Gobert arrested for DUI

Discussion in 'General' started by gixserman, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. gixserman

    gixserman Well-Known Member

  2. Putter

    Putter Ain't too proud to beg

    Oh shit, bring em on boys........................
  3. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    Sorry, I don't have a "Welcome to a few hours ago" GIF,
    but here's the link!
  4. WERA74

    WERA74 Poser and proud of it!

    Buddy can't get a break!:rolleyes:
  5. guerrilla

    guerrilla Real King of the Jungle


    The man has SH@T for brains.

    Plain and simple!

    He doesn't deserve to be in this country. DEPORT him immediately so we can be done with this stupid sh@t!
  6. WERA74

    WERA74 Poser and proud of it!

    What? Deport him and the rest of the effin' drunks here as well?

    C'mon Guerrilla, it can't be that bad.
  7. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Nah, just deport the dumb ones that are drunks and foreigners. Got enough of our own idtios to watch out for.

    As for a break - give me a break. He did it to himself, not fate or god or anyone else. He has gotten so many breaks it isn't funny any longer, time for him to pay the piper.
  8. Photo_Chick

    Photo_Chick Leo's Wench!

    He did get a break. He didn't kill anyones wife, mother, child, husband, etc.
  9. nov599

    nov599 Well-Known Member

  10. WERA74

    WERA74 Poser and proud of it!

    Sorry, I was being sarcastic. After this past week, I am nearly at my limit with all the excuses and lack of forsight. At the top of the list is a mexican, here illegally, who pines to me about spending 3 months in jail for DUI. "Everybody else here drinks, so why can't I?" No licence, no papers, and his only concern was partying.

    There are so many other "foreigners" who are far more deserving of such a ride, Simon Turner being a the top of the list. Erion, are you listening?
  11. Putter

    Putter Ain't too proud to beg

    Shaun Harris anyone?
  12. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    Why don't we stick to the riders that live here instead of importing them? There's plenty of talent ready to move up to the good rides. :p
  13. Putter

    Putter Ain't too proud to beg

    I agree Johnny Bravo, but mentioning Shaun's name after all the work we did, seemed funny at the time. Give it to Lee, Opie, Pfieffer, Scott Jensen, Robert Jensen, the list goes on and on.
  14. TXFZ1

    TXFZ1 Well-Known Member

    Attard. Craghill, Buckmaster, the Goberts, Mladin...just how many Aussies do we need in the AMA. :D

    Three Canucks and three Aussies that it..no more unless there are more Texans to even out the language barrier. eh!

  15. vizsladog

    vizsladog Well-Known Member

    I really like gobert as a rider,but how many championships has he won??Thats right one i can think of. Aussie sbk champ.

    He has pissed away numerous rides.Suzuki gp,failed drug test,vance hines ducati,failed drug test.He's lucky to have a ride at all.

    My guess is honda will have nothing for him to ride and send him home.Some team will still ask him to ride for them though.
  16. K.Lancaster

    K.Lancaster Well-Known Member

    Couldn't he just have waited to get in trouble after Barber?
  17. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    We shared a garage with Jack at Daytona last year. I can't help but to remember him correcting the Speed crew when they were taking down his info during several visits, so I'll do it for him here: It's Pfeifer. :D
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2004
  18. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    No wonder Australian Superbike racing sucks. They're all over here!
  19. Rocketmann#67

    Rocketmann#67 Well-Known Member

    why do we have to speak about personal back grounds? No matter what he is doesn't matter illegal or not. If you have a problem with him just say this person, lest not get racial. You're better than that...... a dumb ass is a dumb ass no matter what nationality that person is.
  20. WERA74

    WERA74 Poser and proud of it!

    My point exactly, Rocketman. If I was from another country and here on a free ride, I would do my damndest to watch my P's and Q's.

    The locals here in Atlanta come to me to help them, as I speak both languages fluently. I go on overload, however, when these guys go through a lot of trouble to get here only to blow it doing something stupid. All it takes is one bad apple to ruin it for the lot. I took a lot of shit from the "gringos" when Fidel Castro emptied his prisons and insane asylums , sending them here in the Mariel boat lift. Yeah, the "Tony Montana" jokes get old after a while.

    Racial? Give me a break.

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