Buyer Beware: Frank Babuska Sr

Discussion in 'General' started by Ducti89, May 21, 2016.

  1. DucatiBomber

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    ^^^You sure about that???

    -information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor: "according to hearsay, Bob had managed to break his arm"
    -the report of another person's words by a witness, usually disallowed as evidence in a court of law: "everything they had told him would have been ruled out as hearsay"

    Ride safe,
  2. JTW

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    So how could you know what Sr was going to do if you've never talked/met with him?
  3. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    He received a secret message revealing that information. He could share it with you, but you don't have a Captain Crunch decoder ring.
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  4. JTW

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    Damnit! Now I'm hungry.
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  5. deepsxepa

    deepsxepa Hazardous

    from Blacks law dictionary 5th edition: a statement that was made other than by a witness.

    my definition: anything other than firsthand knowledge. (works for me)

    if someone tells me something, that is not firsthand knowledge, its secondhand.

    and yet here, people with pitchforks, who have no firsthand knowledge of the facts, are claiming (in writing no less) other people are criminals even though OP is the only one here so far, with firsthand knowledge.

    ever seen an attorney yapping from the witness stand? everything they say is hearsay! LOL
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  6. RichB

    RichB Well-Known Member

    I don't quite get what you're saying, maybe because I'm not a lawyer.

    Something about different types of evidence?
  7. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    Methinks heresy more aptly describes this.
  8. 27stormin

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  9. SamG

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    Oh shit, there's even Dunlops on that rack behind him..
  10. joec

    joec brace yourself

    The 81cb900c was a pig of a bike..would not wheelie whatever you did. But it would do a burnout a block long. Dont ask how I know this.
  11. deepsxepa

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  12. cBJr

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    Melk: I've never thought so little of you until this thread. I kind of get your point, but you really need to take a step back and think about what is hearesay and what is fact. (Both your terms). You just stated that it is a fact that MJ set all of this in motion. What proof do you have of that? As far as I can tell, you have a hypothesis that you made up, based on some pms of other past dealings with him. That is far from fact.
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  13. Jht643

    Jht643 Well-Known Member

    Or an out of court statement used in court to prove a fact.
  14. deathwagon

    deathwagon Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. There's something very strange about these two posts. I can't quite put my finger on it....
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  15. deepsxepa

    deepsxepa Hazardous

    only if you dont have an objection to hearsay being used as evidence. but yeah, happens all the time, but insist those attorneys swear in and take the witness stand and theyll back off.
  16. gixer1100

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    every time i read that post by melk saying they never did this before, all i can think of is when someone murders someone and is caught red handed, do people think they didnt do it and say "oh no he didnt murder anyone, he never murdered anyone before"? i think melk would....point is no one is anything until they do something, and in this case maybe he wasnt a thief before, but he is now! whats the saying, it only takes sucking one cock to be known as a cocksucker.
  17. To be honest, I have never asked Livengood for a build sheet. He always gives me one, and he gives me the box of old/OEM parts (or he shows it to me, then I tell him to just shitcan it). I don't ask for that stuff, he volunteers it...along with the "before" and "after" dyno sheets.

    I don't know why he gives me the build sheet, he knows I don't have a damn clue what any of that shit is or means. :D But he has always done it. But if he didn't give me one, I wouldn't think twice about it. Like Mr. Matheny said, confidence and trust comes from knowing your builder is a stand up guy that corners low...not from something typed on a piece of paper, anyone can make one of those.
  18. Well, technically, if the motor was as described, we would still be here........because there is that whole thing about FBS removing the Brembo Parts and not fixing the suspension like he said he would. Granted, the thread likely wouldn't have went as many pages, but the motor isn't the only issue.
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  19. gapman789

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    A build sheet would come in handy when selling a bike, if for no other reason.

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