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Discussion in 'General' started by Ducti89, May 21, 2016.

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    Are you saying someone shot Durrani while he was in a debilitated state?
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    Charles may know where it is. I suspect that it has to do with the secret stuff that was in that thread that the Government can't afford to let out for another 50 years.

    Or Mongo locked it and put it away because he thought the stupid had just gotten out of hand. Unfortunately, since he didn't understand it, he killed it.
    I miss that thread as I feel it may have had some of my best work in it.
  5. charles

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    Regarding Durrani, I was told he worked on projects at the 'Skunk Works' for Lockheed Martin...he was talented in many ways, with, perhaps, the exception of the wheels...nevertheless, he passed enough info on to me to further the development of the spokeless wire for the thread, informed individuals indicate there was a deal struck between several federal agencies and Mongo to deep-six the thread...not something that should exist in the public domain, at least not for the aforementioned fifty years, as Brother Ken knows. 'Loose lips sink big ships' type of thing.
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    Oh, the epic Durrani Wheel thread. Wow!!!
  8. BigBird

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    All threads lead to the Durrani thread :D
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  9. charles

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    It is the Mother of All Threads.
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    His headstone should be in the shape of a magnesium wheel.
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  11. charles

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    Perhaps the authorities would permit a brief and limited re-opening of the DURRANI THREAD so that a proper eulogy could be posted.
  12. charles

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    For those either uninitiated or who have an interest in monumental events: THE DURRANI WHEEL THREAD, in its entirety, can be viewed, copied, or even sent to everyone on the planet, by using GOOGLE.
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    Reply #2 being by Mr. Fucking Sunshine...:blart:
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    Come again?
  15. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    In the search a WMRRA durrani wheel thread came up and he was post #2.
    Didn't mean to confuse.
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    Circle of life :beer:
  17. Phl218

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    Anyone got the cliff notes in the durrani for me? Got through the first 6pages and then skipped every other 5, so it’s about magnesium wheels, but what happened in the end?
    I can’t get a coherent picture together.
  18. Mongo

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    Dude had wheels that couldn't work then died.
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