2018 Endurance Series?

Discussion in 'WERA National Endurance Series' started by RRP, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    I know its early etc., not looking for definitive schedule just any confirmation that the endurance series is happening in some capacity for 2018. Gathering up parts and pieces to assemble a bike for this.

    Thanks for any legit information.

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  2. Pooh

    Pooh Administrator

    That is definitely the plan. It's not 100% as we haven't got dates or any of that nailed down but everyone involved wants to do them again so I can't see it not happening.
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  3. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    Thanks Sean. That's what I needed.

    The wife was asking why parts were starting to show up at the house...:D
  4. mpusch

    mpusch Well-Known Member

    Gotta be careful when they get suspicious...

    Glad to see the enthusiasm for endurance going strong.
  5. gpstar748

    gpstar748 Well-Known Member

    Sean....please please put together a 8 or 12 hour race!

    I have already told others that are involved with organizing these endurance events that I am 100% in with bikes and a team!

    If you can get a 12 hour race I might even be able to find a sponsor for the event to help make it happen.... :)

    But you need men's (FIM) rules... 2 riders max for 4-6 hour events and 3 riders maximum for 8-12 hour events!
  6. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne WERA 15

    A 12 Hour race is a huge expense from the privateer standpoint.
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  7. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    And a track rental perspective as well...
  8. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    The guy from STT indicated at Grattan that they and N2 intended to keep moving forward with growing Endurance next year. No other details
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  9. tawzx12r

    tawzx12r Well-Known Member

    Really wow.... we just got the 4hr stuff back and going... Lets just run it off a cliff and kill the whole herd...

    How about we start slow and ease into this......

  10. tawzx12r

    tawzx12r Well-Known Member

    And so is limiting the number of riders.... Stay away from any FIM rules stuff ....

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  11. Wheel Bearing

    Wheel Bearing Professional low sider

    What didn't you like about the 4 hr endurances put on this year?
  12. tdelegram

    tdelegram Well-Known Member

    That my team didn’t win, I guess we’ll have to try again next year.
  13. gpstar748

    gpstar748 Well-Known Member

    I didnt race in any of the 4 hour stuff this year due to schedule conflicts. I never said there was anything wrong with how things were this year.

    I don’t feel a 4 hour race is really worth it as it isn’t a real challenge of bike or rider in terms of endurance. Especially if you allow teams to have 4 riders...it’s like a sprint race then for each rider. If you crash or something happens in a 4 hour then your ability to continue on is greatly diminished as opposed to a longer race which makes them more interesting.

    I actually think having one longer race would be better for the series and draw a good amount of entries. This is purely my opinion and I have nothing to back it up but I do honestly believe it. At least have one 8-hour event mixed in with the 4-hour stuff.
  14. Wheel Bearing

    Wheel Bearing Professional low sider

    You're fast...faster than most (and me for sure) and have done more than most... not trying to take that away by any means. But my question was rhetorical as I knew you didn't go to any. That being said, I imagine the opinion of a person that hasn't attended any of the WERA endurances doesn't carry much weight.

    Everyone gives Mongo a bunch of shit but he's got a point where he tends to write off those that arm chair quarter back on here. I now see why he's that way...bunch of people with good ideas that somehow never show regardless of what is done.

    I agree that an 8hr race would be awesome...100% agree. But the endurance series as a whole is coming out of a dead state...you seriously expect it to go from zero to hero overnight? Most of the teams (mine included) that raced this year were newbies to the world of endurance racing. Most of us had no idea what we're doing (we still don't), you seriously can't expect people to plan, budget, and go through with the commitment to an 8 hour endurance.

    Maybe when we are getting a consistent 30+ team turn out at the 4 hours can you look at the logistics/cost/feasibility of a 8 (or longer) hour endurance.
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  15. Pooh

    Pooh Administrator

    Not enough people want real Endurance races.
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  16. Pooh

    Pooh Administrator

    I may write a lot of it off but at the same time I am still reading/listening even if I respond with reasons why we do what we do.
  17. gpstar748

    gpstar748 Well-Known Member

    I understand your point of view for sure. My opinion is just that.

    And to clarify I have raced with WERA in their endurance series before. I did one full season back in 2010 and multiple races here and there over the years. Rode with Army of Darkness at Summit Point for the 6-hour there in 2012 and won the overall that event.

    I want to support the series and field a team for the season but it also has to make sense for me to do so...just like it does for you, so like I said, I fully understand and respect your points as they are all valid.
  18. Wheel Bearing

    Wheel Bearing Professional low sider

    Nothing about racing makes any sense...sprint racing or endurance racing. There's a reason none of us bother to add up the money spent... LOL
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  19. Pooh

    Pooh Administrator

    Nothing in life makes sense.

    Except pie.
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  20. gpstar748

    gpstar748 Well-Known Member

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