Buyer Beware: Frank Babuska Sr

Discussion in 'General' started by Ducti89, May 21, 2016.

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    What percentage of guys that build engines for club racers actually fill out real, no BS build sheets? Have a guess. It's less than 50. Small nuances of that information are not going to be released by the percentage that do. Furthermore, asking for a build sheet is rare. I think in 25 years of building engines I was asked less than five times. If you have a reputation of being honest and providing services as promised, it's not often discussed. If you do business on the other end of the ethical spectrum, you might get asked, and probably should be asked a lot more. But those same questionable ethics don't provide a good foundation for an honest build sheet. Moral of the story: Anyone can fill out a build sheet, that doesn't make it truthful. Making a build sheet part of this whole argument is specious.
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    he didnt indicate an attorney figured to send anything:

    so i was just going by what he wrote.

    but it doesnt matter who sends a letter or if its a certified one, you still dont have to accept or sign for it.

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    Frank sr was wrong.. said it many times.. but Mark junge FUCKED FrSr too, and from the messages i have recieved, it's not unusual for MJ to do something along these lines. I don't care if it's hearsay that i say i got those messages. THE MESSAGES are not hearsay as i am reading them. they are from the person that got fucked by Mark, or witnessed it going down. And lord, there are a few. So get off mark's ball sack already. Frank Sr did wrong, I simply put forth the viewpoint that he didn't stroke a check ASAP because he had zero idea the motor that HE PAID MARK FOR, wasn't exactly what he thought it was. I dont' know this for 100% certainty, how could i, but it's a very viable theory.. and mark fucked a lot of people, in case you didn't see that part i posted..

    Yes, you have held mark up on a pedestal. Gonna have to go find your post, but you said something along the lines of "he never was caught cheating, or doing anything in the paddock".. or something along those lines. Gonna go find it. But he has done some shady stuff, i have never witnessed it, but people sent me FIRST PERSON messages that saw it or were directly affected. Those messages, are NOT hearsay unless i post them or post excerpts of them.. which is another reason i'm not posting them. Mostly because they were sent to me in confidence. If those people wanna post the dirt on Junge, let them. I'm not so shallow that i need to post those messages to make myself look good.
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    85 pages ??? Who got time for dat?
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    FWIW, most beeb software doesn't allow admins to read posters PM's. At least not easily.

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    Nah...we've met thru my good buddy joe shoch, bluegrass racing (sv's) and chit. Im the one that got that fukr into racing to begin with.

    Sanders raced with us too at barber....i remember watching him leave a blackie on the sv coming out of 3 up the hill at barber. Wowza. Aaron aaronson was qwuick too
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    So. Fucking. What.

    Junge has ZERO to do with the transaction between these two parties.

    Why exactly do you keep trying to drag him into it?

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    you and others keep saying that.. "Drag" him into this ? oh poor mark junge who has fucked people over? he's DIRECTLY involved. You, Mongo and others, are stoned or stupid or totally biased to a fellow wera guy, to not see this. Point i made earlier. Had FrSr been dealing with KWS, Rick M or any ethically sound builder, WE WOULD NOT BE HERE. Can you hear me now?

    edit': I AM NOT saying frank didn't owe John due to this, or that it somehow excuses Fr Sr from any fixing the mess. i simply pointed out a simple fact. mark is the one that set the situation in motion.
  9. SamG

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    Did we ever hear that FBS didn't settle for the lesser build due to time constraints? Did I miss something, or is it possible that Junge built the engine this way with FBS' approval?
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    Trying to follow along at home and make a drinking game out of this thread with my buddies, and one thing keeps getting me hung up...

    How did Mark remove the master cylinder and change out the springs before the bike was delivered? Ie - the very first problem noticed.
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    You know, i got a call from MJ earlier. I have yet to return it. Maybe i should, maybe to clear some of this up.
  12. deepsxepa

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    a build sheet if signed would tend to sweeten up a deal, and it would add value to the bike. i dont think it was part of this "whole argument" but suggested as a way to avoid stuff like this (thread)
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    Why would an "admin" want to?
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    Please, please go look up the definition of hearsay. Let me give you an example. Multiple people have sent me messages saying that ProFlow tech screwed them over, or that they saw ProFlow tech screw someone over. How much credence should you, or anyone else, give to that particular bit of hearsay?
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  15. Jedb

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    Thoroughly incorrect.

    Sr. set it in motion with regards to Ducati89.

    Anything that happened prior to that discussion was between Sr. and the engine builder and not relevant to the deal between Sr. and Ducati89.
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  16. notbostrom

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    I suppose if you ran out of sharp things to poke yourself in the eye with
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  17. Jedb

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    Subpoena / Court order
    Death of a member where important information was stored in PMs.

    Only two legit reasons I can come up with.
  18. pickled egg

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    So Junge has nothing to do with it.

    Had Frank Sr dealt honestly with Ducti, WE WOULD NOT BE HERE.

    Junge didn't set anything in motion. He didn't sell a bike with Brembo brakes and deliver a bike with stock brakes.
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    Oh, not easily. With that said, they can easily look to see what the salt is for the password hash, along with the algorithm used to create that hash. All you need is time from there.
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    At first I thought this thread was like a CB900C with a dual range transmission. Lots of gears, but not really going anywhere fast. Lumbering and overly complex. Now I realize it is like my old Bridgestone 90 with a rotary transmission. N-1-2-3-4-N-1-2-3-4-N-1-2-3-4-N-1-2-3-4. It only has 4 speeds, but it just keeps repeating the same ones.
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