Buyer Beware: Frank Babuska Sr

Discussion in 'General' started by Ducti89, May 21, 2016.

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    Irony is this stuff happens pretty frequently in the motorcycle "drag race" world. Just out of dumb luck did I find a guy local to me selling a "Carpenter built" gsxr 1240... nearly $10,000 if you brought in a clean usable core (seller was asking $4500). Show up at the guys garage and look for Carpenters "stampings" on the head... no sign. Look at the case numbers... same thing. Dude starts with the hard pitch as Im leaving...Glad it only cost me 45 minutes of my time. He ends up selling it to some jackass who finds out it has all kinds of issues one of them being Bob Carpenter never touched
    I messaged the guy the sellers home address.
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    have you ever waited long for anything done to your bike?

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    here is some advice you can take from this thread though..
    1) get the sale of a bike in writing
    2) inspect your shit better when you buy it. before you drive away with the bike. - The only part in question the OP could have noticed was missing during an onsite inspection was the master cylinder. - you missed #1, get it in writing. And, the mc was of great concern, why did he not say something right away? how do you miss something like that as you load and unload a bike..

    3) don't wait a few weeks to look your bike over- Without cracking the motor and forks open, the only way to know things weren't right would have been to run it on the track. Which you generally can't do unless there's a race or track day happening, and those can be weeks away. see #1 and #2 reply.

    4) if you do call back weeks later to complain about a motor, understand that the seller may have never opened the motor after their build (and not know they were swindled)- So you're saying that Jr. would not be able to tell a fresh superbike motor from an otherwise stock 2mm overbore when he's in the saddle? Could you?? a 2mm overbore is a fair amount stronger than a std bore. Who the "F" could tell if it had porting or not? and i'm not even sure that was part of the original MJ deal (as that could have EASILY been identified by looking through the v-stacks). Also, Jr rode the bike exactly twice, and then made his switch to 1000s'. And see #1 and #2

    5) if you are on #4, don't call the seller a thief right out of the gate and add emphasis to your threats by stating you are a cop. - As I understand it, the "cop" statement only occurred after the OP called the Bubuska on the phone and got nowhere, and then the heated text messages started, at which point the OP stated he was a cop. Not the most tactful approach, but not the worst either, considering Sr's response to the OP's questions. No, I don't think you do understand this part. The guy called FrSr, FrSr went off having been pretty put off by an accusation of theft on a saturday morning, a month or more after the sale. There were zero phone calls by the OP after that.. even though via text, FrSr told him he should call or meet face to face. if the OP won't do that? I'd tell the guy to fuck off too.. bring a lawyer or record if you want, but who the hell would want to handle this situation via text message ? what are we... 12 ??
    .. and see #1 and 2 above.

    6) if the seller upon getting to #4, asks you to call him like a man, do so. Record conversation if you feel the need and it's legal in your state. -Again, the buyer DID call him and was met with BS. Any intelligent person would want everything documented after that point. see #5 reply above.. "what are we, 12?? " pick up a f-ing phone, if that's what the man want's to do. 1 try ? really ? He could have at least called 1 more time to see if he was met with the same verbal abuse. But no, he chose to bring the entire situation to the beeb, and darn near slander the guy. if nothing else, it has certainly caused damage to he and Jr's reputation.. and i am not surprised they have since told him to take a hike,. SEE #10 BELOW..

    7) things are not as they always seem. And the "mob" will jump on a bandwagon even if only presented with one side of a dispute. -Welcome to the Interwebs. I agree 100% :)

    8) don't do business with Mark Junge- I don't think a reasonable person could make that assumption based on this thread. If i post excerpts from the pm's and messages/texts i have received.. you might. However i am not gonna do that here, on this forum. Will i show them to some ? goddamn right i am..

    9) Babuskas have never, ever, been accused of anything bad. nothing. ever. prior to this event. How could you possibly know this unless you are his conjoined twin? find something that the guy has ever been accused of. And i made the mistake of assuming we all know this is racing related, and racer community based. No, i don't know if Frankie Jr. ever stole bubble gum from the local grocery store.. but they have never been known as anything but helpful and honest in the paddock.

    10) if you hope for a civil resolution to a deal gone bad, ya might just want to pick up the phone before accusing the sellers of a serious crime on a public forum. because it's not likely they will want to play nice if you have done so already.. and a lot of "fuck off"s will likely be a reply should you try to get some money back (they likely intended to send your way..) - Yet again, the OP did pick up the phone and inquire about the missing parts before this thread was started. It seems it was only after Bubuska went full retard that this thread popped up. He picked up the phone and called once.. FrSr went off, and understandably so! ! ! the guy had no idea WTF the OP was talking about, because it's becoming more and more clear, that MJ fucked him on this motor! FrSr want's to talk on the phone, or meet face to face.. the OP says no.. it's a mexican standoff, but the OP is to blame here too for the breakdown in communication . If you don't see this, you are just being stubborn. I totally agree, Sr could have rolled out the red carpet, and offered reparations and free tires for life.. he was just pissed that he's now, a month+ later, being accused of grand theft..

