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2022 WERA Cycle Jam

Discussion in 'Announcements/Information' started by Mongo, Apr 21, 2022.

  1. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    On the Cycle Jam stuff - plan is gates open at 5pm tomorrow (Thursday) give or take an hour depending on the people renting the track.

    Blue lines will NOT be painted sorry. Have to get some more spray chalk ordered. However all of you who do know how to park and where the lines usually are please help keep people in line as they park, it'll just make all of our lives easier throughout the weekend being able to get through the paddock. For anyone who has only been there for a track day it is different - there is a road essentially that goes through the middle of the paddock from T1 through T12. If you look at the blue trailer we do registration in you will see a pavement seam in from of it, the road goes from that seam over to the second seam towards the front straight - winds up looking like two lanes to an extent. Those seams stay the same the vast majority of the paddock so use those as your marker. On the track side use the yellow line closest to the fence, usually it's not the white one the trash cans are always on for some reason. Back of the paddock by the hill don't go between the yellow lines, that part is the most obvious what is a fire lane.

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