Can we have an honest opinion on _____________?

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    Late Edit- Title should read "Can We have an honest discussion on ________" but opinion is just as good.

    Topic- Thanksgiving.
    Liberals think that before Europeans settled North America, native Americans were walking hand in hand, sitting around a campfire singing and living a rewarding, peaceful farming existence. In all honesty, they fought bitter battles against other tribes for land and resources non-stop. Scalping or burning your enemies alive is not civilized. They practiced cannibalism and slavery. They were intellectually regressed. While the rest of the world had brick and mortar multi-story construction, sewage systems, running water, systems of higher education, metalworking, the wheel and gunpowder, Native Americans had none of this. Were they treated poorly by the settlers and US Government? Yes. Look to history and any conquering force imposed their will. But that is being honest.

    Topic- Giving land back to Native Americans.
    Which tribe at which time? As noted above, they fought over land. Which tribe at what time frame in history do you determine is "correct" to give land back to??

    Topic- Gender.
    There are two genders. Stop making the standard in all of biology (outside of a few examples) out to be "extreme" and radical.

    Add your own topics.
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    Were the natives treated more poorly by settlers and the government than each other?
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    Meh, it’s such a non issue to such an extent it’s not even worth having a discussion about. Let the whackos be whackos.
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    I like turkey.
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    I like pie.
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    And pie
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    Turkey. My honest opinion is that the gatherings I've attended don't serve enough turkey. You know, like in the movie where Ralphy lists all the damn turkey leftovers that they will be eating for weeks. The cheap skates I run with don't have left overs.
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    Except for the greedy Europeans coming over and fucking everything up, I'd say the natives had life by the balls. They were spiritual, in tune with nature and I imagine they didn't suffer for it. They, surely, didn't have a bunch of pussy SJWs or other special interest groups demanding “their” share of the wampum.
    Let's not forget that Benjamin Franklin drew heavily upon the League of Nations for inspiration while the colonists struggled to define what would become the two most important documents in the history of the American Republic.
    If you're anti-American native, you're anti-American.
    As for those Euros having plumbing and/or sewage, they scooped their water out community wells and emptied their waste buckets out the windows and into the streets...prolly the same bucket they dipped into water sources.

    Giving land back? Let them decide for themselves and fight over it amongst each other.

    (Thanks, Spang.)

    Gun control...
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    You know society is on the way to collapse when the majority has to kowtow and bend to the will of the minority. Its never worked before and it won't work now.

    It's always been that the majority rules, and believe or it not the majority are still sane and rational people that just want to get through the day, pay their taxes, feed their families and at the end of the day are mostly of the mindset that all the crap that makes headlines on the news is sheer lunacy.

    Welcome to Clown World
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    Don't know where you live, but I don't see a majority of sane and rational people. Mostly, a lot of people with too much time on their hands and a giant "owe me" chip on there shoulder.
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    That's what I see on TV and media.....but honestly in my everyday life and the people I'm mostly surrounded with not so much.
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    I've ridden on/around some of the western reservations. Holy crap, some of the bestest, most beautiful land that I've ever far as the eye can see, particularly the Crow, Ouray, Navajo, and Shoshone. Some are leveraging that asset like the Navajo on the Grand Canyon....they own the whole damn south rim. If you've never seen Crow Lands, you need too.
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    Crow lands....ahhhh. Watch your top knot pilgrim.

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    All Navajo on the other rim. Had a buddy who had a friend that lived on the res. He would tell me about all the awesome and deserted parts they used to go to for many years.

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    Topic - Wommenz always talking. I mean especially all the questions in the morning...holy cow stop yappin until I've had at least two cups of coffee. How can a wommenz jump out of bed and just start making noise? (the wife is not looking over my shoulder as I type this is she?):D

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    The Navajo Nation is east of the Grand Canyon.
    The Hualapai reservation is on the western part of the south rim, the Havasupai have an area near the south rim and also down in the GC.
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