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2022 WERA Cycle Jam

Discussion in 'Announcements/Information' started by Mongo, Apr 21, 2022.

  1. Buell1965

    Buell1965 Well-Known Member

    Rodger and copy and thank you
  2. tempestm

    tempestm Well-Known Member

    I don't have a WERA license yet. For Road Atlanta/Cycle Jam, is the Friday practice ran like a track day event (group rotations each hour)? Asking first, researching later.
  3. tempestm

    tempestm Well-Known Member

    I think I found my answer here: http://www.wera.com/pdfs/eventschedule/cyclejam2022.pdf

    So, for practice on Friday, my 600 and 400 bikes would be in practice groups 1 and 5, respectively.


    Can someone confirm the competition categories are correct below?

    For the 400, looking at Chapter 9 in the rule book: http://www.wera.com/rulebook/Default.asp#ch9

    ...the 400 SEEMS like it would be eligible for any of the following groups. But probably the best-fitting classes are LWT SS Novice and E SS Novice.

    C SUPERSTOCK NOVICE (Up to 650cc 4-stroke multis)

    D SUPERSTOCK NOVICE (Up to 490cc water-cooled multis)

    E SUPERSTOCK NOVICE (Up to 400cc 4-stroke air or water-cooled twins)

    LIGHTWEIGHT TWINS SUPERSTOCK NOVICE (Up to 700cc water-cooled twins with more than 3 valves)

    For the 600, the best-fitting categories appear to be:

    B SUPERSTOCK NOVICE (Up to 750cc multis)

    C SUPERSTOCK NOVICE (Up to 650cc 4-stroke multis)

    Last, I have an ohvale 190. Are they legal for the superbike mini class and will that class run at Cycle Jam?
  4. drop

    drop Well-Known Member

    1000= A
    750= B
    600=. C

    The lightweight stuff I'm not to familiar with.

    You can race up a class, not down ofcourse.
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  5. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    What kind of 400?

    The 600 starts in the C classes (Superstock and Superbike) then up to B and you can ride up to A and F1 as well. The 400 would be a bad idea in C no matter which one it is.

    The Ohvale is legal but no minis at Road Atlanta sorry.
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  6. tempestm

    tempestm Well-Known Member

    It's a Ninja 400. So...


    HEAVYWEIGHT TWINS SB NOVICE (Any machine legal for Lightweight Twins; No HWT SS category)

    Thanks for the clarifications.
  7. stickboy274

    stickboy274 Stick-a-licious Tire Dude

    You don't want to go in heavyweight twins. The potential closing speeds for you and a panigale, not great.

    Look at
    D Superstock
    D Superbike
    E Superstock
    Lightweight Twins Superstock

    All depending on what modifications you have done to the motorcycle.
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  8. tempestm

    tempestm Well-Known Member

    I have a couple more questions in regards to 'CHAPTER SEVEN / RIDER and CREW REQUIREMENTS':

    Re # 2 and 12a, can I get a WERA novice racer license by presenting a current CCS license? CCS license was inactive for years but have raced other, local orgs since 2020 and also have done ~15 track days per season since 2020 (7 so far in 2022).

    2. Have a current, valid WERA Competition License or other racing license designated as valid at a particular race. Only WERA Licensed riders will earn points toward an invitation to the Grand National Finals. WERA will allow racers with the following current licenses to participate in two WERA events before said racer is required to purchase a WERA membership: CMRA, CVMA, RACE, WMRRA, OMRRA, CRA (Central Roadracers Association), USCRA, VRRA and AHRMA. Riders who participate in WERA events with another race organization’s license MAY NOT BE EARNING WERA POINTS. Points are only awarded to racers with a current WERA License. Contingency awards are only available to racers with a current WERA license.

    12a) Resume: A resume or display of another organization’s current roadracing competition license may be accepted as proof of ability, and the new licensee may participate in that weekend’s events.

    Re # 12b, WERA race school (I've not raced with WERA before):

    - is it "required"?
    - held on Friday?
    - Is there a way to come out of the school with a novice (N) race license instead of a PN?
    - Will race school students join a particular practice group regardless of bike size? OR will race school students miss out on any practice sessions?

    12b) Successfully completing a WERA approved rider’s school. WERA recognizes most racing schools across the United States, contact the school or WERA to be sure. The length of time between taking the riders’ school and racing must not exceed twelve (12) months.
  9. tempestm

    tempestm Well-Known Member

    Well, I found the exact same questions posted in a 2007 thread. So I have enough information on my last two questions to go foward:

    And the "rs" means 'race school is being offered that weekend:

    5/27-29 WERA Cycle Jam at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, Braselton, GA-DH,rs

  10. stickboy274

    stickboy274 Stick-a-licious Tire Dude

    Yes RS is riders school.
  11. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Nope - Start with E Superstock, then up to D Superstock, D Superbike, Clubman.
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  12. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    rs is a riders school however you've raced recently enough and done enough track time you're fine just using your old CCS license as proof of experience. Double check our rulebook and the flags section to make sure you know our rules on those and you'll be fine.
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  13. tempestm

    tempestm Well-Known Member

    Is this Derek, the tire guy?
  14. stickboy274

    stickboy274 Stick-a-licious Tire Dude

    Yes. I'm still around
  15. tempestm

    tempestm Well-Known Member

    Cool. I bought tires from you at VIR. They worked out great.
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  16. moto316

    moto316 Well-Known Member

    @Mongo , emailed you my license renewal early last week but havent gotten a reply or seen a charge on my card yet, can you check your junk email folder?
  17. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I should have responded letting you know we got it. Between driving back from Grattan and normal busy the boss didn't process them last week but should be done today. I will check - but who the heck are you? :crackup:
  18. motorsavage

    motorsavage MotoCPA - Taxes Made Easy

    Hey guys, I just want to confirm that there is a half day option for Practice on Friday. The website lists a $200 practice and $125 for half day and I want to be sure that applies to this Friday since I have to travel Friday morning to make it to the track. thank you
  19. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yes there is, you have to register for it after 12:30 at the blue trailer in the paddock.
  20. motorsavage

    motorsavage MotoCPA - Taxes Made Easy

    Thank you, I appreciate the info. See you guys Friday.

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