Anyone else race on 4 wheels?

Discussion in 'General' started by motion, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. yokohama1

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    I was a little before your time as I was done racing carts by 1987. Regular track was with Midstste Kart Club just outside of Springfield Il. Yes, street races were the most fun, dangerous, and lots of people spectating. Not sure if the Witt, Il street race or the park race in Quincy were still around in the 90’s but they were two of my favorites. All kinds of violent shakes in a kart in very rough street asphalt. It was the only thing that mattered to me from age 9-17. Raced nationals with Scott Pruett, Mark Dismore and some guy they call Smoke. Wanted to take the next step to sprint cars but my parents did not see it that way.

    One last thing, two stroke motors were the only way to go and we hated the fact that lawn mower motors were used for racing. :beer:
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    Khill is tops when it comes to open wheel racing.
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  3. Timothy Landon

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  4. RGV 500

    RGV 500 OLD, but still FAST


    This is me in the rally car.
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  5. Timothy Landon

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    Always wanted to do that. In my opinion driving a rally car fast takes more talent than any other type of four wheel racing.
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  6. turner38

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    No, just no.

    It takes someone that takes direction pretty well and has a good eye for terrain amd whats coming up. However they are no where near as skilled as a driver that can put a car on the edge or adhesion and keep it there for a entire race.
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  7. motion


    Yes, and those motocross guys have 10 times the talent of road racers :)
  8. Razr

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    I don't know what type of racing would require the most latent. An F1 car with the insane acceleration and braking, threading an IndyCar through a turn traveling 320 ft per second, or even a MotoGP bike. I will say I think the Sprint car racers are right up there also, that's a violent car.
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    I did a whole lot of drifting before getting into bikes. I also did track days in the same car. I wanted to get into road racing cars but bikes are much cheaper and sounded like a lot more fun. [​IMG]

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    steeltoe, tell this man about your man crush.
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    Truest words of the day, week, month, year, decade, century.
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    Top rally drivers are also absolutely on the limits at all times as well. With as many times as you've likely (I'm presuming) defended left turn racing, how could you even say that without calling BS on yourself? :D
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  13. Dave K

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    I don't if they were the best or any of that but the killer Bs and the drivers who drove them were freakin' FIERCE.
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  14. Steeltoe

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    Sebastien Loeb did far better going from gravel to pavement than any of the pavement guys who tried rally. But he ain't human.
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    Its ok, you can come out of the closet, we don't judge here.:crackup:

    $100,000purse for a "video game" seems like its more then what most racing series are paying.:D
  16. TWF2

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    Did about 20 lemons

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  18. stk0308

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    I ran in a supermoto class at that very track about 10 years ago. 3 years of fun, then the track shut the supermoto racing down. They recently started letting a mini moto group run there again. They reconfigured the pavement in the last couple years. Still looks like fun.
  19. ts199

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    I was still a broke college student in 87. I discovered karting when I was working for May Co. in downtown St. Louis in 92. Two carpenters came it to build out an office and one of the guys was wearing a Quincy Park/Miller mile t-shirt. His name was Pete Vetter and he still races today. He told me about PKA and the street race series and that they would be racing in Litchfield IL the next week. I went and checked it out and had to do it after seeing it in person. Through the years I have raced every kind of kart except a superkart. My first race was at Mid state in 1993. I started out in briggs and then Yamaha and then shifter and then roadracing a Yamaha and then TAG and then laydown but nothing compared to the 6-7-10 man draft packs that would form in street races. My brother also raced so at street races, we would enter together, start right next to each other and hook up bumpers right off the start. This gave an easy 3-4 mph speed advantage down the three block straights. Only problem was there were other brothers and good friends that did the same thing. It was crazy when you had 4 or 5 guys pushing at once. The buffeting was intense if you were in the middle.

    I did race Quincy park, Quincy Uptown, Fenton Park outside St. Louis, Elkhart IN and even the Velodrome in Indy which was carried live on ESPN2. I was in the second wave of top drivers. Alan Rudolph, Pete Vetter, Jon Strohm, Mike and Jason Birdsell and the Smith Brothers from Indiana. Those guys handed me my ass regularly but great times were had and many great memories. The kids when I was racing were Danica, Sam Hornish, Jamie Mcmurray and Sarah Fisher. I remember when Danicas mother waxed me at the WKA nationals on the infield track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I had nothing for her running the Yamaha can class.
  20. Venom51

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    If you took any modern super car and attempted to beat on it for 500 miles it would die before you made it 100 miles....

    They are great for their intended purpose...entertaining an elderly rich twat for 15 minutes at a time.
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