Bitchin' Soldiers?

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What should the Army do to troops who have complained to the Media about Iraq?

  1. Nothing. They have a right to express their opinion (BTW-which is illegal by UCMJ).

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  2. Nothing. Its wrong but understandable/excuseable.

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  3. Tell them to shut the hell up, pop smoke, and move out (and stay an extra month).

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  4. Procecute them to the full extent of the law.

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  1. Tank Boy

    Tank Boy clank clank boom

    see what I mean?
  2. Joss

    Joss F3 Dabbler

    There's only about three choices I can think of.

    1. Kick the media back out and spoon feed them sanitized material. Probably can't turn back the clock on that one.

    2. Bust the nuts of anyone and everyone in field that utters something provocative to the media. There's a real PR downside there plus the wrong message could suppress truely bad stuff that needs to get out, al la Mai Lai.

    3. Accept the new situation and play by the new rules. If there are problems for the the troops, try hard to fix them. Let the chips fall and let the public figure it all out.

    You can easily take the "we must protect the poor ignorant public" policy too far. As in Vietnam, it becomes the rug that too many things get swept under that are bad for the military (or individuals within it) rather than bad for the public.
  3. TXFZ1

    TXFZ1 Well-Known Member

    No, I don't.

    Are arguing the same MBW arguement that if I'm not as fast as you then I can't have an opinion on another rider's ability? Or that if I don't make as much as you then I can't have an opinion on world politics? Or if my post count is less than your then I can post an opinion on the TWT umbrella girls? Or if I have never been in the military I shouldn't be able to judge what some of the military personal is telling the media?

  4. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

    no but if someone WERE in the military, i might not be inclined to argue with them if i never were. that's the difference in a MBW argument. i ain't gonna let huey or mongo tell me what is a "racing" incident went they haven't raced.
  5. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    LOL - you just get pissecd because you know damned good and well when I do post somehting like that I'm right :D
  6. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

    you ain't never been right. ;)
  7. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    LOL - thought you'd like that.

    And I have raced - just not legally.........
  8. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

    i know. ;)

    hey mongo, do you think these people sit around and try to find uses for my name in these threads? here's an idea, anytime you need to say "dick, or asshole, or any negative descriptive term...... just say brad wilson.
  9. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

    i have to go take a brad, i'll be right back.
  10. 191k

    191k Well-Known Member


    My son was there and is still overseas. I would expect him to keep proper decorum and not be critical of the orders that had him there. To me or the other fellas's is OK. But not to the media.

    That being said, I feel the military has a serious responsibility in keeping morale at an acceptable level. Any military expert will tell you; Low morale equals dead soldiers.
  11. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    I say prosecute. Not really. Their supervision should tell them to shut their damn mouths when talking to the media.

    Bitching about it is part of military life. Being kept in a place you were supposed to leave is part of military life. It happens all the time in the Navy on ships. Put a media crew on a submarine that has been underway for 60 days and just got told they have two more unexpected weeks in the North Atlantic in December that will put them past Christmas. See if the Commanding Officer complains to the public... it wouldn't happen but you can bet your ass that he and the crew would be all kinds of pissed but the public wouldn't find out. I know it is a bogus scenario since the media isn't allowed on subs but I think you get the idea.

    The troops should be pissed... the families here are pissed. I work with the mother-in-law of a 3rd ID tank driver.
  12. ZebProctor1

    ZebProctor1 Well-Known Member

    yeah they should be pissed, but that's what they signed up for, plain and simple, the navy knows that they will be out at sea for months at a time, so why can't the other services get it through their heads that they aren't any more special....
  13. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    Right, be pissed since you got extended but keep the bitching among your fellow soldiers and not in the media. :)
  14. Tank Boy

    Tank Boy clank clank boom

    Its more that when they train, they are only out in the field for 30 days max, and all US heavy units have the idea that any hi-intensity armored war can only last a few weeks (and they are right) and so aren't used to this kind of mission.

    Plus this is a continuious problem of our troops being on deployment constantly. Either we are going to have to expand the size of our military so that our guys have at least some down time (and they can have a "real" life). Or the way that the "army life" is seen and gone into by potental recruits is going to have to change to more like the Roman legions who lived permantly at their "duty stations"...
  15. Razor Shines

    Razor Shines eliminate the bush cartel

  16. Tank Boy

    Tank Boy clank clank boom

    Who else thinks Razor didn't get enough attention as a child?

    And ya' know what?

    He was there by choice and will be collecting a disability pay check for life.
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  17. Razor Shines

    Razor Shines eliminate the bush cartel

    sounds like he's got it made.:rolleyes:
  18. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

    wasn't that you on the other BBS talking about putting models together? how cute. :D
  19. ZebProctor1

    ZebProctor1 Well-Known Member

    hope he has enough room in his room at his parents house for everything to fit :)
  20. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

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