Another Boeing 737 Max-8 crash

Discussion in 'General' started by SPL170db, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. pscook

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    Boeing is (was?) known for their wing technology, especially with using the wings as a shock absorber. Airbus was known for the opposite (rigid wings). I know that I used to be able to tell a difference between an Airbus and Boeing plane (737 and A320) just by how it felt in flight. The numbers I remember hearing is that Boeing wings deflect twice as far as Airbus, hence the smoother flight (not counting turbulence). Of course, as a Boeing employee, all of the info might be brown and stinky due to the source.
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  2. Smilodon

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    I was *supposed* to be going on my first 787 for my Japan tour last year (canceled) and my Japan tour *this* year (now also canceled), so I haven't flown on one first hand yet :mad:. But yeah, watching the first actual flight, that wing flex surprised a lot of folks.

    Not sure what the reason is exactly, but know it is a "desirable" behavior that wasn't achievable in earlier designs and materials. Kind of like bendy areas in MotoGP chassis I guess. The new 777x has a new wing, and I expect it will behave similarly.

    The 787 is pretty amazing though. Look for the videos of it at air shows doing it's "routine". Of course, watching any airliner when pushed beyond passenger service limits is pretty amazing. They are even well within the limits when doing that stuff, so there is a lot of extra in pocket.
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  3. Dan Dubeau

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    Sounds like some motogp teams need to lure away some Boeing engineering to help figure out the flexy CF bits.
  4. CharlieY

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    I've never done Nuc work. Thats about the only field I havent worked in......But I hear the money working Nuc was spectacular....There are alot "less exciting" jobs than Nuc in the NDT industry!....water tanks, boilers (me), etc.

    Nuc also had some very cool ultrasonic techniques way back in the day.....Tip Diffraction, Satellite pulse, all developed by EPRI. I was never "Officially" trained, but borrowed the books and learned a few. I used them in the oil industry.

    All that is superseded by "Phased Array" today.
  5. Dan Dubeau

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    My dreams of getting any of that sweet Nuc plant money are long over. I'll probably ride out the rest of my days in the automotive tooling world, and with any luck will suffer a massive heart attack trying to make some impossible arbitrary deadline become a reality for less money than we did it for last time :D

    I've got a few buddies in there though that make pretty good coin. The long days sitting around waiting to do 5 minutes worth of work, coupled with the "if nobody works, nobody gets hurt" mentality would make my brain explode.
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  6. inpayne

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    I read awhile ago at some point Boeing owned or used the vast majority of CF manufacturing capacity in the world. Not sure if that is still true or not but they use a lot.

    First time on a 787 I sat right behind the wing to watch it dance. Very neat. My wife asked me about it and I nerded out on her. She goes "you picked this flight just for this airplane didn't you?" Guilty. ha
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  7. crashman

    crashman Getting slower every day

    I have switched over to Isotunes earbuds for flying. They are essentially foamy ear plugs with music pumped in to them. They are the best I have found for when you are in a "fuck off and leave me alone" mood.:D
  8. Gino230

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    Your chance of dying during a US commercial scheduled airline flight during the last 10 years is ZERO.

    It's actually slightly more than zero, it's 1 out of 182,000,000.

    0.00052 deaths per 100,000 flight hours.

    Enjoy your book or movie and think about all the fun times you're going to have at Herrin's!
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  9. badmoon692008

    badmoon692008 Well-Known Member

    That statistic should concern people because a lot of people dream about winning the lottery (and actively believe they have a chance) and the odds of that are almost double... :crackup:
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  10. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    Do you say that outloud before every takeoff LOL. "THIS IS THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING... Your chance of ........"
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  11. 418

    418 Expert #59

    I flew Delta this morning.

    Before takeoff the (what I assume) FO comes out of the cockpit and announces that we're going to be delayed a little bit due to ice on the wings.We need to stop and have deicer applied because we need to have proper airflow over the wings before taking off.Bruh first off, no shit. Second off, don't put that bad JuJu on us. Damn.

    Also I found it funny that Delta boasts that you get your own isle on the plane due to social distancing but today's flight was at capacity so we where packed in there like sardines regardless. Fuck social distancing today I guess.
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  12. motion


    Middle seats are supposed to be blocked on Delta. Not the case?
  13. 418

    418 Expert #59

    Nope, not today. They were the other two times I've flown in the past month.

    It was nice while it lasted....
  14. motion


    I would press for a refund or some miles deposited in your account. My upcoming Delta flights show blocked middle seats...
  15. Spang308

    Spang308 Well-Known Member

    Flew Southwest to and from Tampa over New Years. Full plane both directions and yet the airports are promoting social distancing once in the terminal. Uhhh, OK. These are the same folks I was just rubbing elbows with for 2 hours.
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  16. crashman

    crashman Getting slower every day

    Ha ha. Someone back in steerage got escorted off the Alaska flight I was on a couple days ago because they pitched such a fit about having someone sit next to them from Seattle to Anchorage. They stopped blocking middle seats in Coach and adjacent seats in First Jan 7. That actually made me happy as now there are 2x as many upgrades available so I will be in First most of the time. :DBut ya, Delta is bragging about blocking middle seats till March 30 so that is curious that they packed people in like that. I think the airlines try to do the social distancing but at the end of the day it is all about profit...
  17. assjuice cyrus

    assjuice cyrus Well-Known Member

    In route to airport. This is fucking happening.:confused::confused:
  18. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I'd bet they had to rebook some cancelled flights, they're not selling the middle seats.
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  19. CharlieY

    CharlieY Well-Known Member

    You still working the Slope?......Tough Old Goat if so!:Poke::beer::rock:
  20. Jed

    Jed mellifluous

    My Delta from ATL to ORD was full. 717.

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