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    sounds like they traveled in a time machine... worker observed doing cocaine in a company vehicle?
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    Fairlife Chocolate.

    I finally found this stuff so I tried it.


    It was as delicious as a Fast & Furious movie is good..........
  3. The question is, is this a company problem, or just a few dickhead workers that need an ass whoopin'?

    I love me some Fairlife, but I won't hesitate to take my money elsewhere if this is indicative of how they always treat animals.
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    Some things that have been seen can't be unseen :(
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    I tried it, not a fan.
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    From the response of Fair Life, they make it seem as if it were just some employees at one dairy. But that shit is learned from Top Down.

    And, at some point, those actions were being ignored by management which, in my opinion, is just as bad as the deeds done.
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    I think the owner is a veterinarian.
  8. cav115

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    Learned from the top down??

    So you think they couldn`t just have some shit employees? Or that management encouraged/condoned it?

    Ever been in business? I sure don`t know the truth, but my money is on some POS rogue employees.
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    Plenty of bad employees do things management has no clue about.
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    My boss definitely is not on the beeb all day. :D
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    One's opinion on the starting point/blame is directly tied to their view of the company (or politician) involved when it comes to "underling" behavior. If you like them, the underlings "went rogue". If you dislike them, they were "following the lead of ...".
  12. The founders response indicates that they were just bad employees, most of whom were fired before the video even came out, with the last one being fired after the release of the video. There should be legal recourse for that type of blatant abuse of animals. These animals live a life of servitude to provide food for us, in no way should they be subjected to that type of abuse, it makes me sick.
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    unfortunately this has been happening on farms for decades and is nothing new. You want to see a video that really shows how horrible we are to animals from food to testing concussions check out earthlings on youtube.
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    Couldn't watch the whole vid. I think I'd just snap if I saw that kind of abuse of an animal in real life.
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    I chose not to watch the video but having grown up on a farm it’s shit like this which infuriates me. I read the articles and saw the pictures of the beagle situation at the Dow facility in Michigan. Glad they shut that shit down. I’ll keep the remainder of my comments to myself fearing a banning would be in order.

    On a positive note my wife taught a baby goat yoga class today. Pretty funny the shit people think of.

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    A dairy farm (big farm selling to Publix etc) in Okeechobee FL was busted last year for a similar video. The outrage went away in a few weeks.

    It's sad but it is all about the money.
  17. BC

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    They blamed it on a couple mexicans.
  18. gixxerboy55

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    Yeah this happens a lot, its all about the money. My dad did some construction at a chicken farm, would not eat chicken for like a year. Adults should not be drinking a bunch of cow's milk anyways.
  19. Just because you stayed on your mom's tit well into adulthood, you can't assume everyone else is the same.
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    Nice, at least i don't have a pet donkey.

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