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Discussion in 'General' started by R Acree, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy ...Tired...

    Almost 90 died in NYC alone yesterday. Curve is curving up in that city.
  2. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    I would expect it to for the immediate future, same for Philly, Chicago, etc. Saturation.
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  3. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy ...Tired...

    Problem is, all the New Yorkers won’t stay home and have brought it to Florida.
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  4. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    I believe you, you have any links? Any specific areas of FL it's hitting? That's a very specific problem, is it sizable?
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  5. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy ...Tired...

    I’m sure there are a ton out there. I’ve just seen it on local news as I’m an hour south of Tampa Int’l. They are just this week now screening people off the flights from NY. This is the state people come to die in so they’re half old as hell. Don’t know why we haven’t shut it down for a pause to be honest.
    And Tampa just went to or is about to go to shelter in place.
  6. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy ...Tired...

    On a positive note. My step son swore in yesterday at MEPS in Tampa into the US Navy. He turns 18 in 2 days but still has to finish high school. He got lucky as they are shutting MEPS down today up there. He’s going for EOD. Got a 97% on his ASVAB!
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  7. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    Screening seems a reasonable approach, while late. Outright banning will just wind people up, IMO. The better job the powers that be do of not turning this into a us vs. them situation, the better.
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  8. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    Congrats!!! To him and to you and Mama. 97% on his ASVAB, that's impressive. Your stepson, you say. Sorry, had to. :p
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  9. Quicktoy

    Quicktoy ...Tired...

    And you’re absolutely right. But if all flights are shut down then nothing to worry about. And no us vs them. Just this is the rule right now.

    as far as my step son.... we wanna know where the grades have been the last few years with that score. Lol.
  10. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Wiseass once said...


    I hope to hell the guy is wrong. This is Murricuh gotdangit.
  11. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    He was probably bored. As to shutting down flights, can't agree with that upon consideration. It would be the nail in the coffin for airlines, but more importantly to me, would be untenable to the general populace, would have a damaging psychological impact, more rights being infringed upon en masse. Now if what is occurring NYC->FL were occurring in a meaningful number of other metro to elsewhere areas, I might have a different opnion. Riding a fine line between necessary
    temporary evils vs. credibility here. @HPPT has a good video on impact on airlines, Wendover, haven't looked for it in the YT thread.
  12. 2blueYam

    2blueYam Track Day Addict

    If you shut the NY -> FL faucet only or even shut down all of the airlines, those with the money and capability will just flee to other places by other means (rail, driving, etc.).
  13. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan Well-Known Member

    I'm in Boca Raton, the epicenter of New Yorkers flying down!!
  14. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    Sky daddy lol

    I'm saving that one
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  15. I assumed it was obvious that my post was sarcasm. I agree with what you posted (what he said).

    I hope he is wrong, but what he said/figured is very logical, and unfortunately very possible.
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  16. That link has absolutely nothing to do with the post you quoted. That link doesn’t contain a single counterpoint to anything in my post.

    Not only that, the link actually goes along with what myself and many others have stated (and goes against the point you were trying to make regarding immunity).

    That link specifically states how some people have a good “immunity response to the virus”....which is exactly what we (people other than you) have been saying.

    Immunity develops from exposure. Either by contracting it “by accident”, or intentionally via vaccine.
  17. baconologist

    baconologist Well-Known Member hell you have.
    You preach his is a novel virus with no way to fight it.
  18. intrcptrrdr

    intrcptrrdr Well-Known Member

    WV CASES Updated: 03/25/2020

    51 Total Positive Cases

    1031 Total Negative Cases

    0 Total Deaths

    19 Tests Pending*

    NOTE: All test results, including those processed through hospitals and commercial laboratories, are reportable to DHHR and are included in the positive and negative case counts. *Tests pending only includes those tests processed through the state public health lab.
    Counties with positive cases: Berkeley (2), Harrison (3), Jackson (4), Jefferson (3), Kanawha (5), Logan (1), Marion (1), Marshall (2), Mercer (2), Monongalia (18), Ohio (2), Preston (2), Putnam (2), Raleigh (1), Tucker (2), Wood (1)

    The above is cut and pasted from:
  19. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

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  20. Fuckinhell. Do I need to go back and quote myself and others multiple times?

    The point myself and several others have made is that unlike influenza, this virus made the jump from animals and we have no natural immunity to it (and there currently is no publicly available vaccine).

    Nowhere, in any of my posts, did I say “we can’t develop a defense/immunity for it”. I said we don’t have one, and because this virus is new, every time someone gets exposed, that will be the first time their body has seen it.

    Nobody received a Covid-19 shot when they were born.

    Yes - we can fight it, AFTER being exposed to it. Just like we do other shit. That is also what was stated in the link you posted.

    I don’t know how I can make that any clearer.

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