Anyone know a reputable pit-bull breeder with pups available?

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    Hope this is not against the rules here.... If yes,, sorry.

    I lost my 9 year old dog to cancer Dec 9th (brindle pit-bull). I am finally ready to get a puppy and I can't find a puppy that is healthy. I decided to ask the WERA BBS for help.

    -The shelters within 100 miles don't have any pit-bull pups (glad to see empty shelters but bad for me).
    -I can't buy a pit-bull from some shady Craigslist adds with dungeon basement pics or with a scared puppy in front of a dilapidated shed. I am afraid I am supporting animal cruelty and/or crack heads.
    -I want a puppy with his nuts on him (not neutered) at least until 9-12 months of age. The shelters near me are neuter/spay at 10 weeks old. I can't accept neuter/spay until the dog finishes growing. If I am wrong, please fire away. If I am right please respond with '..deez nuts..' to cheer me on (I love a '...deez nuts...' thread).
    -My wife insists on a pit-bull or bully breed which I am OK with but she does not want blue or all white pit-bull. I did find a breeder within 3 hours with a beautiful litter of pups but wife says no blue/white blaze.

    If you know someone reputable please send me a message or comment. I am in Michigan and I am willing to drive up to 12 hours away if that is what it takes (assuming I trust the WERA member recommending this).

    If you are still reading.... I like pit-bulls because they are like a Toyota pickup. Nothing flashy/fancy but they just don't quit, run with minimal maintenance, and my wife can go jogging with less fear of being attacked/kid-napped (which is a big deal now that all the gyms are closed due to COVID-19 by me).

    THANKS in advance for the help!!

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    --> works in Michigan but no puppies.
    The other two sites are not for a Michigan resident but I appreciate your post/help.
    -->Homeward Trails Animal Rescue adopts pets to homes in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland
    -->Pitties and Purrs is for within 2 hours of Baltimore

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    Good on you for supporting the Pitbull breed man. I have had 4 Pitbulls so far and my wife and I agreed we will always own One. Shelters here are FULL of them which is why I adopted one in the first place. They snip them here too tho. I’m so happy that I know these dogs bc they really are awesome animals. Moose is the most human like dog I ever had and he’s a huge mush until he feels he needs to turn it up. (Cat or squirrel in the yard=toast)


    My previous pup who the shelter said was a Pitbull but he’s clearly an American Bulldog. He was gorgeous and such a cool dog but very fearful so he wasn’t as fun as the Pitbulls I’ve had. (Sorry Bones I still love you)


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  5. animal

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    He is handsome! I like your buddy & I'm a little jealous right now.:beer:. I could drink a beer with Moose and I would invite you too.
    I love the breed (but I also love some other dogs too). I have a great experience with pit-bulls. In public mine was way less trouble than my buddies doberman.

    Shelters are empty by me. Some of them ask you to show up and you can't pick your pup..... you get what they want to give you. If demand is that high then I don't feel bad going to a breeder.

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  6. Newyork

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    Moose and I are always down for an adventure man...let me know!
    I hope your search comes up fruitful!
    I edited my post with my previous pup...he suddenly went paralyzed it was gut wrenching.

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  7. Newyork

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    I just realized you said shelters by you are empty that’s nuts..where are you?

    I’m on Long Island, NY and every shelter here has a Pitbull wing. I kid you not.
    The public county shelters are jammed up and have the most and then there are these boutique shelters that charge $700 to adopt that are all full too.

    Shop for one here and have it shipped?

    Peep the sadness.[0]=NY275&sort[0]=recently_added

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  8. animal

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    Yeah. For example the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit has 1 puppy but he is a young adult. Worry about him eating my daughters cat.

    I used petfinder and you either get no response because 25 other people responded or fight your way through ten applications and to find out the puppy 10 week old has his nuts snipped. I know people suck & lie but I’m willing to spay the dog but i want him/her to finish growing first.

    It’s crazy man!!

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  9. gapman789

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    +1000 for the Pit Bull . My 13 yr ole girl is the love of my life. Still has the mind and body of a playful 2 yr old. You would never believe she was 13.
    Best dog/breed ever.
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  10. backho

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    I’ve been involved with dog rescue for 25 years and seen almost every despicable act toward animals. Do the responsible thing and find a rescue dog. Be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.
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  12. SuddenBraking

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    I wouldn’t worry - the dog should be able to shit that cat out no problem :D
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  13. 600 dbl are

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    This girl showed up at my front door Monday morning. She has been attached to my hip ever since. No collar, no chip. My wife posted her up on social media and not a single hit, just a bunch of shares. Floriduh law considers pets to be property, so if no one claims her after 30 days legally she is ours.


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  14. Newyork

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    That’s a blessing. Congrats !

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  15. lopitt85

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    Without a doubt, awesome breed. My girl passed at 16 yrs old back in 2016 and I still haven't been able to bring myself to get another one yet. I've had lots of dogs my entire life but that one took a lot out of me when I lost her.

    Was still ripping at running at 14. Finally slowed down at 15, and the final year you could tell she was older but was still moving fine. Never would have guessed she was 16. Went out to use the bathroom and never came back in. :(
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  16. Newyork

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    I feel your pain but at least you got that many years with her. There is nothing better for your condition than a new Pitbull. We were Devastated when we had to put Bones down at 7 when he suddenly lost use of his back legs. The vet convinced us to adopt, because we were distraught, and it brought us back to happiness!

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  17. animal

    animal Well-Known Member

    I am like you!
    Losing my 9 year pit is a lot tougher than I thought. The grief comes in waves. I think getting a new pup will help me.
    So glad you got 16 years out of your pup. That's amazing.

  18. animal

    animal Well-Known Member

    Good for you! For some reason I can't see the picture but I think I am jealous. I miss my dog and want another one. I need a puppy though so I can be 100% sure my daughters cat survives. I was not a cat guy before but this one has won my heart too.... so he gets to live in peace.
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  19. Jim Moore

    Jim Moore Well-Known Member

    Here's a tip for you dog rescuers (I'm one). Never put a "Found Dog" post on social media with a picture. We did that once. A few minutes later the actual owner saw us with the dog and took it home. We received phone calls all night long from people claiming to be the owners. I think the scam was this. They would take the dog, then re-post the found dog ad and demand a reward from the owners. Or they would sell the dog to a dog-fighting ring. Keep that from happening by posting "Found dog in XXX area. Call with description."
  20. r6fast

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    My wife is a vet tech at a large animal hospital in PA. She has reached out to see if anyone has any puppies that would be able to get them to you. They deal with a lot of rescues and have gotten dogs to CO before by using truckers. I know it seems crazy, but they move dogs all over the East Coast like this.
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