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Discussion in 'General' started by R Acree, Mar 10, 2020.

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    200 NYPD officers have tested + thus far.
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    NYC was doomed from the start between China Town and the subway system. Thankfully in this case few other cities have both dynamics
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    Just seem like some rather simple takes with no nuance to them.
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    India is gonna be devasted by this.
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    What significance does that have? Are those people dying? No. It's still the old and sick who die.

    Since we're talking numbers...
    Are U.S. Flu Death Figures More PR Than Science?
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    Thanks for posting that. I think this is close to the analysis we should be thinking about. A couple of thoughts are that we could grow the number of beds by commandeering empty hotels or building military temp hospitals. But we may run out of PPE and then medical professionals to tend all these beds and of course the ventilators we’ve heard about. Once we are short of doctors and nurses, this thing could accelerate.

    You change the rate of the speed (the exponential factor) by changing how many interactions infected people have with others. Lock everyone in a separate room for 2 weeks and the factor goes to nearly zero. Get back to lots of social interactions, the factor could go up more than the guy estimated. I sincerely hope not, but our growth rate sucks lately.

    One last reminder, deaths trail the infection data by 2-3 weeks. So you can predict future deaths by looking at current infections. When you see that 1-2 people died today in a certain area, it’s because there was probably around 100 infections 2-3 weeks ago.
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    It's interesting you bring that up....was just reading about that. About how our published flu death numbers are not really hard and fast statistics, they are estimation and associations. "Flu-associated-death" as the nomenclature goes. I guess that's part of the reason why the numbers of "flu deaths" the CDC reports are always a rounded off and even number like 40,000 not 39,862 or something like that. Basically that the number of people who actually die from just the flu is likely to be lower than what they report.
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    The significance is that they’re referring to, or many of the recent articles are, people who need advanced medical care such as ICU & ventilators. Yes, young healthy people (who need advanced care) tend to survive, but they’re still requiring extensive resources that are almost exhausted.
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    I’m sure the real world loves you. :crackup:
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    I'm not seeing any of that, if you have some hard facts and not anecdotes or generalizations, I'd love to see them.
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    Kevincg, Baconologist, and In your corner Vs. Dr. Fauci, can’t decide who to believe.
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    People with critical thinking abilities realize this isn’t a Vs. topic.
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    We had a bunch of guys get their 4473s in last week on some guns we can’t release yet but in case nics went down, we already have an approval for them
  16. I am sure your family members are intelligent. But do you honestly think they know more about this novel virus than everyone at Johns Hopkins, the CDC, National Health Institute, World Health Organization, the research centers at Harvard and Stanford, and all of the top medical advisors in other countries around the world?

    The only people I have seen say "people shouldn't be overreacting, it is just like the regular flu" are a few people on here, or facebook. You won't find a link from any credible source (like the aforementioned ones) where a scientist/doctor who has actually been dealing with this says "people shouldn't worry, it is just like the flu". The people who say that either haven't been dealing with it directly, haven't done any research, are in denial, or have a business that stands to make a financial gain by things going back to normal ASAP.

    The reason you are still waiting for "somebody to tell the higher ups that this is just like the regular flu" is because it isn't true. If you are waiting for that to happen, better pack a lunch. I can assure you, if that was true, that point would have been made a long time ago. NOBODY wants this. Politicians are trying to get reelected, businesses are losing money, airlines are going out of business, tourism is in the shitter, the markets have tanked, etc. That all applies to everywhere, not just the US.

    It has nothing to do with Trump or the US mainstream media. That assumption is just asinine, and arrogant. This isnt a "US thing", this is a global pandemic. The US is very late to the game. Countries like Italy, Spain, Poland, and France were shutting down, isolating, and closing borders back when there were only about 300 cases in the US. Because many people in the US have the same attitude that you do, the US numbers have been multiplying and we are heading down the path of being the epicenter for this virus.

    It is absolutely ridiculous to think that this is happening in the US because of something to do with Trump or the media, or any other bullshit conspiracy theory someone can come up with. People who say shit like that haven't been paying attention to what has been happening all over the world since January.
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    Bill Gates built this virus and released it on us. He hates old people.
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  18. Its funny you say all of that, but have you seen the numbers for the US? Have you seen how rapidly it is spreading here?

    Have you personally been to all of those countries? You seem to be applying stereotypes to billions of people.

    What if someone from those countries said "the US is being overrun because they all unintelligent rednecks that smoke too much and drink too much beer, they are all obese, and they are doing nothing because they all expect some magical sky daddy to fix it"?
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  20. That guy obviously hates our leader a lot, and only gets his info from the US mainstream media. Someone call him and tell him it is all bullshit, and we should go on about life as normal...because this shit is just like the regular flu.
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