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Complete Ducati 848 Race package NEW NEVER RACED!!!

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by tye1138, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. WERA_864

    WERA_864 Well-Known Member

    So this is what people are doing with their extended unemployment benefits? The country is going into massive debt to fund this kind of bullsh1t? Is that the "change" Obama was talking about? Fully prepped Italian racebikes for everyone, let our kids pay for it?

    Fuck that and all the entitlement programs, we, the US taxpayer is getting raped by these deadbeats!

    Lets give him some free healthcare also! Who cares if it costs me $350 a month with a $2400 deductable, give it to this asshole for free so he can race bikes on our dime!
  2. dstktmusa

    dstktmusa Well-Known Member


    Havent posted in months, maybe a year... subscribed
  3. fluffer4jared

    fluffer4jared Well-Known Member

    wow that is so shady. If i were to have bought your bike under the impression of zero miles then found out it had a few laps on it then found out the frame had 14.5k i would be pisssssed. I wonder how much of the motor work is just fluff??? On a postive note any prospects wont wonder if you are a liar. Has the frame ever been involved in a wreck? I will believe u if it hasnt... NOtttttt!:tut:
  4. volcom415

    volcom415 Well-Known Member

  5. random hero

    random hero Banned

  6. SlyRy

    SlyRy Registered user

    ok which one of you guys posted that. :crackup:
  7. eppy01f4i

    eppy01f4i Well-Known Member

    "tyesachode" :crackup:
  8. Former

    Former Well-Known Member

    Apparently, he's got 3 jobs:

  9. BrianR6

    BrianR6 Well-Known Member

    the saga of dirty tye!
  10. Ducman491

    Ducman491 Member

    I wonder if it's paid off. I remember a post on one of the boards talking about the loan. I am on 3 different boards with Tye and the drama is worth the price of admission alone.
  11. RedEIKO0713

    RedEIKO0713 you like noodles? fapfap

    What does "results driven" mean? Perhaps I'm confused because Tye is obviously awesome at everything including scamming, but he's broke with a results driven job? I must not understand...

    btw, what is the third forum...?
  12. r1owner

    r1owner All cars suck!

    Dungeon material right here, but I'll bite. Bush WAYYYY back in 02 extended unemployement benefits too.


    Yeah, it's all Obama's fault.... :rolleyes:
  13. RIB333

    RIB333 Well-Known Member

    I worked 3 jobs most of my adult life. Full time career, Navy Reserves, and a part time job to pay the bills, take care of my family. I sure didn't have a custom built Ducati race bike.
  14. US129SLAYER

    US129SLAYER Well-Known Member

    Not defending Bush but I doubt his intentions were for douche bags to build $20,000 race bikes with it.
  15. robfromc

    robfromc nice member

    hell, I have my own plumbing business and right now its sucking. At this point i wont make it to the track all year. Even if I camp and eat pb&j's it aint happening. Wife, 4 and 5 year olds, dog, bills....yeah tye has it tough. Some one put money into the pot so that sorry SOB could build a race 848. I for one would wish he'd just roll off the edge of the cliff. Some poor dudes trying to feed his kids and that sack licker is building a race bike? Tye, we know you follow these thread....YOUR A WASTE OF SKIN!
  16. BrianR6

    BrianR6 Well-Known Member

    3 jobs here too.. full time gig.. part time pizza guy.. umpiring baseball in the summer..I enjoy each one.
  17. r1owner

    r1owner All cars suck!

    I agree. Just saying every fucking thing isn't Obama's fault... it just gets old.
  18. KILLA1

    KILLA1 Orange Suzuki = MY HERO

    nice he's accepting donations - gonna box up a newly pile of my dog's poo and send it UPS next day :D

    my donation to his season :crackup:
  19. US129SLAYER

    US129SLAYER Well-Known Member

    Yep wheres the address for donations sent? I think my brothers 1yr old can help me out with a donation to send his way:D
  20. KILLA1

    KILLA1 Orange Suzuki = MY HERO

    I am sure some of the internet detectives we have on here will be posting that up here shortly :up:

    along with more juicy details :beer:

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