Chicago hate crime

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    I don't know about his overall politics, just what I've been told by people I know up there who have had contact with him in the past. He may be liberal in some areas but not with regard to crime and criminals.
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    Cool, I belong to several LE groups, who include CPD members (mostly Liberals themselves...LOL) and have NEVER heard that take, glad to see it though.
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    Mr. Smolett how do you plead??

    NOT GUILTY....
    Right? That's the line right? Gimme just a moment.. I need to get into character.. not guilty not guilty not guilty... deeper more convincing NOT Guilty.. NOT GUILTY..
    Ok ok, ready...I'm ready now.
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    ^ Liberals doing what they do best.
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    Seen that the other day. Cracks me up. :crackup:MOOslum
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    Emergency Court appearance today for Jussie, yuuuge announcement...either we changed our legal team as the gobbermint has suppressed the current team by arresting him or you know, this has gone on too long, it's time to forgive and forget so we plead down to....

    Whoa edit: Chicago Kim Foxx to drop the charges rumor!

    Sad edit:
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  9. R Acree

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    Did that include the federal charges?
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    This will continue on happening if it is never punished. The next waste of time investigation is just around the corner now with another false accusation of a similar charge by the poor snowflake that wants attention. Hopefully Trump will go after the biggest liars and frauds w/ his case, then maybe some of this lesser garbage will stop.
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    Democrat privilege? All 16 felony counts.

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    Some creatures are more equal.
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    The dropped the charges is a bit of an overstatement. He agreed to forfeit a 10K bond....sounds a lot like a fine. Oh and community service..... hmm kind of like a plea. He just won't get a record. Which would be fine except for the see he was innocent and you hate gays crowing.
  15. Britt

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    Wow... somehow not really surprised
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    He agreed to forfeit his bond in the agreement that isn't a plea agreement but his family and friends are proclaiming his total innocence and a rush to judgement...but yet how do you explain walking around from the bond if you're innocent of all charges?
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    Except I heard they accepted the previous community service is sufficient and sealed the records.
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    I’m trying to maintain some faith in the system in hopes that they’ll re-file charges after the co-conspirators have written pleas of guilty signed, and sentencing is scheduled.

    Could be a legitimate speedy trial and evidentiary issue ...but i am not used to seeing bond forfeited.
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