I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    A buddy was just mulling over the P365 or a Walther CCP...kinda waiting to hear the 365's issues have been addressed before he <ahem> pulls the trigger.
    He wants something small to conceal during the heat of summer.
  2. pfhenry

    pfhenry Well-Known Member

    so one of my "family friends" has this piece... might be time to get it back
  3. blkduc

    blkduc no time for jibba jabba

    bang bang...shit it's jammed...bang bang bang...NO!...bang...WTF dammit!
  4. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy ...Tired...

    Naah. I’ve had 4. I love them cause they run smoothly when converted to full auto. If you have infrared mags they usually are reliable with the most buttery trigger if any gun.
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  5. worthless

    worthless Well-Known Member

    Just a few examples talking about how the issues are either non - issues or exaggerated claims. I looked around and couldn’t find a better ‘bang’ for the buck than the 365.
    Magazine is a little tough to pack, but, I heard that it loosens up over time. Still baffled the the 2 mags that come with it holds 10 rounds...and a 12 is available.
  6. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    Good stuff. I'll send it along...
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  7. Any thoughts on a 1-4/ 1-6/1-8 scope?

    556 SBR or a 6.8 SBR and eventually will live on the 556 permanently
    Shootings hogs 99% of the time 100 yards and in but some in high brush and need to be able to spot them/ make a head shot for the first hog
    Needs to be hold zero after I jump out of the truck at 15 MPH, tacti-splooge roll and bump fire a banana clip into the woods
    Not looking to spend 1k on a scope that will be on my #3 gun and rarely used, but when I do use it I want it to be tough enough to throw in the truck and not worry about.
    I prefer something with more magnification and honestly a 3-10x40 vx3 or z3 4-12x50 works fine but how am I suppose to op3r@te with that?

    Anyone used a vortex pst gen 2 1-6, Steiner 1-4, Leupold 1-4's? The vortex seems to fit the bill if it's tough enough.
    Not interested in a FFP scope on an AR
  8. The

    The Baddest Mofo in Town

    Dear Walmart,
    I f’n hate you. You have ruined my day. You suck.
  9. Rhino48

    Rhino48 Well-Known Member

    Are you in a state you can't mail 0rder ammo? Don't get me wrong, it sucks and is a bad sign, but there's solutions. In any event, the Google-Facebook-Equifax Behavior Control Coalition will have guns effectively rendered illegal in 5 years, so you won't be able to shoot anywhere anyway.
  10. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    Cheaper Than Dirt seems to have good prices on ammo.
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  11. gt#179

    gt#179 Dirt Dork

    tried to search this thread but terms are too short. So...

    looking for a new 9mm. striker fired. Fully ambidextrous (I shoot pistols lefty). threaded. high night sights. Pretty much narrowed it down to the HK VP9 Tactical and the FN 509 Tactical. Would be used mostly suppressed (will have a dead air Ghost M soon). pros and cons:

    HK VP9 Tactical- from what I read the night sights are not high enough to clear most suppressors so probably need new sights. no slide cutouts in case I want to use an RMR type red dot. Sounds like it has a better trigger out of the box. comes with 3 15 round magazines. Seen a few for sale (standard model, not the tactical) locally used so I could get one and then get the TB for it.

    FN 509- seems like it ticks all the boxes. Slide is milled for RMR sight if wanted, sights are good, comes with three mags (2 24 round and 1 17 round). Trigger sounds like it has long pull but Apex makes some aftermarket parts for it, not too $$. FN is more money up front but besides the trigger seems like it wouldn't need much. I've heard that it shoots very well suppressed. A few tactical models for sale locally and seem to be good prices. More expensive than the VP9 but has all the goodies already.

    Anyone shot both (ideally suppressed) and have any thoughts between the two? I have another FN (FNX tactical) but would like a dedicated 9mm striker fired pistol, so I'm leaning towards the FN but hard to go wrong with an HK.
  12. Answered my own question and picked up a vortex pst gen 2 for a good price . I think it’ll do just fine

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  13. gt#179

    gt#179 Dirt Dork

    Looks nice. BTW if anyone wants to try a tool free keymod or M-lok quick release mount (for bipod, VFG, light, QD sling) let me know. Need to get some reviews out there on the mounts. send me a PM and I'll hook you up with a great price.
  14. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    Niiiice! Got any Dillo Dust leftover?
  15. Hah actually didn’t get any with the mount. Guess I need to buy more from them
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  16. OGs750

    OGs750 Well-Known Member

    Just tool the LTC class this weekend and I'm on the hunt for an everyday carry piece. Leaning strongly towards the S&W M&P Shield in 9mm. They have a performance shop version that's ported with hi-viz sights that I really like. Good choice or nah?
  17. SVbadguy

    SVbadguy I survived the Mt Course

    Not really. SGAmmo is my goto place.

    Some examples

    Wolf 7.62x39 123gr HP x 1000
    CTD $269.49 shipped
    SGAmmo $201.50 shipped

    Hornady Match .223 20 Rounds BTHP 75 Grains 8026
    CTD $18.97
    SGAmmo $16.95

    Prvi Partizan 5.56 NATO Ammunition 1000 Rounds Mil-Spec M193 FMJBT 55 gr
    CTD $399.89 + unknown shipping
    SGAmmo $315.50 shipped
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  18. prospected

    prospected Well-Known Member

    I had one and sold it. No problems with it from a reliability standpoint however, the porting on the gun from a follow up shot reference made no difference to me. The porting made the inside of the slide extremely dirty and was a real PIA when cleaning unless you used something extremely harsh. The hi-viz fiber optic sights were nice but have been know for a vial to fall out here and there. The Performance Center trigger sear wasn't noticable other than dry firing. Save your $$ and get a regular version with night sights.
  19. Jedb

    Jedb Professional Novice :-)

    Anyone ever used the Holosun Red-Dots? I'm thinking about the 507c on a quick detach mount for my MP-5 clone.
  20. OGs750

    OGs750 Well-Known Member

    Good info here, thanks. Didn't think about the porting getting the slide dirty, but that makes sense too.

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