Daytona 200 2020

Discussion in 'General' started by KneeDragger_c69, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy ...Tired...

    Don’t think Jason DiSalvo can’t be up front too.
  2. R1M370

    R1M370 Dr. P Ness

    Not if he's on Michelins again. Hope they have him on a rear tire that will survive around Daytona
  3. KneeDragger_c69

    KneeDragger_c69 Well-Known Member

    So what would the tire of chose for the 200 ?
  4. R1M370

    R1M370 Dr. P Ness

    Dunlop or Pirelli. Michelin is a great tire but Daytona is hell on them. Times above 2 mins not so bad but under 2 mins they start taking a beating. For me a Michelin rear is good for one 6 lap sprint race @1:53's on my R1.
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  5. KneeDragger_c69

    KneeDragger_c69 Well-Known Member

    Damn only 6 laps... ishhh…

    Will stick with Dunlops then.
    Anyway bike is set-up for Dunlops, so don't want to start from scratch to find the optimal settings with another brand.
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  6. R1M370

    R1M370 Dr. P Ness

    I have traction control or slide control kicking in thru NASCAR 4 and the tri oval at Daytona. Data from my bike shows slide control turning on (box on yellow line in top right) in NASCAR 4,,, 178 mph, 5th gear, 14k rpm, at 60° of lean angle. Daytona is hell on tires and bikes LMAO. Rear tire spins up alot around there.

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  7. Some people adjust that stuff out due to the amount of banking as lean angle is relative to the earth and not the track. Haven’t looked at the rules for the 200 as far as what units you can run but if you can even go by sector there is a lot you can adjust out.
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  8. R1M370

    R1M370 Dr. P Ness

    Yeah I know its really only 30* or so of bike lean angle and the rest is just the steep banking adding it up to 60*+ lean angle, just looks cool on the data lol. My only adjustment is being a bitch and rolling out the gas in some spots :crackup:
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  9. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    Well Wyman & Pirelli won the the thing last year and also the fastest lap. And Mesa has the track record on his 1000 with the long P, so...
  10. MELK-MAN

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    Michelin has Daytona spec rears. Disalvo ran em last March with zero issues on the tire we figured would be "the one", and finished 10th or 11th ?
    I ran em in October and went faster than i've ever gone in 16 years around Daytona on my old ass bikes. And my old ass me. :) They will be really good. :)
  11. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

    Whoever wins the race, I'm sure Yamaha will likely be happy, haha....

    Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 10.47.41 AM.png
  12. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    Here's the list so far

    So still no Eslick?
    And I heard May was going but he wasn't listed on the RRW post.

    And Sheridan Morais is signed up, so there's some very talented riders here and it's going to be an interesting 200

    1, Kyle Wyman, Yam YZF-R6

    2, Josh Herrin, Yam YZF-R6

    4, Josh Hayes, Yam YZF-R6

    9, Tyler O’Hara, Kaw ZX-6R

    12, Alen Gyorfi, Yam YZF-R6

    14x, Kristofer Knopf, Yam YZF-R6

    14, Tyler Wasserbauer, Yam YZF-R6

    16, Alex Coelho, Kaw ZX-6R

    19, David Moser, Duc 848

    19x, Pat Barnes, Yam YZF-R6

    19xx, Adam Wingard, Yam YZF-R6

    21, Darrin Klemens, Kaw ZX-6R

    21, Brandon Paasch, Yam YZF-R6

    24, Xavier Zayat, Yam YZF-R6

    25, Rob Cummins, Suz GSX-R600

    28, Patrick Ryan, Kaw ZX-6R

    32, Sheridan Morais, Yam YZF-R6

    34, Michael Barnes, Yam YZF-R6

    34x, R. Scott Briody, Kaw ZX-6RR

    37, John Ashmead, Kaw ZX-6R

    40, Jason DiSalvo, Yam YZF-R6

    61, Ross Patterson, Kaw ZX-6R

    82, Roger Ealy, Jr., Kaw ZX-6R

    85, Dustin Hughes, Yam YZF-R6

    86 Jason Farrell, Kaw ZX6

    88, Max Flinders, Yam YZF-R6

    88x, Benjamin Smith, Yam YZF-R6

    91, Tyler Hicks, Yam YZF-R6

    97, Gene Buonomo, Yam YZF-R6

    111, Dustin Richards, Yam YZF-R6

    117, Austin Phillips, Yam YZF-R6

    141, Alejandro Rei, Yam YZF-R6

    147, Andrew Abel, Suz GSX-R600

    175, Gabriel Wingard, Yam YZF-R6

    185, Jake Lewis, Yam YZF-R6

    330, Zoltan Nemes, Suz GSX-R600

    368, Daniel Weems, Yam YZF-R6

    411, Daniel Spaulding, Yam YZF-R6

    412, Rick Lind, Yam YZF-R6

    413, Christian Miranda, Yam YZF-R6

    594, David McPherson, Yam YZF-R6

    683, Ryan Jones, Kaw ZX-6R

    760, Timothy Wilson, Kaw ZX-6R

    762, Bradley Moser, Kaw ZX-6R

    770, Mikal Pechota, Suz GSX-R600

    911, Ed Sullivan, Yam YZF-R6

    975, Antal Halasz, Suz GSX-R600
  13. KneeDragger_c69

    KneeDragger_c69 Well-Known Member

    It's not up to date... dates of 02/08/2020, if you took it from CCS site.
    Saw it earlier today and it was dated of the 8th.

    The Italian that raced last October is suppose to participate as well and I don't seem to see his name.

    I'm there, #16... :D I is stoked !!!
  14. rafa

    rafa Well-Known Member

    Hoping Kawi can make a good showing. Maybe Farrell will be able to run up front.
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  15. Shocker

    Shocker Well-Known Member

    Barney is riding the bike Corsi was supposed to ride. @MELK-MAN can probably shed more light, but Corsi signed with the MV Moto2 team for 2020, so doing the 200 may be a conflict for him.
  16. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    Slick has posted somewhere that he will be running the 200.
  17. FIFY :)
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  18. stk0308

    stk0308 Well-Known Member

    No Honders? *sadface*

    Then again, no Triumphs either. If someone can make a go of it on a Duc you'd think...ah well.
  19. MELK-MAN

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    this is correct.
  20. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

    Almost forgot all about this, aside from DiSalvo needing 2 engines to finish the race how could be forget this. Too bad brake lever guards weren't mandated earlier.


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