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Complete Ducati 848 Race package NEW NEVER RACED!!!

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by tye1138, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. 1qwik6?

    1qwik6? Well-Known Member

    Nothing will ever top the NOS energy drink in the tank thread on GDC.
  2. Lazarus

    Lazarus SwaggaByLaz®

    Thats probably the thread of the century.

    Seriously though, this guy built a Ducati while on unemployment? How did that happen because I'll quit right now. :Poke:
  3. rk97

    rk97 Well-Known Member

    ^ you don't get to collect unemployment if you QUIT, duh :D
  4. RRRnold

    RRRnold Well-Known Member

    ...or the my buddy drilled through my ecu on my ZX6R! :crackup::crackup:
  5. Lazarus

    Lazarus SwaggaByLaz®


    I wouldn't know I never been on the stuff. :p
  6. 1qwik6?

    1qwik6? Well-Known Member

    Yes you do, you just have to wait longer.

    DISCLAIMER - I have never collected unemployment.
  7. mysticblu999

    mysticblu999 Active Member

  8. Goldie

    Goldie Well-Known Member

    You guys are funny ass hell!! TYE is doomed!!!

    I like this guy post on that duc site....tyesISadoucher ...Mauahahaha
  9. DaLions

    DaLions Shot Calla

    damn......Homeslice here, haven't posted in months
  10. Teuton

    Teuton Well-Known Member

    ahh Tye again....

    what a toolbag
  11. fishinking86

    fishinking86 Well-Known Member

  12. Germany

    Germany I'm new, don't hate...

    It's gone, no more thread on ducatispot.com ....

  13. Ducman491

    Ducman491 Member

    Anyone have a link to this one? I missed it somehow.
  14. Captain Squid

    Captain Squid Well-Known Member

  15. rk97

    rk97 Well-Known Member

    really? I didn't know that. that's fucking retarded.

    I've never collected unemployment either. I have roofed, cashiered, and been a janitor to avoid it though. It definitely sucks balls to work 40 hours a week mopping and scrubbing toilets only to make $400 (before taxes) when unemployment pays $300...

    this little thing called "pride" made the toilet scrubbing worth it.
  16. TheX

    TheX Thick Skinned

    Wow, this thread actually made me post.
  17. ChromeDinette

    ChromeDinette Member

    Well, looks like his 15 minutes are well used up....Buh Bye Bye Tye. :moon:
  18. G8rDuc

    G8rDuc N00B

    He claimed he thought it would be unfair to any potential employer if he had gotten a job for only 2 or 3 months then quit because he had something else lined up. So he took the unemployment because he felt he had contributed to it, so it was owed to him....:crackhead:
  19. mysticblu999

    mysticblu999 Active Member

    Come back Tye! This shit has had me laughing for a while. It's up there with yut ugh!:D
  20. InSaNeDiC

    InSaNeDiC you know me...ibleedgreen


    You guys scared him off.

    I want to hear more of his logic. :Poke: :D Tool :rolleyes:

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