2019 Tahoe vs 2019 Expedition. Which one should I buy.

Discussion in 'General' started by ineedanap, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Which one does that with the throttle?
  2. nlzmo400r

    nlzmo400r Well-Known Member

    The Chevy 5.3s that I’ve driven (2014+)

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  3. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Why is that bad? It gives you more precise control at low speed, like when backing a trailer. Straight line, or even bottom weighted throttles try to trick you into thinking the truck is more powerful than it really is.
  4. Kris87

    Kris87 Friendly Smartass

    I'm a Ford guy. If you'd asked this question a year ago, I'd say Tahoe/Suburban. But the new Expedition is nicer IMO. I hated the old, outdated Expedition, but the new one is so much nicer in every way. It gets my vote.
  5. GixxerJohn011

    GixxerJohn011 Well-Known Member

    Can’t argue the drivetrain but no extended version. If you have the 3rd row up you can’t fit much more than a carry-on back there. Plus the interior is so dated it makes the Chevy look downright futuristic.
  6. nlzmo400r

    nlzmo400r Well-Known Member

    Completely personal preference. To me it feels like a huge delay in response.

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  7. spcassell

    spcassell Well-Known Member

    Just bought the wife a new 2018 Expedition Limited for a few reasons. I have a 2018 F250 Lariet and really liked how intuitive and easy to use all of the features are on the dash including Sync. Having driven (rented) a car from almost every manufacturer over the last couple years I found the Ford system easier and more user friendly. Liked the fact that the SUV can tow up to 9,300 lbs. so I don't always have to use my F250 to tow the dirty bikes around in the enclosed trailer. The motor has a surprising amount of power considering the size of the vehicle plus it gets 20+ MPG on the highway. Last week I rented a 2018 Suburban for a long work related road trip (to avoid miles on my truck) and found the vehicle lacking terribly in the acceleration and MPG department. Add to it the 150k mile/8 year warranty which gives me piece of mind for longevity. All that, plus the fact that my wife can not get over how awesome her new car is.......... Priceless.

    All this talk about Ford vs. Chevy being better is mostly non-sense. Both manufacturers make cars that last. Especially ones that have been in production for awhile. I usually stray away from first year motors/trans etc. and the Expedition has a trusted power plant. End of the day it all comes down to personal preference. I have always loved Ford trucks and SUV's. I use to hate renting Chevy trucks and SUV's in the past but they were always more common. That is up until the latest gen of the Tahoe. I think they finally have a better formula moving forward.

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  8. That was my thought process.
  9. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    and on used porsche 911's (esp. GT2/3) people won't even buy them if the PPI dealer reads out a rev limit over step ....
  10. Engine hours I get, even my Jeep has that but boats have a breakdown of hours.
  11. Plus the current model will remain current until 2022 (2023 model year vehicle )
  12. bored&stroked

    bored&stroked Disclaimer: Can't spell

    Probably a good thing motorcycles don't have that kind of memory.
  13. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

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  14. L8RSK8R

    L8RSK8R Well-Known Member

    What I failed to mention/post was...the last Navigator L I bought, cost me $76,000 over 4 years. I'm shocked that I'm paying $17,000 more than the last model.
  15. renegade17

    renegade17 Well-Known Member

  16. aboogie973

    aboogie973 Well-Known Member

    My brother got a fully loaded ltz for no where near that price. He picked up a left over 2018. Look online and also check outside of your area. Some states, trucks sale better then suv and vise versa. You may be able to get a smoking deal.
  17. aboogie973

    aboogie973 Well-Known Member

    That’s in New Jersey and the areas are crazy. I use to live in union city. I went to Philadelphia and Virginia to buy my last two vehicles. You will save money looking else where.
  18. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    OR, you could wait until all the rich folks move out of NJ when they get their tax bills. They'll be dumping all their toys to lighten the load and stuff should be cheap......:eek:
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  19. aboogie973

    aboogie973 Well-Known Member

  20. PMooney Jr.

    PMooney Jr. Chasing the Old Man

    5.3 is a great engine. Did have my first engine related failure in one though, the van broke a valve spring. 07 5.3

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