    Edit:.. And i GET IT that it's not the OP's problem that he didn't get what he thinks he should have from FRSr. i get it. No way should the op go after MJ. But see the above in regard to potentially handling a similar situation should you be confronted with such in the future. -It sounds like the OP tried the civil, sane route and Babuska wanted nothing to do with it. No.. i'll say it again, he didn't. He was a lil' bitch in some respects, and wouldn't talk to Sr on the phone like a man. Instead wanting to "text" or email so he could "document" everything. Why was he so worried ? it was just the beginning of the shitstorm? So the guy went off on the initial phone call, what the FUCK did he expect him to say ?? "Yes John, I fucked you, i fucked you good.. you caught me, and i owe you $12,000 for the bike and i'll throw in $5000 in punitive damages"... yea. He tried real hard.. As i said a few times. Sr asked to TALK on the phone, John said no. Sr wouldn't text.. Who is wrong here? BOTH of them. but to lay it all at Sr's feet? I don't think so mate..

    PS: im not anyone's "spokesman". I'm not out to get John, or MJ. There is a lot wrong with this entire deal. but i think if you just sit back, you can see there are things on BOTH sides that could have been handled differently. Instead, the reputation of Sr and Jr won't be the same for a very long time.. All because MJ allegedly fucked Sr/Jr. (i only say allegedly as a precaution on my part, but it sure looks that way to me by everything i have see presented to me, and by the NUMEROUS emails/pms/texts that have come my way stating this was not uncommon on the part of MJ).
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    Melk, if the initial conversation didn't go as well as the OP said, why even bother trying again? And the first time Jung was accused of anything, I'm sure someone he knew said that he'd never been accused of anything before. There's a first for everything.
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    Cliff Notes :

    No one really knows what the fuck is going on or who fucked who except two people that aren't posting in this thread.
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    And a poor man lost a recliner, but gained a cat...
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    And alot of guys have boners.
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    Cliff notes: Melk just likes starting shit. It's pretty much black and white what happen, all he likes to do is add fuel to the fire for nothing.

    He is doing nothing but just to pose a hypothetical theory out there. The only thing I can think of is he has a grudge against MJ for not letting him suck his
    dick or sniff his jock strap
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    Disagree on the "understandably so" part, but I realize everyone has a different disposition. If FrSr got screwed on the engine by MJ, I would have expected a different response. But I can tell from your 4 posts on this point you think it was reasonable. If FrSr now thinks or knows that MJ screwed him, is he saying "oh well" or "I need to make that right because it ain't cool to pass along a bad deal", or does he think the OP is an A-hole and he deserves to get the short end of the deal even though OP paid for the full SBK deal?

    I really have to get out of this discussion and not care about crap that doesn't affect me, but this deal bugs me.
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    Sheesh....JUSTICE boners! Can't you reeeeeeead!:D
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  11. Holy fuck you guys have outdone yourselves on the stupidity around here. I thought the CMRA thread was the last frontier but nope, I was wrong.
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    O yee of little faith.
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    Hey Brandon, where's your motor? O yea?.....still haven't got that shit back huh? How many years?

    Hey Kyle... Where's your AK kit? Still haven't got that shit back huh? Weird...
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    roll off, click down pin it.

    One more cog on this bitch.
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    gixer1100 CEREAL KILLER seem to think sr was right in telling op to fuck off because he was accused of cheating him. GUESS WHAT - HE DID CHEAT HIM!!!!! if that pisses off sr, then i would hate to see how sr would react to someone [most anyone] who would be less restrained than a single pissed off phone call!!!it isnt OP who needs to grow up and not be a "lil bitch" here at all!!!!!! its sr!!!! who needs to take responsibility for his actions. and you sir have a REALLY F'D UP way of viewing this!!! and too be more honest you sound like a complete idiot!
  16. The other point to mention is that MJ built that motor 3 years ago (from what I gather in this thread). Who is to say that is still the same motor that is in the bike? Or that the parts weren't removed since then?

    I have also gotten some PMs regarding shady stuff MJ has allegedly done to other people, but in this instance, I don't feel MJ is a part of this equation. Especially since MJ specifically told the OP what was in the motor before he opened it, then when he opened it, he found it exactly like MJ stated. MJ had nothing to gain from lying about any of it.

    And again, that also still doesn't explain the suspension, missing Brembo parts, and other things FBS dicked the OP around on.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the fault in this transaction lies 100% on the shoulders of Babuska Sr.

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    Lost a dog too... Smh
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    100 pages
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    So, we can all see how Greg is acting in this matter, its very close to the attitude if not spot in what i encountered when i discovered what rods were in the bike.

    And he wonders why stuff should be in writing after that point.

    Thanks for the 12 year old comment, by the way.
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    Internet ass-whoopins are best delivered in color.

    Slap fight!!

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