F*(K #@$*)(# OBAMACARE!

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Clay, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Ducti89

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    Im sorry youre going through this.
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    Just did a hip replacement 1/4/19 thru bc/bs . Log into my account and it tells me I saved $32,000 something dollars this year !!! Lmao . They forgot to tell me the copays and out of pocket leading up to the surgery from 18 ( like $700 ) , the $2500 deductible and $2700 more to meet the 30% up to $6 k out of pocket. A few more co-pays. On top of that before O' Bummer I was paying like $170 a month ( yeah I got a few years older I get that ) , now $527 a month ( Way Higher deductible and WAY more out of pocket) , Got no choice but to set surgery up for the other hip which I could probably squeak by another year or so but ( $1100 ) its a no brainer. F-ing joke!
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    first... I wouldnt NOT pay any bill from a hospital. Always keep submitting to your insurance since they have
    more negotiating power than you. This will require book & record keeping on your end and possibly some long phone calls.
    Second... NEVER... EVER...NEVER pay any hospital bills until ALL the invoices have been received. I know there are people out there that get all antsy at the thought of owing money to something... but bide your time. Third... your kids should have standalone medical policies from your own, unless your employer pays for it.

    IF you must pay a bill...start by paying $10/month.
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    I'm flattered that I got that far under your skin :beer:
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    Same here. Private company subsidized health insurance went through the roof after O-Care while coverage went to a catastrophic type coverage.

    I had an odd looking skin spot and went to a dermatologist. Took biopsy, and said it was some sort of cancer, but that I needed to see "a professional". Went to see him and he said that I needed to see "a professional in Charlotte". By this time, a biopsy and two 10 minute visits ran my portion to $2,700. That's when I said screw it.
  6. Mongo

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  7. Dave675

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    Do hospitals charge interest? If not, that is a great way to it. Drag it out forever and eventually pay them back with an inflated dollar years down the road.
  8. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner It's a little-known fact...

    It doesn't exactly work that way anymore.
    Some medical businesses will let you make a small monthly payment
    but not on a huge bill.
    They will demand a minimum monthly payment which will pay off
    the amount owed within 5 years (in my experience).
    They can and do send medical bills to collections these days.
  9. Mongo

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    I had a hospital in Ohio send a $5 bill to collection - the couldn't tell me what it was for but they were good enough to screw up my credit with it. Had fun doing a conference call with the collection agency and a person doing our first mortgage. Freaked the collection lady out when the other lady chimed in basically saying WTF after I got her to tell me I still owed them money even though they had no clue why or when or anything. :D
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    NO not really. It's my understanding that there have been a shit ton of Canadians who come to the US to get medical procedures they don't trust getting in their homeland OR the wait is too long.

    NO THANKS, I don't want their type of healthcare here in the US. I get you have shitty coverage and that explains why you feel that system it better. What is scary as fuck is how OC was designed to be EXACTLY that (a failure), so it'd eventually be dumped for Single Pay system.....how THAT fact doesn't scare you away from a Canadian/UK health system is beyond nuts to me.
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  11. D-Zum

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    The Insurance Company's had BHO in their back pocket...and now they're raking it in. But Orange Man Bad to undo that damage.
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  12. Clay

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    I admit, I'm still waiting for his campaign promise to break down the barriers that allow competition between insurance companies across state lines. Competition would be a huge step in the right direction. After that, look into how someone can be charged 1400 dollars for 15 minutes of service. I'm sure there are several reasons including things like Tort reform and making up for the ones who won't pay anything towards their bill.
  13. K51000

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    I'm currently signing on as a medical provider/employee of a Natl. company. Decent insurance for my family and I will be over $1200/month- just for my premium, then there's out of pocket, deductables, etc. That does NOT include and dental of vision either- they'll be more too!
  14. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Crew Chief

    I think the Bunny Ranch charges similar rates if I recall correctly from watching “Carhouse” on HBO. And at least there it is expected that you are gonna get fucked.
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  15. Mongo

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    The Canadian system for basic healthcare is a shit ton better than what I personally have right now. I don't have a government retirement plan with copays and so on, I have government mandated fucked up care that is effectively catastrophic only. I get nothing out of mine at all until I'm 11-12 grand out of pocket for the year.
  16. Mongo

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    I know he can't easily or quickly but damn I wish it would happen soon.
  17. Mongo

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    Not sure if it was him or what but we got BCBS back in GA and it dropped my premium like $50 a month for 2019 vs 2018. Still shit coverage but it's $600 less for the year at least.
  18. TurboBlew

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    Interest? They overcharge to begin with...lol.
    Slow pay them and there aint a damn thing they can do... as you are attempting to pay the bill off (even if the bill is more than you can ever make in a lifetime)
    Many will carry it a few years or pass it off. Some will offer a 1 time payoff.
    My point isnt to "slow pay" but do not get upset about outrageous invoices.
    Nobody is getting their health repo'd or going to debtors prison.
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  19. Dave675

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    How is $1200 a month even possible when working for a company that provides health insurance as a benefit? That sounds like you are paying full price. Have you recently priced out insurance just to see what it is if you bought a policy on the market?
  20. zx6rfool

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    I have a friend in Alberta, recently had a biopsy that discovered cancer. I asked about MRI/CT scans to determine how bad and the course of action, he was told those could take up to 2 years to schedule. Fucker might be dead by then.
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