FL man shoots unarmed kid. Walks home, has a beer.

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Steeltoe, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. XFBO

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    Hey JK, quit making a habit of this.

    Yes, because that's what happen. :rolleyes:
  2. svtinker

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    Apparently, responsibility doesn't apply to George Zimmerman.
  3. R Acree

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    who said he wasn't responsible?
  4. Vstate60

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    I can't tell you how many blows to the head it would take to have a brain bleed, but I can tell you how many posts from steelcityracer it took. I'm there.
  5. Flex Axlerod

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    FWIW, you can kill a man with one blow.
  6. ryoung57

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    So are you the "kick to the head" version of the Tootsie Pop Owl?:D

  7. Flex Axlerod

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    I suspect that both of these men made huge mistakes, both escalated the situation, and both paid for it. This seems a lot like two assholes crossing paths and the armed one walked away.
  8. aedwards01

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  9. Orvis

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    Steelcity, I, we, are trying hard to understand where you're coming from on this issue. You keep saying that the jury instructions included the "stand your ground" information as relayed by the judge. Can you provide the source of that information that was spoken by the judge?

    The reason that I ask is that I cannot find any text referring to that "stand your ground" part of the penal code in any of those instructions. I did find where where it mentions a standard inclusion of jury instructions in Fla. of "justification of lethal force." Is that what you're speaking of?

    Also, I was watching the evening news a few minutes ago and was watching a news story about Anderson Cooper's interview of juror B37. She specifically stated that Zimmerman's testimony (in the police report) mentioned that Martin's "suspicious actions" included Martin's going behind houses and looking into the windows. Are you aware of that?

    I don't remember hearing anything about that in all the news stories that have been bouncing around for weeks, or months. She also stated that the jury agreed that Zimmerman absolutely feared for his life when Martin had him down and was beating him. Zimmerman had also testified that Martin told him that he (Zimmerman) was going to die that night. Does this make any difference to you about Zimmerman's actions? When is homicide justifiable?
  10. Orvis

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    Britt, a couple of days ago I was reading an article on this issue and some professor made the statement that Zimmerman was too quick to act and used his weapon much quicker than he should have. He said that Zimmerman was not being beaten enough to justify using a weapon.

    Statements like that leave me utterly confounded. I'm thinking, "when the fuck does one make the decision to use lethal force to protect himself?" Do you wait until you've been beaten unconscious, or do you wait until you're dead? To me, in this Zimmerman case, if the person on top of you is slamming your head onto the concrete and if he's already told you that you're going to die that night, then it's time. :up:
  11. XFBO

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    What you are quoting is not an explanation of 'Stand your Ground', it's the language written in the statute for JUSTIFIABLE USE OF FORCE in Florida!!!!

    God, you're thick.

    So you refuse to learn the meaning of stalking or read the UOF statute and apparently, don't know what a racist is either. You're just another race baiting fool and unlike Todd, I don't ever see me wanting to have a beer with someone as close minded as yourself.
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    Perhaps you are suppose to wait until you "See a White Light" or "Jesus Told Me it was Time"..

    My New Hoodies Say..."Laying on of Hands, Results in Loud Noises & Hot Lead"
  13. aedwards01

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    Dont even waste your time. Him and people like him are all butthurt because they feel Travon was singled out and profiled because he was black even though Zimmermans been proven far from a racist. They dont have any solid ground, facts, or law on their side so they try and twist any conceivable notion they can into how he was wrong or Travon was somehow justified in attacking Zimmerman for simply looking out for his neighbors.

    They cant stand the fact a justice system that rightfully convicts thousands of black criminals and murderers every year listens to the facts of a case and finds a non black man defended himself during an attack not guilty. How quickly they forget OJ was set free by the same system. I dont remember hearing all the white people ranting and protesting though.

    So let them have their little soapbox, while hundreds of other blacks are killed for absolutely no good reason let them focus on this one person who was killed not because they he was black, but because his parents failed to instill common, decent values in him that would have kept him from attacking a person for simply looking out for their neighbors.

    In the end, it will change nothing.
  14. Sacko DougK

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    Zimmerman should apply for political asylum due to racial and political prosecution in Europe or S. America. He's a much better candidate for it them many we provide asylum for. Definitely a better case for it then Snowden.
  15. ToddClark

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    shhhhhhhhhhhh.........careful, he's gonna call you a racist. :rolleyes:
  16. ToddClark

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    i will say this, the people that scream racism the loudest, are typically the biggest racist ive ever seen.
  17. Mongo

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    What the hell is wrong with your ability to think logically?

    No proof either one stalked the other. Just as there is no proof Martin ambushed Zimmerman.

    Why are you making shit up? Do you hate hispanics that much?
  18. Mongo

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  19. Mongo

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  20. Mongo

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    Um, yes and no and no again.

    First amendment - you can say whatever you like. Also means so can whoever you're talking to. No, you can't shoot them for doing anything to you. However there are certain things you can shoot them for - assaulting you and putting you in fear of your life is one.

    You don't have a clue about responsible gun ownership if you can't separate words from actions.

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