” them. They wrap around the sides and kinda swallow me. And that large Kydex holster is uncomfortable as fuck, even with the little Hellcat.

    But with this smaller holster, even a larger gun is ok. After a few mins I forget it’s there.
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    You got a pic of that rig, preferably being worn
  20. I apologize for the shitty picture, this is the first time I’ve ever tried to take a selfie of my back. :D

    If you knew it was there and looked really close, you might could make out a gun, depending on how I’m standing.

    But I’m also just in some shorts and a thin t-shirt.

    (I’ve got the Canik TP9-Elite SC on me).


    This is the rig up. It just wraps around and Velcro's in place. Super easy and takes 3 seconds to put on.

    You can see the 2 loops, and how I’m only using one of them.

    Because it is a stand-alone belt that doesn’t require belt loops or anything, you can rotate it to get it exactly where you want it. Hell you could probably even appendix carry with it if you rotated it around to the front.

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